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Destiny and Power Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º ➞ [Epub] ❥ Destiny and Power By Jon Meacham ➨ – From Pulitzer Prize winner and #1 New York Times bestselling author Jon Meacham comes a sweeping yet intimate biography of George H W Bush Based on rigorous research hours ofEcticut his heroic service in World War II his entry into the Texas oil business and his storied rise in politics from congressman to UN ambassador to head of the CIA to forty first president of the United States. I've been wanting to read a Jon Meacham book for a while I chose George H W Bush out of curiosity for the one term president with the huge glasses stuck between Reagan and Clinton I enjoyed Meachum's highly readable prose and interesting use of uotes from Bush's personal papers The book took several years to write and the author had a privileged access to the 41st president I found the era between 1966 to 1980 to be the most interesting part of his life from his first term in congress to his second political life on the Reagan ticket Bush was a real risks taker who never shrank from complicated challenges I especially enjoyed the details about the relationships with his bosses and foes Nixon Ford Carter Perot Buchanan Reagan Gingrich Clinton Dukakis Only downside no punches pulled at all in this book I would not described this biography as well balanced but I think it worth the read George H W Bush had class as a politician could compromise and make real friendship with fellow democrats Something that is rare to see these times on Capitol Hill

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Ess to Bush’s diaries and to his family Destiny and Power paints Destiny and ePUB #199 a vivid and affecting portrait of the distinctive American life of a man from the Greatest Generation his childhood in Conn. Summary Meacham traces the life of our 41st president from his family’s roots and values that shaped a man both deeply committed to service and country and also highly competitive and ambitious The biography traces both his skillful leadership in handling the transition from the Cold War era and the inability of this deeply private man to communicate his deep care for and desire to serve his country that cost him a second termReading this biography suggested to me that George H W Bush is perhaps under rated both as a president and a person For many he is regarded as an asterisk between the Reagan and Clinton years And yet as President he skillfully navigated the nation in international relations at the end of the Cold War era that avoided provoking hard line reactionaries in the former Soviet Union facilitating the reunification of Germany the freedom of Soviet satellites from Communist domination and the establishment of warm relations between the US and Russia He built an international coalition to decisively defeat Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and bring relief to the atrocities against Kuwaitis containing Hussein without becoming embroiled in another “Vietnam”While growing up in a privileged New England family he was a genuine war hero surviving being shot down after a bombing run at Chichi Jima Before going off to war he married Barbara beginning a lifelong partnership between two very strong individuals They experienced tragedy that deepened their compassion early in marriage losing their daughter Robin to leukemia They built their own fortune in the Texas oil industry of the 1950s He served in the US House of Representatives then lost a Senate race in 1964 in the midst of Lyndon Johnson’s landslide victory over Barry Goldwater Subseuently he served in Republican party leadership as UN ambassador our ambassador to China and as CIA directorThere was the complicated relationship with Ronald Reagan Losing to Reagan after a promising beginning in Iowa criticizing Reagan’s age and “voo doo economics” he is selected as running mate despite Nancy Reagan’s opposition He turns out to be the ideal Vice President who becomes a trusted friend by never stealing the limelight and is asked by Nancy to give Reagan’s eulogy which he did paying tribute not only to Reagan but to NancyThe drive for success for power accounted for the weaknesses and flaws in his story–compromised positions on civil rights in the early years the Willie Horton ads in the Presidential campaign the famous “read my lips” promise that he broke when it became clear that only additional tax revenues could address the nation’s fiscal problems in the early 1990’s Meacham explores the drive in his character that led to these compromises At the same time we see a president willing to do what he saw in the best interests of his country even though it contributed to his loss of the presidency ironically laying the groundwork for budget surpluses in the Clinton years We also see a very private man torn by the political necessities of glad handing wearying of the process in the 1992 election outshone by the young Democrat from ArkansasAs impressive as anything else is the life he lived after his one term presidency He kept a low profile and eventually became good friends even with Bill Clinton as the two former presidents worked on tsunami relief Meacham writes about his relationship with his presidential son and there is no evidence of the father second guessing the son even on Ira He dismissed comparisons on this score with the response that these were different circumstances different wars Rather the relationship was one of pride and support allowing the son to be his own person and only offering counsel when asked Generally he was generous with his words even of political foes The few exceptions Donald Rumsfeld always a rival and Dick Cheney whose vice presidency Bush 41 criticized after the factYears earlier I read Kevin Phillips American Dynasty which is a much sinister view of the Bushes as an inter generational political dynasty His account and Meacham’s are very different Perhaps it was the fact that Phillips book was written during the height of criticism of Bush 43’s Ira policies just before the 2004 elections This seems a much measured appraisal and a pleasure to read It presented a man of both great ambition and generally high principle as well as one far decent than he was given credit in his 1992 defeat While acting in his own best political interests at times what was striking were the times he acted in service to the country even at the expense of his own interests whether as CIA director vice president or in the 1990 budget deal raising taxes I was struck with how fortunate we were to have one with his foreign policy skill at the denouement of the Cold War While his presidency is still in the recent past and will be subject to continuing discussion Barack Obama’s assessment on awarding the Medal of Freedom to George H W Bush in 2010 may be the most fitting “As good a measure of a president as I know is somebody who ultimately put the country first and it strikes me that throughout his life he did that both before he was president and while he was president and ever since”

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Destiny and PowerFrom Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author Jon Meacham comes a sweeping yet intimate biography of George H W Bush Based on rigorous research hours of private interviews and extraordinary acc. PRESIDENT GEORGE H W BUSH’S MEMOIRCan you tell me the title of President George H W Bush’s memoir You can’t There’s a reason that you can’t He didn’t write oneAll of the other post WWII presidents did but not George H W Bush DESTINY AND POWERIn some respects however Jon Meacham wrote one for him a book of over 800 pages including 600 pages of text that is a from the cradle to almost the grave account of the life and times of the 41st president It was published in 2015 and Bush died in 2018 at age 94In an Author’s Note at the end of the book Meacham writes My first and greatest thanks are due to George H W Bush who granted me access to his diaries and sat usually patiently and always politely for interviews from 2006 to 2015 The former president was generous welcoming gracious – and insisted that I call them as I saw themPatient polite generous welcoming gracious How could one possibly criticize such a nice honorable man who was willing to sit through all those interviews and allow you unlimited access to his diaries A little later Meacham writes “Mrs Bush was unfailingly helpful answering many uestions over several years”In the Acknowledgements he writes “As noted earlier two pages ago to be exact I am most grateful to George H W Bush and to Barbara Bush whose cooperation and patience made this project possible”THE DIARIESAny biographer would love to have the kind of access that Meacham was accorded especially regarding the president’s diaries But there are several worrisome facts about the situation 1 in too many cases he simply accepted the president’s version of events as described in the diaries; 2 people sometimes misinterpret events when they record them in diaries or they discover later that they were mistaken or it happens they lie to themselves; 3 like memoirs diaries can be self serving and thus unreliable; and 4 Meacham relied too heavily on themThere are 601 endnotes in the book and I know from reading the text that an extraordinary number of them refer to direct uotes taken from the diaries In many instances Meacham uotes the passage and lets it speak for itself thus accepting Bush’s version when it really needs to be either explained or clarified or supported or rejected by the authorAnd there was one glaring omission that leapt out at me regarding the section on Hurricane Katrina which occurred during the presidency of George W Bush First of all Meacham uotes several letters the father wrote complaining about the way the media treated his son in the aftermath of the hurricane For exampleThe criticism enraged the former president who wrote Hugh Sidey political columnist and Bush friend a passionate letter defending his son He was reminded he said of what he himself had faced after Hurricane Andrew in 1992 ‘Now my own son is under the kind of blistering mean spirited attackThe critics do not know what is in George W’s heart how deeply he feels about the hurt the anguish the losses affecting so many people most of them poor’The problem is that Meacham once again let Bush’s comments stand He doesn’t offer an opinion one way or the other as to whether Bush was correct or mistaken in his response to the media coverage But that isn’t the omissionThe omission involves the time when the former first lady Barbara Bush toured the Houston Astrodome where thousands of Katrina evacuees were warehoused and living in deplorable conditions Her response as she voiced it to NPR was that “so many of the people in the arena here you know were underprivileged anyway so this this is working well for them” As Jennifer Senior wrote in her review in the New York Times “How could he have left that out”It is uite common for biographers to grow fond of their subjects but it appears that Meacham fell in love with his As I read the book I couldn’t help shake the feeling that instead of a biography of George Bush I was reading an autobiography written by George Bush with Jon Meacham as his co writer Steve Donoghue wrote in the Christian Science Monitor “the methodology results in a flawed book – even though it is well written and interesting” He continuesMany Americans will remember a different President Bush – venal conniving but also interesting – and they’ll wish Meacham had written a biography of that man warts and allCount me in that camp