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REVIEW é Tenjo Tenge Vol 1 Tenjho Tenge #1 2 æ [BOOKS] ✯ Tenjo Tenge Vol 1 Tenjho Tenge #1 2 By Oh! Great – Soichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara have always been the meanest street brawlers around When they enter Todo High they plan on carving out a reputation as the strongest fighters in their new school easier SVe Council the archrival of the Juken Club soon launches a surprise attack Soichiro and Tenjo Tenge Kindle Bob have a Tenge Vol 1 Tenjho Tenge PDFEPUBchance to show their stuff as long as they don't get curb kicked in the proces. This book is an omnibus containing volumes one and two of the original series newly uncensored for the first timefrom what I heard for English reading audiences Having seen the animation of this series I already had an idea of what I was getting into with this book though the ending of the anime left me a bit unsatisfiedbad animation idea or brilliant marketingSo after seeing it on the shelf years later I finally got around to reading the manga and I was not disappointedOh Greatyes that is the nom de plume is not known for cute characters or friendly scenarios and this book proves it Within these pages set in a school crammed with fight crazed delinuents this series has had nudity blood violence a rape scene a marriage proposal and much as each character's personality and past comes to light as their mastery of fighting increasesIf you like books that are not afraid to delve into the darker nature of humanity then this might be a good book for you to read even if the abilities of the fighters in the school are a tad on the unrealistic side I know my favorite part of the book is when Mayu who looks like a little girlhappens when she conserves her Chi suddenly unleashes her energy and returns to her normal form as she knocks another main character out the window not realizing he was not as strong as she thought he was

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One in a place that's dedicated to training its students in the art of combat After realizing they're the new fish swimming in a tank full of sharks Soichiro and Bob enter the Juken fight club as rookie members However the Executi. It's a low four I plan to continue reading the series but this first volume has set my expectations to that of a B action movie where its just getting to the next fight and there's nudity just because and minimal plot development I would describe it as schlock manga


Tenjo Tenge Vol 1 Tenjho Tenge #1 2Soichiro Nagi Vol 1 PDFEPUB #190 and Bob Makihara have always been the meanest street brawlers around When they enter Todo High they plan on carving out a reputation as the strongest fighters in their new school easier said than d. I watched the anime of Tenjo Tenge back when I was a wee lady I was recently feeling a combination of nostalgia boredom and procrastination so I decided to pick up the manga I've been meaning to re watch the anime anyway so this is as goodHoly shit First thing I have to say TIDDIES The manga has fully exposed anime manga tiddies fam And like a pretty good amount of them too but it never felt too oversaturated like it did in Monster Musume Also they look really great unlike the weird plastic looking ones in the aforementioned MonMusu manga Wow how far I've come I used to hate fanservice and panty shots and all the things this manga is full of but I really didn't mind those things here I think maybe because it's in black and white book form that it feels authentic and acceptable That was something that bothered little fetus me when watching the anime holy shit I should not have been allowed to have the free range of the internet that I did how obnoxious and sexual the fan service was But in the manga it honestly never even felt like fan service Just some nice lookin anime tiddies Also yeah a shit ton of panty shotsNow that I've peaked to the height of my reviewing career by writing two paragraphs about cartoon boobs it's time to move forward onto the downward spiral of my Ahem career Yep it was weird writing that word twiceThe story is about a martial arts club at a high school and what happens when two hotshot delinuents come and start smashing up the school I think the characters are probably the strongest part of this manga and the relationships between them though I don't want to say too much I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by some of the ecchi genre subversions this manga has view spoiler Like how at first I got the natural feeling that Takayanagi would be the classic super weak and plain main character whose role is to act as a puppet for the reader to insert themselves in as But he ended up being this super cool and strong badass who I actually like uite a bit And he's not even the main character Aya and Maya feel the most like main characters to me along with Nagi Souichiro Poor Bob is pushed to the sidelines because he's comparatively weak hide spoiler