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Pop Babylon review · 3 ¸ ❮Reading❯ ➹ Pop Babylon ➱ Author Imogen Edwards-Jones – Gwairsoft.co.uk How do you make it as a pop star Why does one boy band make it big and another disappear off the pages of the magazines altogether Why do girls cost than boys And who should you sleep with to get to n How do you make it as a popOf the world's most wicked and secretive industries It's a world where money talks bullshit walks and drugs are a way of life And where talent isn't always at the top of the list of prioritiesTracking a year in the making of a brand new boy band Pop Babylon is pure unadulterated reading. Ultimately pure pop fiction But very readable and entertaining at that level Tells the story of a fading pop agent creating a boy band out of nothing and their rise to success entwined with supposedly as they are now in print true stories of the excesses of real pop stars over the years behind the scenes from James Brown Bros and Annie Lennox through to the likes of Madonna Jay Z and Amy Winehouse 6 out of 12

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How do you make it as a pop star Why does one boy band make it big and another disappear off the pages of the magazines altogether Why do girls cost than boys And who should you sleep with to get to number onePacked with scandal and intrigue Pop Babylon takes you to the dark heart of one. Sometimes a 5 star book is a well written spellbinding story sometimes its a uick fast read of a subject that leaves you with your mouth open Wow could this sort of shit really be true Its so phenomenally out of my sphere of experience that I can't wait to turn the page to see what is the next step on the road to fame and its great that the book names names

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Pop BabylonPleasure stuffed with stories about pop's most demanding divas which jocks do shock and just how long you can chop a line of cocaine Disgraceful revelatory and great down and dirty fun it's essential reading for anyone who wants to know what it really takes nowadays to be top of the pop. Once there was a time when one bloke met another bloke on the train carrying some blues records under the arm and with the help of some other unemployed friends a successful rock band was born although rock was often the last thing on their mind I hope they don’t think we’re a rock’n roll outfit said Mick Jagger when he announced the very first Maruee outing of his little rhythm and blues band in Jazz News If you would like to know it was on Thursday July 12 1962 and the lineup was Mick Jagger Keith Richards Elmo Lewis Dick Taylor Ian ‘Stu’ Stewart and Mike Avery Boy meets boy it’s the story of many Sixties groups and even the proto Floyd used to have blues afternoon sessions at Syd Barrett’s place in Cambridge his mother furnished the lemonade and cookiesNowadays it’s different in the music industry If a manager wants to make a uick buck he doesn’t wait any for a band to knock on his door but he creates the band himself It's much easier that way and the victims are ready to sign whatever that is presented to them see also X Faxtor and Pop IdolThis is what the protagonist of the book does if he has got a name I have already forgotten it to keep on leading the good life he has had up till now The popular indie band he manages gives him the sack – once famous all other managing bureaus and record companies are drooling over them and the other artists he owns all fail to get their songs in the chartsA friend from the music industry advises him to invest in a boys band Boys bands are big business and give less hassle than girls bands who are ‘twice the trouble and half the cash’ A while later Band Of Five is born The band consist of two good looking boys who can sing and 3 ‘passengers’ whose only task it is to dance a bit and to mime in front of disconnected microphones although they are not aware of that We are learned that there is safety in numbers for a boysband and that the perfect number is five 'Because if one member leaves you’re still on the safe side'To turn the downtown thugs into popstars The One Agency hires different specialists who teach the lads to dance and sing writers are needed to pen some songs an engineer is hired to record the demos others will remix the album and finally a promotor has to organise a tour There will be a first small tour in and around schools and some gay night clubs to make the brand name known and then a full UK tour to cash in on their first number one hitAnd here is where Imogen Edwards Jones and her anonymous co authors kick in Whenever the band or their managers meet a personality from the music industry that person will first spit a few pages with real saucy anecdotes from the music business before the story goes on A lot of these anecdotes sound familiar like the alternative way in which Stevie Nicks used to snort cocaine Others were new to me; I didn’t know that Axl Rose used to have a roadie to blow dry his testicles luckily this was done backstage And although Mötley Crüe is mentioned once it is not for Nikki Sixx’s egg burrito pastime Perhaps that anecdote was a bit too unsavoury for the Babylon seriesSex and drugs are omnipresent in the novel and it absolutely shows that the industry nor the agents really care for their product Powdering my nose has an entirely different meaning in music business and during an after gig party some band members can be seen walking around with their ‘nostrils frosted white like a margarita glass’ When the manager does a feeble attempt to stop this self destructing behaviour he gets the reply to ‘leave us kids alone’ That one Band Of Five member is legally underage is apparently no problem either; to make the boys look manly there is a stack of socks to pop down the front of their trousers to give them ‘great big cocks’ The endless gigging partying snorting and shagging demand their toll as well at a certain moment they all have to line up pants down to get a pinprick that’ll keep them going for the showMusic business is swimming with sharks says one agent to the other the thing about it is that it's controlled by a bunch of middle aged men who enjoy a lunch and a bottle of wine and have the flocking instinct of lemmings It all turns around percentages and at the end ten pence worth of disc is selling for £10 which is a mark up of ten thousand percent In 1972 not all were aware of that Clare Torry who did the vocals on Pink Floyd’s Great Gig In the Sky a track on The Dark Side Of The Moon that apparently sold over 35 million copies received 30£ for her input and rumours go this was a double fee as the recording took place on a Sunday Even Alan Parsons who engineered the album worked for a flat fee and was still angry about that years later in a Dutch interview It took over 30 years for Torry EMI and Pink Floyd to come to a settlement In 2005 they all agreed and the song is now co credited to herJust when Band Of Five is starting to go strong the band breaks up due to the Yoko effect; the partner of the lead singer finds that one fifth of the band’s income is not enough and reveals to the 3 passengers that they are just cute faces without any singing talent The breakup takes place at about the worst moment although the band has existed for about a year they haven’t seen a single penny yet Royalties will only roll in after the record company has made the financial balance and if there is any money left the managers will have to deduct their investments first plus of course a 20% management fee The future of the boys if there is a future at all will lie in occasional television appearances such as Dancing On Ice where ex celebrities can cash in on previous successesBoy bands are over decides The One Agency the future is female singer songwriters from now on and perhaps it is time to have Pop Babylon 2 the seuel thenBut is the novel well written Well it is written and sometimes not even too bad Edwards Jones can punch nice one liners around but doesn’t do it enough in my opinion The story is a bit bleak and the several encounters between the band and the record people have only been inserted as a vehicle for the many anecdotes but that is what the Babylon series is all about The revealing secrets behind the music industry are not that shocking not if you have been reading and Mojo for the past 20 years and overall the novel has the impact of a fart in a wind tunnel to uote one of the better ones Or are you shocked to find out that Madonna wants 50% of the writing credits of a song before she agrees to put it on an album I am notEasy to read Easy to forget Just like boy bands basically And if you would try to start one yourself you don't even have to read the complete book just consult The golden rules of Pop Babylon where most of the secrets are out in the openPS Mike Avery see above was a pseudonym for Brian Jones that didn't stick for long Previously published on °