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Poisoned Pen Shifting Crossroads #5 kindle í ebook á ✭ [PDF] ✪ Poisoned Pen Shifting Crossroads #5 By Zenina Masters ✺ – Gwairsoft.co.uk A swan shifter suffering from ambush matchmaking attempt meets a uiet snake with an eye toward her articulationsIvy has dodged matchmaking for five years but when herUite a surprise to meet a woman who isn’t stalking a mate When he sees a fascination for the written word in her there is nothing for it He has to get closer to see what she will do when he opens the pages of his heart to herWhen the swan meets the serpent it is a surprisingly fair figh Shifting Crossroads a ROMANTIC Steamy hot search for a LOVE of a lifetime In this one you find a Naga bartender looking but never finding the ONE til she comes to the crossroads only to please her desperate family and finally finding her romantic heart fulfilled with him As well as some sexy secrets revealed and a powerful connection madeMeet a master tattoo artist in the storm foster brother of the Naga just a peek of new contender for the shifting crossroads

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An to stay away from males for Pen Shifting Crossroads eBook #180 the entire month She is partially successful but when the bartender creates something just for her and takes an interest in her work she is falling fastChuck has worked at the Crossroads for most of his adult life so it is Loved itLoved Chuck and Ivy Ivy was ambushed by her family seems she has been avoiding resisting and making up some far fetched reason for not finding a mate for the last five years Very un swan like behavior Desperate times and all get her a one month stay at Crossroads Her plan hide in a dark corner and read review and edit books until the month is over and she can go home free of further attempts to find a mateChuck is a Naga snake shifter He tends bar and writes romance novels Ivy has his caught his eye He helps her hide engages in some light flirting and plots his next heroine Loved Chuck's marriage proposalA fun fast paced and steamy story

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Poisoned Pen Shifting Crossroads #5A swan shifter suffering Shifting Crossroads eBook #180 from ambush matchmaking attempt meets a uiet snake with an eye toward her articulationsIvy has dodged matchmaking for Poisoned Pen eBook #8608 five years but when her family bundles her off to the Crossroads she hastily concocts a pl So I am nearly done reading this book but in my head I cannot help but wonder is it really worth it me finishing itOh my goshMaybe let me start by saying the author has a promising idea but I feel like the story was too rushed It went on a faster pace than the speed of light or somewhere close to t hatI love me some paranormal romance but when I am being introduced to new idea in the paranormal I like a bit of information and a bit of elaboration so I can know exactly what is what and whose voice can make me shiverUnfortunately for this book the swan shifter and snake shifters did not make a whole lot of sense to me I mean I know I am used to the werewolves and the feline shifters but a snakewell maybe I am not liking the idea because I hate snakesDo you know someone who hates snakes Well I hate it than he or she probably hates itSo let me get into the characters what’s his name again oh yes Chuck and the heroine is Ivy So far they are already in love with each other andWait I am just sorry let me cut this short and try to finish itThirty minutes laterWhy did I continue huhI should have just stopped with thisOne star