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DOWNLOAD Fong and the Indians 107 è ❰KINDLE❯ ✿ Fong and the Indians Author Paul Theroux – One of the earlier novels from the author of The Mosuito Coast and Doctor Slaughter this is a comic moral tale about an innocent Chinese store keeper in East Africa Although cheated and manipulated by One of the earlier novelsUghter this is a comic moral tale about an innocent Chinese store keeper in East Africa Although. This book is a satirical and comical tale about a Chinese grocer in east Africa The author describes people and events in insulting language which is comical in a sense but ultimately I wonder the reasoning behind the offensive stereotyping The protagonist is taken advantage of and suffers in such poverty that it is hard to take as a reader Life of expats in east Africa was interesting to read about but ultimately the book failed to provide an message I could not figure out the meaning behind the unpleasantries described by the book and I was left empty after reading it

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Cheated and manipulated by those around him Fong maintains his sorely tried faith that man is goo. I read this because it was written by one of my fave authors It's really light reading having finished the book while in transit to fro my usual destinations Its narrative's dated though not much as there are very relevant sections up to now having been published first in 1968 when I was still 2 years old A lot of sociopolitical upheavals and changes happened worldwide since then The book covered the western world's fears then about communism corruption coup d'etats in Africa plus post colonialism issues among other things some of which still rage up to now But still I enjoyed Theroux's satire I always learn from him It's a good introduction for me about Africa particularly East Africa which apparently is also inhabited by immigrants from Asia including Indians those from the country India Greeks Persians now Iranians Chinese among other countries that we don't usually associate with Africa They have since then built and developed communities and businesses in the continent remember even Gandhi himself lived and worked as a lawyer for some time in South Africa I remember reading from another book that this part of Africa has been visited often by Chinese mainland sojourners even before the tragic circumnavigation of the globe led by Magellan The history of Asian migration to this part of Africa goes back that far I can guess Before starting to this this book I didn't really think that the Indians referred to in the title are those of India Indian kind It's also interesting to note that those characters represented in this book come from the emerging and leading countries in the world now ie China and India I can just imagine that eventually the whole African mass will have its turn of being the continent that will be leading in terms of economic growth and development in the next few years given its resources and manpower Certainly the investments and courage poured in by those who came way ahead will pay off really well This book talks about immigrants including Chinese and Indians in a strange country that have exhibited roller coaster love affair with these foreigners Despite hardships and challenges they have stuck up and stayed for good until some deportation happens from time to time They saw something about the promise Great things are indeed to come to all those who take courage and lead immigrant lives in strange lands And why is this Get ideas from reading this book

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Fong and the IndiansOne of the earlier novels from the author of The Mosuito Fong and PDFEPUB or Coast and Doctor Sla. this is a grim lil yarn the lazy conclusion would be that there's sth uniuely wrong w africa that leads to the events herein but consider is the prime minister's anti asian address really any grotesue than enoch powell's rivers of blood speech delivered the same yr this was published bc he's flapping a fly whisk would fakhru keeping sam fong in a state of debt slavery be any moral if he were a student loan provider rather than a wholesaler of dry goods what's afoot here is not so much the failure of african independence as a failure to fully de colonize which leaves all the state apparatus for siphoning wealth upward intact thought provoking blessed w an embarrassment of sensory detail annoyingly there's a major event alluded to throughout the book that doesn't take place til the last graf so you never get to see the seuelae but i guess there's no use crying over spilled milk i'll see myself out