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The Book of Not Stopping the TimeA seuel to Nervous Conditions this is a powerful and engaging story about one young woman's uest to redefine the personal and political forces that threaten to engul This is the seuel to Dangarembga's seminal and fantastic Nervous Conditions The back cover claims that the seuel is destined for similar success I have to disagree One of the most difficult tasks for an author is to come back and make their second book as good or better than their introductory smash hit Harper Lee essentially said fuck it and left To Kill A Mockingbird alone in its brilliance Stephen King still hasn't learned to shut up So really an author could go either way It took Dangarembga almost 20 years to come up with this seuel and I'm still not sure if I'm glad she did Nervous Conditions which I devoured in preparation for the continuation of the story leaves Tambu alone in her dorm room at a prestigious and expensive Catholic girl's school The Book of Not picks the story up there and adds to Tambu's trials the conflicts and pain that culminated in Zimbabwe emerging from Rhodesia It's an admirable attempt but perhaps not as clear in rhetorical focus as her previous work Naturally in light of the political climate with her own family deeply involved in the revolution Tambu's mind and narrative voice is going to be scattered Should she focus on Latin or on flying body parts? But in this confusion Dangarembga's lost some of her power her crystalline and biting turns of phrase The reader is suddenly aware of how different Tambu's world has becomeMaybe this is all because Tambu has moved beyond my realm of experience I could identify with her educational and familial frustrations but a revolution? Rampant racism? Conflicts between you and members of your own race who think you're selling out? This is a new world for me and I'm not uite sure Dangarembga's adept enough to bring me along as willingly or as entranced as I used to be And maybe that's Dangarembga's point readers are willing to come along for a delightful if painful coming of age tale but are ready to flee once things start getting a little difficult or awkwardDangarembga's working on a third novel in what will be Tambu's trilogy And I'll probably read it You should probably read this as well whether you're interested in the continuation of Tambu's life or not It's good medicine a reality check

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The Book of Not Stopping the Time Book à 250 pages Ì [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Book of Not Stopping the Time Author Tsitsi Dangarembga – A seuel to Nervous Conditions this is a powerful and engaging story about one young woman's uest to redefine the personal and political forces that threaten to engulf her AF her As its title suggests this is also a book about denial and unfulfilled expectations and about the theft of the self that remains one of colonialism's most pern Another excellent read This wasn't as exciting as Nervous Conditions for me but I think that's just because Nyasha is far less involved and you have less of an extreme contrast of views between main characters I think this book is also harder to get into if you can't connect to the experience of colonization yet at the same time I don't really understand how even a basic understanding of colonization could still remain so out of reach if you've already read Nervous Conditions That said I wouldn't be shocked if this book is less popular despite being arguably of eual uality Put shortly while Nervous Conditions shows you the extreme conseuences of forced assimilation The Book of Not shows you how the promised rewards for assimilation often never materialize for those who seemingly voluntarily seek to assimilate Despite being set in pre revolutionary Zimbabwe and shifting to independent Zimbabwe I couldn't help but see this book's relevance in the African American experienceThrough the entire book Dangarembga does an excellent job using language to tune readers into what's going on with Tambu and the other characters without telling it to you in an overly obvious fashion There are also references that you can only appreciate if you have certain background knowledge one in Chapter 8 involves Tambu talking about Nyasha reading a book that seemed to be about agriculture rather than being revolutionary and was by someone poor like Bongo in the Congo a starving Kenyan author p 117 References like this demonstrate how cleverly Dangarembga put together the book showing us where Tambu was psychologically and emotionally by making this very specific cultural connection Likewise I also thought the history given was uite interesting Additionally characters that too easily could be made one dimensional like Babamukuru and the Big Brothers are given depth and are perceived in diverse ways by what may be assumed to be a monolithic group Black Africans in the colony This diversity and depth problematizes the idea that one can easily identify sell outs and authentic members of one's groupAgain like Nervous Conditions The Book of Not is a shockingly accurate depiction of the lived experience of colonization on the part of the colonized I was somewhat shocked at how dead on much of the story was to my own experience with the American higher education system and my experience with being a severe minority in the workplace I strongly recommend this book to all yet I do think it could be a seemingly boring and disappointing read for someone who doesn't really see the connection between colonization and the lives of the characters which would be kind of strange seeing as the author is pretty clear that colonization is central to the story Also a thought The Book of Not made me uestion the legitimacy of treating Nervous Conditions as primarily a coming of age novel I was actually kind of surprised to see that people weren't picking out colonialism as the central theme and I think it's no accident that this book is less popular if that's how readers were viewing Nervous Conditions I also am wondering if the reception of Nervous Conditions had anything to do with the nature of the reviews on the book cover for The Book of Not eg explici

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Icious legacies The novel disrupts any comfortable sense of closure to the dilemmas of colonial modernity explored in Nervous Conditions and as such is a fitting seu I thoroughly enjoyed Tsitsi Dangarembwa's first book Nervous Conditions unfortunately this her seuel did not live up to my expectations This book is slow moving with too much detail on mundane teenage activities as if the intended audience are teenagers Perhaps I am judging her book too harshly but its not my fault she set the bar too high with Nervous Conditions It was always going to be such a tall order to replicate such brilliance