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Private Vows On The Edge Intrigue 603 review µ 103 ✓ [Read] ➺ Private Vows On The Edge Intrigue 603 ➶ Sally Steward – FOUND ONE BRIDEShe wore a blood stained wedding gown but had no memory of her groom—or her own name In desperation she turned to the sexy stranger who'd found her and begged FOUND ONE BRIDEShe wore a blood stained On The eBook #10003 wedding gown but had no memory of her groom or her own name In desperation she turned to the sexy stranger who'd found her and begged for his hel. February 27 2001Sally Steward's Private Vows is the story of a former cop who runs over a woman in a blood covered wedding dress when she runs in front of his car Hitting her with his car gives her amnesia what else Mary is in danger of course Can you guess who will protect her from what she can't rememberPrivate Vows is one of those stories where strong writing pulls in the reader helping to disguise the weaknesses in the plot for a while The strongest part of Private Vows is Steward's smooth story telling style Unfortunately the story she's chosen to tell is thin and full of problems Steward is able to cast a spell with her words and strong characterizations Deep down though she's not saying too muchIs Private Vows suspenseful Occasionally Is it pretty stupid Definitely Where to start The premise is ridiculous another book where all it takes is a bump on the head for the heroine to get amnesia Worse Mary's amnesia is so contrived that it just seems dumb Mary remembers plenty of things when it's needed to develop her character She just doesn't remember anything that might show who she is or what happened to her For instance she remembers everything about her parents but not their names Everything she remembers and when is conveniently dictated by the reuirements of the story Amnesia books seldom give an accurate depiction of what amnesia victims go through but this one had me laughing at how contrived it was Poor Mary She remembers everything except what she can't to keep the plot going Give me a breakOther than Cole Mary and Cole's cop friend there are only two characters in the book I looked at the cast of characters in the front of the book before I started reading and I automatically picked out the killer Once again two suspect mysteries are bad mysteries The mystery element is also poorly plotted Mary and Cole's investigation spends too much time going nowhere Too much of this book feels like they and the reader are treading water waiting for a killer any smart reader has already picked out to make a move Looking back after I finished the book I couldn't figure out what took this person so long How nice of the villain to stay out of the way long enough for Cole and Mary to fall in loveAny patience I might have had left with this book was destroyed by the last fifty pages Then there's the final confrontation which never would have taken place if the characters were using their heads Their actions made no sense The scene that sets this up had me shaking my head and saying Stupid Stupid Stupid A real wallbanger moment The book continues with too much romantic hand wringing after the mystery is over that only pads the length of the story We know these two are meant to be together We know they will be together romance novel right Delaying the obvious for no good reason is dull and pointless Worse there is an unresolved feeling to the ending that undermines the essential happy ending romance novels reuire I was uncomfortable with itSteward sprinkles some chilling scenes throughout her book but the contrived and manipulative plotting and poor mystery weaken it overall It's easy to enjoy Steward's storytelling if you don't think about the story and expect it to make much sense The best part of Private Vows If Intrigue keeps publishing amnesia books this bad people will eventually stop buying them and they'll stop publishing them That's a day we can all look forward to

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P his protectionEx cop turned investigator Cole Grayson knew better than to get involved with another vulnerable scared woman But the strength beneath her fear drew him to Private Vows ePUB #199 Mary and s. La historia entretiene y va a un buen ritmo hasta ue llego a los dos últimos capítulos donde lo de menos era como el misterio se resolvía si no más bien lo ue ocurrió después con los protagonistas lo cual me saco de un poco de onda por la rapidez y empalagues ue sucedía; sin duda eso me arruino un poco todos los capítulos anteriores ue a mi parecer si llevaban un buen ritmo y e final bueno me gusta el romance pero ue no sean demasiado rosasEn general o en su mayoría entretiene pero si los últimos capítulos podrían provocar migraña a menos ue les guste las situaciones muy cursis y eventos ue se resuelven muy rápido

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Private Vows On The Edge Intrigue 603O he brought her home with himYet as he searched for her past strange things began happening Were Mary's fears valid Suddenly Cole realized that helping her remember put him in danger of losing her forever. I found this book boring and the heroine irritating