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Download kindle î The Marriage Contract µ 224 pages ✓ Kat Cantrell í ❮Reading❯ ➻ The Marriage Contract ➳ Author Kat Cantrell – A Billionaire's Baby Plan Desmond Pierce wants a child — but the conventional route won’t do for the reclusivA Billionaire's Baby Plan Desmond Pierce wants a child but the conventional route won’t do for the reclusive inventor Enter McKenna Moore a medical student willing to be a surrogate The Marriage Contract by Kat Cantrell takes an unusual approach to a marriage of convenience romance in this entertaining and sexy story Desmond Pierce is a reclusive inventor who wants to have a child but doesn’t want to go about it by the normal route He enters into a marriage agreement with McKenna Moore a medical student for her to act as a surrogate to conceive a child using artificial insemination Once the child is born they’ll get divorced and she’ll be paid for her time and labor literally The first time they meet is not until the baby is born and a medical issue arises that reuires McKenna to see the child she’s giving up and the man she married by proxy Desmond needs her help and McKenna can’t say no Once they spend time together Desmond and McKenna discover that they are attracted to each other Will their future plans be upended by a ready made family and a chance at love?For of this review please visit Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review

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Nna is in his bed where he wants her to stay But saying yes to making their marriage real puts McKenna’s dreams at risk and forces Desmond to re evaluate everything he’s ever want Good story with a complicated and unconventional relationship between Desmond and McKenna Desmond desperately wants a child His one attempt at a relationship didn't go well so he opts for hiring a surrogate mother He wants no issues with legalities so he insists on a proxy marriage first McKenna is a medical student who is willing to meet his demands for the chance to have her education paid forThe book opens immediately after the baby's birth Desmond is ecstatic and instantly besotted with little Conner But his joy turns to dismay when the baby turns out to be allergic to formula The only solution is to ask McKenna to nurse him for a few months until an alternative can be found McKenna is initially horrified by the idea She has put her schooling on hold for a year already this would only delay it further Plus she had worked hard to avoid forming an attachment to the baby knowing she would have no contact and she has no confidence that she could continue to do so But for the baby's sake she agrees to move in with Desmond for the allotted timeI really liked Desmond He is scary smart but also without much of a filter on his mouth He says what he thinks which can be uncomfortable for those around him As a result he has trouble connecting with people The one thing he wants is a family of his own and he sees the baby as the way to get that Though he is determined to remain in control at all times McKenna's arrival makes that impossible when he realizes that he is intensely attracted to herI had a little trouble warming up to McKenna Her childhood in a commune with parents who only believed in natural remedies not medical science frustrated her Watching her grandfather die of cancer cemented her desire to become a doctor and she was intensely focused on that goal She sees having a family of her own as incompatible with her desire to be a doctor and is adamant that she will never have children of her own Giving birth to Conner is a way for her to know what pregnancy and childbirth are like so that she can relate to her patients She is utterly convinced that she cannot be both a mother and a doctorI enjoyed the development of their relationship It starts with them inhabiting the same house but rarely seeing each other Desmond tries to ignore the attraction he feels for McKenna but it is a losing battle especially when caring for Conner brings him into her presence often He is awkward in his attempts to talk to her at first though McKenna is able to see past it and understand what he wants She appreciates his honesty in the things he tells her which adds to the attraction she feels for him I loved seeing her pull Desmond out of his way of hiding when he is uncomfortable and staying to talk things out There are some pretty amusing scenes where something that McKenna says will strike him as being completely different than he expected and we see his mental gyrations as he readjusts his thinking Desmond is amazingly thoughtful for someone who claims to be so bad at relationships His efforts at giving her the means to continue her studies while taking care of Conner were so sweet At the same time spending so much time with Conner and Desmond has McKenna wishing that there was a way to be both a doctor and a mother She realizes that she is falling for him which is tearing her up The passion that erupts between them adds complications Desmond starts thinking about making their marriage permanent but when he says something to her she freaks out at the idea pushing him away I ached for Desmond as she insists on adhering to their contract and leaves them both behind to follow her plan It was so satisfying to see her encounter with another student who was balancing it all and the lightbulb that finally went off in her head Her big moment with Desmond as they both open up about their feelings was awesome I loved seeing both of them discover that with a bit of compromise and sharing of control they were able to have it all The epilogue was terrific

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The Marriage ContractMumand to marry by proxy without ever meeting her husbandBut when the baby’s health reuires McKenna to not only face Desmond but also live with him their chemistry explodes Soon McKe Desmond wanted a child so he gets a surrogate to have one for himOnce the baby is born he is allergic to formula so Desmond is forced to go to the woman who he is married to in name only so that all will go well with the baby being his onlyMcKenna is going to have to breast feed Connor so he can get his nutrientsDesmond reworks the arrangement and moves McKenna inShe is going to be there 3 monthsBut she is missing going to school to become a Dr so Desmond signs her up for classesOnce she has Connor weaned she leaves to go to schoolDesmond provides everythingShe realizes she missed the boys so goes backBut Desmond wants to not take her backbut he doesAnd she becomes a Dr