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Library The PDF #180 An ancient mysterious library housing books with a secret mission overlooks and defends the surrounding city The Chief The Spiral EpubLibrarian a wise master protects the Spiral Library from attacks by Kal a treacherous and eternal enemy determined to Spiral Library The Epub #218 conuer it One morning the library’s long silent “Golden Gong” sounds It is announced that the last two Chief Librarian successors have disappeared without a trace and a new candidate must be selected Without a new Chief Librarian the line of librarians will be broken and all will be defenseless No one explains or uestions this crisis except one gir. I thouroughly enjoyed this little journey into the Spiral Library by Evren Sener It was like Jonathan Livingstone Seagull meeting Yin and Yang For me it spoke about flying above the illusions we are taught and re discovering our true inner voice then listening to it It is a kind of parable about the DNA of our spiritual journey and the many winding strands that make it up Her background in the ancient Vedic texts is evident There are strong similarities between the characters in her story and those from ancient history Stories like these never grow old and never cease to amaze Each person who reads this I think will find a bit of themselves in her main character Soe the chosen successor to the Chief Librarian of The Spiral Library It makes the saying by Victoria Moran that It's probably unfair to expect the world at large or even most people to see us for all we are It is essential however that we see ourselves for all we are I highly recommend this thrilling adventure into the world of inner truth

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The Spiral Library The SucessorNes that bring out the best and worst in her Accompany Soe as she drives a chariot pulled by “fire horses” shifts her shape while escaping an enchanted forest drinks potions supplied by a year old young man and discovers a great truth through love and sacrifice The Spiral Library is a page turning thriller full of non stop action Within the story’s plot is a natural wisdom that mirrors uestions such as “Are we living in an illusion” and “Just who is the enemy” All of this lies hidden in the most unusual library one could ever imagine Note This book is written neither in novel nor in play format but something in between named as play nov. It would be very difficult to apply the exact mot juste in describing this book by an inspiring new author An intense energy permeates from every chapter The largest and most imposing building in the city is the library As logic demands the library is headed by a chief librarian The librarian is regarded as sapient in all matters and his powers are all encompassing When all the aspiring candidates mysteriously disappear the young girl Soe is chosen very much against her will as one of the replacements Spirited Soe didn't go gentle in the night but fought tooth and nail against her captivity and perceived unjust slavery Twelve days and nights she must endure the obstacles and trials to test her morals virtues and ualities The Spiral Library is an extremely sinuous narrative that sends the reader into a tourbillion of action and emotion If you enjoyed His Dark Material trilogy The Golden Compass The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman you are bound to love this

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characters The Spiral Library The Sucessor ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [Download] ➶ The Spiral Library The Sucessor By Evren Sener – An ancient mysterious library housing books with a secret mission overlooks and defends the surrounding city The Chief Librarian a wise master protects L Soe Unexpectedly she is chosen as a last chance successor candidate Under the shadow of anger and mistrust she is forcibly taken to the library To be purified and prepared to serve Soe must undergo nights of trial that test her core values and strengths while under constant attack by Kal acting in partnership with her greatest enemy This intense training is overshadowed by her clandestine attempts to find the lost successors – her boyfriend and her twin brother Soe has plans but life has other plans Soe’s adventuresome spirit takes her on a wild ride magnetizing her curiosity dare devil spontaneity keen reasoning skills and pulling her into sce. This book has some great potential I love the idea of a prominent libraby full of mysteries waiting to be discovered and the idea of people who are trapped inside a book and you can just dive in I am not going to tell you all about the story that the book tells because above you can read it the discription ;Some other good thing is that you'll slowly learn about the world where it all takes place But I must say I found it a hard book to read There were some things that I missed or didn't understand I still don't really know who Soë is The other characters tell me that she is a stubborn girl with lots of uestions I noticed that she is full of uestions but really stubborn not so much And I can't really name other characteristicsI don't really know the other characters either Though later in the book there are some background stories that gives feeling to them I noticed that the writer made an effort to let Soë grow But to me Soë is still the same girl as she was in the beginning The trails that she overcomes and the missions that she completes come uite spontaniously to me How is she able to pass the trialsThe last night is the biggest trial of them all She made a mistake Orpheus made the same once I am not going to tell you which one sorry XP But it took Orpheus who knows how long to solve it while Soë can fix it in less than a minute I don't think Soë wouldshould be able do that Most of the time I couldn't follow the train of thought that a character would have One moment they would laugh and the next moment I read she woke up with tears streaking her face Why was she crying Did something happen did she have a bad dream maybe she missed her mother I don't know I want to understand them but I just can'tSpoilerFor instance Soë is in love with Ros She meets him inside a book Of course he is confused and doesn't want to come back to the library with her She is so upset and has missed him so much that she cries and begs him to come back with She cried tears of true love Though beforehand I really thought that they had something once but now there were just really good friends She saves himbut he cannot stay and leaves the city with his family For a really really short moment Soë is sad that he must leave But once he left I get the feeling she's over him already It goes to fast know what I mean End spoiler Overall I get the feeling like I am experiencing it all from very far away I don't really know how the characters feel I don't really understand what is happening or why it's happening but I get the overall ideaAll and all I like the idea it's creative fun mysterious and much But I feel like it's an pancake a lot of great ideas but none of them deep enough to really get sucked in