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CHARACTERS õ Pigeons From Hell ☆ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Pigeons From Hell By Joe R. Lansdale ❤ – Master horror storyteller Joe R Lansdale throws his scathing wit and wild otherworldly creations into the mix as he brings Robert E Howard's classic tale of dark revenge to the present and into the un Master horror stoLling detail and a front porch raconteur's sense of pace He has won a number of awards including five Bram Stoker horror awards a British Fantasy Award the American Mystery Award the Horror Critics Award the Shot in the Dark International Crime Writer's award the Booklist Editor's Award the Critic's Choice Award and a New York Times Notable Book award. Oh man I really wanted to like this graphic novel It seemed like such a can’t miss deal you know Originally a creepy short story by Robert E Howard the creator of Conan The Barbarian this illustrated version of “Pigeons From Hell” was given new life by acclaimed mysteryhorror author Joe Lansdale I read his novel “The Bottoms” a couple of months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it who happened to be a lifelong fan of Howard’s work Updating the story for modern times Lansdale enlisted the artistic services of Nathan Fox whose ropey Paul Pope meets Jamie Hewlett drawing style seemed like a natural fit for the project So how was this “can’t miss” comic Let me put it this way it missed Big time Having not read the original story I can’t say how different this version is but it feels like Lansdale took some pretty big liberties The comic follows twin sisters and a few of their friends I think maybe since the relationships are never really explained as they explore the pair’s inheritance a dilapidated plantation house that their enslaved ancestors once worked in but eventually were beueathed Of course the house is haunted by the spirits of the slaves and slave masters who once lived there coalescing into a demonic entity There’s a lot of potential in the premise given the innate horror that went along with slavery but Lansdale doesn’t really do anything too amazing with the set up There’s a great section with an elderly local man that introduces some cool voodoo elements but in general the story feels kind of generic built on tired genre tropes The bigger problem though is the art Nathan Fox has a very visceral and gruesome style which works well with the house’s shadowy corners and grotesue creatures but sometimes he gets a little carried away; the action would sometimes become so energetic that panels would look chaotic and abstracted to the point of not being able to tell what’s going on For a story that wasn’t entirely gripping to begin with the art should keep the reader engaged with the plot but nope “Pigeons From Hell” is just a cool looking messI wish I had better things to say about this comic I love horror and Joe Lansdale and eerie art but “Pigeons From Hell” just didn’t do it for me Disappointing


Years ago he couldn't have imagined the grotesue horrors that would eclipse the ones he saw then but they're here With than twenty books to his credit Joe R Lansdale is an acclaimed storyteller He's been called an immense talent by Booklist a born storyteller by Robert Bloch and The New York Times Book Review declares he has a folklorist's eye for te. I thought this was a poor adaptation on almost every level It tries to modernize the original short story but it loses everything that made the story great In his afterword to this graphic novel Joe Lansdale talks about the task of trying to update a classic short story to modern time and adapt it for a different medium He notes that a very literal and faithful comic book version of “Pigeons From Hell” had already been done This project was intended from the outset to modernize the story and the characters while retaining the elements of Robert E Howard’s haunted house and the cursed Blassenville familyThe results were disappointing I would have preferred to read the faithful adaptationThe beauty of the original short story was its simplicity and its striking sense of atmosphere Two weary travelers decide to spend the night in an abandoned old plantation house but one of them is killed and possessed by a strange creature An investigation reveals a chilling backstory about a family of harsh slaveowners whose house was cursed by a mistreated black servant with a zuvembie a variation of a female zombie created by Haitian voodoo magic The word “zombie” had banned by Comics Code Authority Howard’s original gothic prose does a wonderful job of evoking a sense of ancient evil and fear It is crafted much better than his well known Conan stories He manages to build a brand new horror mileu out of the American South’s past similar to how Bram Stoker drew on Romanian lore to lay the groundwork for Dracula or how countless writers have used the witch trials in New England as inspiration To my knowledge Howard was the first writer to invent Southern gothic ghost storiesThis comic adaptation tries to set itself as a uasi seuel but nothing works Two African American ladies have somehow inherited the house although it seems to contradict continuity to believe that any Blassenville of the past would ever have bestowed property to a former slave These ladies along with three teenage friends—the relationships are never really explained—want to inspect the new property but of course they begin to die one by one Lansdale ditches the zuvembie in favor of a host of other trite stock characters—a graveyard where spirits of dead slaves rise every night drawn like spent cartoonish condoms a malevolent cloud called the Shadow of the Corn drawn like an amorphous blob that sometimes morphs into a monster face and the ghost of a Blassenville woman who hid her heart in a Mason jar I kid you not The art is generally confusing At times I could not tell the characters apart especially when they were covered in gore Some panels were just blurs of color denoting motion I could not make outStick with the original short story

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Pigeons From HellMaster horror storyteller Joe R Lansdale throws his scathing wit and wild otherworldly creations into the mix as he brings Robert E Howard's classic tale of dark revenge to the present and into the unwitting lives of the Blassenville mansion heirs twin sisters Claire and Janet When Pigeons From Kindle Griswell fled the Blassenville estate those many. i love anything that demonstrates the evil of birds unfortunately like the film dead birds the birds in this book are only a by product of the actual evil; they are like victims of the evil than the perpetrators which is clearly backwards it's no kaw that's for sureif you need further proof of the evil of birds look what a pigeon did to my NOOK today as i innocently walked to the post office on my way to mail out a birthday present you sir are an asshole pigeoncome to my blog