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Hide and SeekThis bookseries has been pulled and is no longer on sale The series is being r. This didn't end up working for me which sucks because I loved the hell out of the beginning will get my thoughts together soon

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Read & Download Hide and Seek 104 É ➼ [Reading] ➾ Hide and Seek By T.M. Smith ➱ – This bookseries has been pulled and is no longer on sale The series is being revised and rereleased with new content covers and a new series title Stories from the Sound You can find the 1st book for This bookseries has been pulled anEvised and rereleased Hide and Kindle with new content covers and a new seri. I enjoyed how this overlapped with the last couple of books and we get to see who Dusty has been seeing and also we get to see all of the other characters that had their own stories in this great series I definitely recommend reading the other books in this series and read in order since all the other couples make appearances and things in this book happen during the same time of the previous books I loved the first half of this story where we got to see Dusty and David falling for each other and learning about each other I loved their instant pull to each other and chemistry together Their story kinda lost me in the middle everyone seemed justoverly emotional Like melodramatic between things with Dusty's mother and father and their friends finding out about David's family ties and all And I admit it was a bit confusing with them both calling the other D there were a few times I had to go back and see who we were talking about And then there was Dean Dusty's dad and yeahlots of characters with their name starting with a D Overall this was a sweet sexy story while also touching on important subjects like coming out to a homophobic family and serious issues like hate crimes and shootings If you are a fan of the All Cocks boys you will definitely love this installment I highly recommend this series I have really enjoyed it especially the last 3 stories I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review

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Es title Stories from the Sound You can find the st book for the rerelease her. This one happens alongside the events in book five and towards the end of book four so you get an alternative view of what was going on with the other guys at that timeThis one's a real study in contrasts the first third is centred on David coming out of his coma and getting his memories back who've Dusty tries to work out why he has such strong feeling for the younger manThen once that happens the tensions sort of fade off a bit and it all goes a bit diary like by that I mean it turns into less of a romance and a day to day exploration of the everyday lives of Dusty and DavidBut it picks up again in the final third when new partnerships are set up or hinted at the humour becomes normal and bug changes come to the lives of all the All Cocks boysI've enjoyed these as they've gone along starting from a muddled opener which had promise through two exceptionally good books dealing with serious issues and then to this one which simultaneously throws the light on the risks many in the LGBT community have to face on a daily basis but also illuminates the love and support that comes from family and how they don't have to be a blood relation to earn that distinctionI would say although it says it can be read as a standalone it really shouldn't be There's too much background which simply can't be added to this narrative without confusing the main plot