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review Protégée Freedom Bound 109 ✓ [Reading] ➷ Protégée Freedom Bound By Dakota Lynn – An untimely end to a long stable relationship leaves Amelia Grant at a crossroads Should she try to reassemble her life much as it had been for the past 20 years or try something completely new As the An untimely end to a long stableA relationship A bond that is based on a rich understanding of one another trust and mutual respect But that doesn’t improve their situation They can’t change who they are and finally they have to face reality and forge ahead in pursuit of the common goal Find Amelia a suitable DomPublisher’s Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse mild BDSM theme and elements. I really enjoyed this book I think a lot of women will like that the main character is an older and relatable women I like that this author gets into some of the psychology of BDSM I found that fascinating I also liked that it felt like and actual love story and even made me all giddy at the end

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Himself any chance of a romantic relationship He can’t even bring himself to take a Protégée Freedom Kindle vacation so when his friend Bella asks him to take on a complete novice and introduce her to the BDSM lifestyle during a break in his schedule he obligesThe immediate attraction between these two is undeniable to the point of distraction As they each struggle to stay on task through the training program Dirk has crafted they fall helplessly deeper into. This book was a bit of a surprise to me as it was a good bit tamer than I anticipated I agree with Vivian who described it as gentle and sweet Although it had a few BDSM elements I felt like it was about bringing out natural submission The BDSM was very mild with a bit of exhibitionism a brief ff scene and an even brief mm scene Overall I enjoyed the story and found the characters easy to like If you like HEA with these type of elements this book is for you

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Protégée Freedom BoundAn untimely end to a long stable relationship leaves Amelia Grant at a crossroads Should she try to reassemble her life much as it had been for the past years or try something completely new As the Internet becomes her lifeline to the outside world she finds herself exploring lifestyles she never knew existedDirk Gregory has been a successful SubSlave trainer and BDSM club owner for nearly his entire adult life Immersing himself in his work he has completely denied. Dakota Lynn's Protegee gives a fresh perspective to bdsm It delves into the psyche of a new sub and her seasoned Dom as much as it goes into the physical relationship between them Amelia is in her 40's a widow who after 20 years of marriage is searching for something new and exciting She's someone I can relate to And Dirk Amelia's Dom trainer is another character whom I can understand I didn't do the math but I imagined Dirk to be a little older than Amelia and as many of us do when we hit mid life Dirk also has uestions about what he wants for his futureThe writing is topnotch The storytelling is compelling The sex is hot The bdsm focuses on bondage and domination than it does on sm I heard someone call it sugarkink which I think fits If you're into romance but unsure about bdsm this is a good book to start with Sit back relax and enjoy