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read reader ✓ Three Little Words Hardcover Ý gwairsoft Õ ✾ [EPUB] ✶ Three Little Words By Ashley Rhodes-Courter ❦ – Sunshine you're my baby and I'm your only mother You must mind the one taking care of you but she's not your mama Ashley Rhodes Courter spent nine years Sunshine you're my baby and I'm your only mother You must mind the one taking care of you but she's not your mama Ashley Rhodes Courter spent nine years of her life in fourteen different foster homes living by those words As her mother spirals out of control Ashley is l Given that this is the first book of a very young author I was impressed at how good the writing was Rhodes Courter tells her story in a direct way using a show me don't tell me approach The simple facts of her numerous placements the maltreatment in some of her placements and the negligence of some of the child protective services CPS authorities alone are enough to make a reader understand how angry and desolate she must have felt and why it took a long time for her to trust her adoptive parents In fact she had so many placements that when I picked the book up again after a break in reading I had trouble remembering where she was She also uses dialog extensively which keeps the read livelyA good portion of the book is focused on the abusive foster home in which she lived for 8 months and returned for an overnight respite visit at a later time Multiple maltreatment reports to CPS from teachers and interviews with the children themselves either were not investigated or not taken seriously These foster parents Charles and Marjorie Moss were allegedly model foster parents who even taught foster parenting classes and were allowed to adopt several children The only possible explanation I can think of for this which is FAR from an excuse is that the Mosses did not turn children away regardless of how difficult previous foster parents had found a child As Rhodes Courter reports another foster child said Nobody wants me because of my temper That's why we're all here The Mosses take the ones nobody else wants p 96While Rhodes Courter's mother was clearly negligent she did seem to care for her and Rhodes Courter wanted for years to be reunited with her mother It is ironic as Rhodes Courter observes that the state would pay a substantial sum over the years to have Rhodes Courter cared for by neglectful and abusive foster parents who clearly didn't care for her yet the state did not provide financial support to her motherRhodes Courter's story also highlights a few additional things that could be done to ease foster children's lives at least a bit First she was rarely or never told why she was in care why she was being moved or what was going on with her mother and her child welfare case even in an age appropriate way Secondly at times no one made an effort to allow her to take a few valued possessions with her from one placement to the next and sometimes she was actively prevented from doing soThe story is not all dark; Rhodes Courter describes several teachers who mentored her as well as Ms Sandnes a primary caregiver at a group home who was so well loved by the children that they had to be pried off her and then tried to throw themselves under the wheels of her car when she left her job to get a master's degreeRhodes Courter seems very honest in telling her story; she describes a number of instances in which she behaved very poorly toward her adoptive parents though in a few cases the misbehavior was due to misunderstanding rather than bad intentions Clearly this book reuired a lot of research Rhodes Courter was very young when she first entered foster care so she could not have written the entire book based on her memory alone and she describes going through several boxes of case files and interviewing a number of her foster parents and others involved in her caseThis book is sold in the children's section of my local bookstore but I'm not sure that's appropriate While I think it would be a good read for any mature child and particularly for youth in foster care I think this book would appeal to anyone interested in child welfare regardless of their age

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Eft clinging to an unpredictable dissolving relationship all the while getting pulled deeper and deeper into the foster care system Painful memories of being taken away from her Three Little Kindle home uickly become consumed by real life horrors where Ashley is juggl I like another reviewer got upset and angry at this book And incredibly frustrated However it was amazing to see that by the end the author is where she belongs with people who truly love her She has a accomplished so much and fought so long to be heard This should be read

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Three Little WordsEd between caseworkers shuffled from school to school and forced to endure manipulativehumiliating treatment from a very abusive foster family In this inspiring unforgettable memoir Ashley finds the courage to succeed and in doing so discovers the power of her own voice This is than a memoir It's a call to action Three Little Words was given to me by a friend who applied for a CASA position She said Read this book and you'll know the importance of what court appointed advocates can do for children in the foster care system The story kept me up late at night yearning to see Ashley rise above her situation fighting her way to find her voice It left me cheering for her and outraged that so many children have to navigate such hell to find a home This is the best kind of book the kind that inspires you to make the world a better place because its author shows you how