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Read Persepolis 2 · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Persepolis 2 Author Marjane Satrapi – In Persepolis heralded by the Los Angeles Times as one of the freshest and most original memoirs of our day Marjane Satrapi dazzled us with her heartrending memoir in comic strips about growing up in In love and begins studying art at a university However the repression and state sanctioned chauvinism eventually lead her to uestion whether she can have a future in IranAs funny and poignant as its predecessor Persepolis is another clear eyed and searing condemnation of the human cost of fundamentalism In its depiction of the struggles of growing up here compounded by Marjane's status as an outsider both abroad and at home it is raw honest and incredibly illuminating. 155 stars rounded downWell it has been awhile since a book made me so angry This was such a drastic change from Persepolis 1 I couldn't believe I was reading about the same person I really really loved Persepolis 1 It was poignant heartbreaking and educational It had a smart intelligent and strong heroine who asked the right uestions and had a heart in the right place I don't know where that person went in Persepolis 2 for instead there was a girl who lost all of her morals and kept making horrible life decisions Again and again and again And it would have been fine we all are humans but the thing is in the book I didn't feel like she learned or took anything from her hardships at all If I wanted to see people making bad choices and becoming vegetables due to their drug addictions I'd just watch TV I can definitely applaud Marjane for her honesty and for putting all of her flaws out there but I also don't understand the point of it What lesson was she trying to teach Persepolis 1 contained history I learned so much about Iranian people the revolution the oppression But in this book there was very little of that It was mostly about her growing up and trying to fit in which for her meant to do everything that everybody else did And I just couldn't comprehend how a girl who was raised to be so smart and educated could make any of those decisions On the back cover of the book there's a praise that says Every revolution needs a chronicler like SatrapiWell if chronicling a revolution means describing how many drugs she used how many cigarettes she smoked how many parties she went to and how everybody else around her was horribly unfair to her and how she and only she was the victim then I don't want to know about that kind of revolution What made me the most angry was how she portrayed herself as a victim every single time Sure her life wasn't easy or pretty but it was because of her own bad decisions She wanted everybody to pity her for her life while she was the one of the few who escaped the war She was sent to Europe to better her life but instead she buried it I also couldn't stand how demeaning she was to other people she criticized everybody some she called fat behind their back the first time she saw her new landlord she called her fat and a horse face just because the woman was unattractive sure the woman turned out to be mean but it doesn't give you right to judge and laugh at ones appearances some she judged because of their lack of intelligence some she judged because of their looks And the worst part came when she purposely lied and condemned that poor man on the street to save herself I've never read about a most selfish personAlso remarks like if there were fun things to do I'd never have read as many books as I did and the first marriage is just a rehearsal before the second one just didn't sit well with me If you are writing a book then don't say that books are the last resort only if you have nothing else better to do no self respecting bookworm will agree with you And just because your marriage didn't work doesn't mean that you have the right to come up with generalized statements like that Being progressive in ones thoughts doesn't mean that you have the right to be demeaning to other people's thoughts There were few things that I liked I liked some of her views on the world and how she explained some of the ridiculous customs and rules that were and still to this day burden the women of Iran I should have dnf'd it I know but it was slow at work and it was the only book I had with me so I just kept plowing through it I still absolutely recommend Persepolis 1 but this second part didn't teach me anything My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

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Out a place for herself among a group of fellow outsiders she continues to struggle for a sense of belongingFinding that she misses her home than she can stand Marjane returns to Iran after graduation Her difficult homecoming forces her to confront the changes both she and her country have undergone in her absence and her shame at what she perceives as her failure in Austria Marjane allows her past to weigh heavily on her until she finds some like minded friends falls. Persepolis the First was touching Persepolis the Second was not The teen aged Marjane is sent to Vienna where she is bounced from place to place by both circumstance and her own big mouth Marjane abandoned and isolated turns to drugs and uestionable friends and lovers to get through this time Though she is apparently bright she barely gets through school After she catches her boyfriend cheating on her she spends three months on the street and then returns to Iran Once in Iran it really gets jolly and fun Marjane is depressed She attempts suicide There are some ups but a lot of downs I won’t list them all and spoil it for everyone else but REALLYAll of this bad sad and terrible stuff is going on and I didn’t feel anything Nothing Maybe it’s because a lot of the sadness was caused by her own actions It should be noted that I generally have a low tolerance for stupid teenagers Maybe it’s because it was told in a detached way Maybe it’s because I’m heartless In any case it didn’t feel personal It didn’t feel as though the events in the book happened to the author I didn’t relate to Marjane and I didn’t sympathize with her Also the graphic element in this book didn’t really add anything for me I don’t know This book just left me coldA couple things did work for me though Marjane turns to reading at lonely times in her life and remarks that “one must educate oneself” True True One other item rang true to me when Marjane gets to Austria one of her first purchases was scented laundry detergent It wasn’t available in war torn Iran She mentions that even today she keeps a dozen or so boxes of scented detergent in her houseI wish there had been a few of those personal moments in the book

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Persepolis 2In Persepolis heralded by the Los Angeles Times as one of the freshest and most original memoirs of our day Marjane Satrapi dazzled us with her heartrending memoir in comic strips about growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution Here is the continuation of her fascinating story In Marjane flees fundamentalism and the war with Ira to begin a new life in Vienna Once there she faces the trials of adolescence far from her friends and family and while she soon carves. In 1984 Marjane flees fundamentalism and the war with Ira to begin a new life in Vienna This review contains spoilersIt’s been so long since I’ve had that feeling of wanting to read a story long into the night but Persepolis brought it backI felt this indescribable pull from the very first page and I just knew that this book was going to hold a special place in my heart Persepolis feel so personally important to me that I’m stunned they didn’t appear into my life until these past few daysEverything featured within; leaving moving coming of age family relationships motherly love— was just captured so personally well I really really missed Marji’s family especially her mother at the start of this volume I kept hoping for her to talk about or with her motherBut the conversations she had with Julie were also pretty interesting to read about This book had surprisingly many laugh out loud moments when Marji started out in Vienna And the beauty of this story for me was that one moment you’ll be laughing and the next your laughter will turn to tearsFor instance when she finally got the message that her mother was coming to visit Watching Marjane grow and accumulate on her own was honestly both heartbreaking and heartwarming I’m in tearsagainThe time she spent with her mother made me feel that closer to both of them The love they hold for each other punctured me deeply And it made her departure that painful From there we follow Marji’s journey living and working on her own And we get introduced to great and not so great Markus characters along the way Svetlana was a great surpriseBut Markus seriously how insensitive can one person be I was so angry when he had the nerve to say “it’s not what you think” And everything that went on afterwards left me speechless from sleeping on the streets of cold wintery Vienna to returning to Iran and still feeling helpless to not knowing how to share everything that went on during the 4 years she spent away from her family and then the road to recoveryShe went through so much in the span of four years and it made me that upset when people took advantage of her situationBut Marjane allows her past to weigh heavily on her until she finds some like minded friends falls in love and begins studying art at a universityAt her university Marji said the following that’s been on my mind ever since I loved this volume both because I saw Marji coming of age and also because Persepolis' depiction of the struggles of growing up was raw honest and incredibly illuminating This book opened up my eyes and gave me a new perspective and I am now forever grateful And then all too soon the storyline came to an end and I was left with eyes full of tears both happy and sad It was brilliant poignant memorable and just utterly fascinating Note I'm an Affiliate If you're interested in buying Persepolis 2 just click on the image below to go through my link I'll make a small commission This review and can be found on my blog