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PDF ¼ BOOK Powerborn Zarryiostrom #1 FREE Î ➯ [Read] ➫ Powerborn Zarryiostrom #1 By Nene Thomas ➻ – Gwairsoft.co.uk 2500 Years ago a race of immortal Powerborn known as the Lyx dominated the world enslaving all of the lesser races and pushing the world itself to the breaking point At the height of the Lyx’s pow2500 Years ago a race of immortal Powerborn known as the Lyx dominated the world enslaving all of the lesser races and pushing the world itself to the breaking point At the height of the Lyx’s power Fate intervened and unleashed the most dangerous weapon in its arsenal the force of nature known as the HarbingerThough its power is nearly limitless the Harbinger is purely a weapon of last resort and once it has been released it cannot be controlled it can only be destroyed Further there is only a single opportunity to stop it before it completes its destiny and destroys the world and that opportunity is granted to only one being the ChampionIn the Valley of Fire the This book starts out incredibly slowly It took me weeks just to get through the first fifty pages But once it got going which for me was about the time Lady Prudence Daemira an absolute badass lady pirateprivateer was introduced I really enjoyed it Pretty much all of my high fantasy catnip is here dragons magic different humanoid races dramatic historical battles and boatloads of political intrigue There's mystery humor and a bit of romance to even out the drama This is the first in a series so of course it's setting up the world and gradually putting all the pieces in place for the Grand Conflict A bare bones plot summary doesn't make it sound all that interesting because essentially all that's going on is various factions jockeying for power but I had a lot of fun reading it There are three countries poised in a very precarious sort of peace when the book begins Ferralin which feels a bit like a fantastical version of ancient China; Illymar an island nation that is by far the wealthiest but has grown fat and lazy with corruption; and Dakkadia which has been stirring the pot by conuering its neighbors at an alarming rate Between all of them lies Ithram a nation of mages that holds itself above politics and claims neutrality and the Zarryiostrom a church established thousands of years ago The leaders of all these nations are meeting in an uneasy alliance for the Convocation a sort of religious celebration presided over by the Zarryiostrom Naturally the peace is strained at best and we get to see how the powder keg eventually erupts The strength of this book is its characters they are fantastic The variety is just awesome with no two characters alike and none strictly 'good' or 'evil' Just when I started to think that someone was an irredeemable asshole we would get a section from his or her point of view and I found myself understanding or even sympathizing with himher There are kings and ueens mages and priests warriors and scholars short lived humans and nearly immortal elves and fae The cast of characters is truly huge but I never had a problem telling them apart because they are so nicely developed I also loved the fact that there are just as many female characters as male and they are every bit as complex The downside for me was the writing style It felt awkward and uneven too dry and removed in some places and too over the top in others It's pretty easy to see that the authors were still trying to find the right 'voice' There were also a good bit of typos in the ebook version that I read By the end though the writing felt much tighter and I was pulled out of the story by awkward or cheesy dialogue a lot less Overall I loved the vibrant characters and world enough to make up for the rough writingIf you're patient enough to wait for things to get moving can follow a large cast of wonderfully different characters and aren't scared off by long and complicated exotic names in short if you like high fantasy and yes there's a helpful glossary in the back then give this novel a try I'm definitely continuing to the next book I can't wait to see the fallout from what happened in this oneSide note the character portraits by Nene Thomas are absolutely gorgeous If you haven't seen her work yet look her up and prepare to be amazed I have been a fan of her art for years

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Legendary battle in which the Lyx were consumed in the fires of the Harbinger the Champion struck down his foe and saved the world from destruction but not before it could set into motion a new cycle of destruction which will lead to the rise of the next HarbingerIn the years since the fall of the Lyx an empire built by Zarryiosiad the Powerborn who successfully led humanity in a 400 year long war against the Lyx has splintered into warring countries The island nation of Illymar wealthiest of the countries and the one time home of Zarryiosiad herself has seen its fortunes decline and its position weaken to complacency and corruption withinAmbitious and warlike Dakk I had a proper lovehate relationship with this book I've followed Nene Thomas' visual work for a long time and absolutely love being able to connect characters in her paintings with talking people on the page — the sheer variety of characters is impressive and it's very hard to pick who is a 'villain' and who a 'hero' because everyone has their good moments and bad moments to my own surprise I found myself loving Morvandis and Enaria very muchOn the other hand the writing style is uite cliched and I did find myself itching for a red pen to remove particularly bad sections of description or dialogue The physical size of the book means you do have to trawl through a lot of this and I'm torn as to whether I want to read the next one or not simply because I don't know how much of the flat overly detailed and really uite painful prose I can takeHaving said that the story itself is excellent and complicated and puzzling and it's very hard not to want to know what happens next And as I said the characters are compelling and I'm already very attached to many of themOh the deliberation

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Powerborn Zarryiostrom #1Adia wants to capitalize upon Illymar’s weakness to expand its territory and influence using their new weapons of war but standing in their way are the Ferralin Empire and the Mage Guard of Ithram an army of Powerborn sworn to uphold peace on behalf of the Zarryiostrom the church formed in the name of humanity’s greatest heroineAnd watching from the shadows is an ancient race of immortals who uietly shape events working toward a purpose all their own as a threat terrifying than the Lyx lies in waitPOWERBORN is the first book of “The Zarryiostrom” an ambitious new series written and illustrated by fantasy artist Nene Tina Thomas and her husband Steven C Plagm I'll give it a 25 The story is complex and provides a delicious new world The characters are well thought out and the magic is the standard element based system and works well within the world though it is not featured in a prominent way Many of the scenes are either gut gripping or intellectuallyemotionally fascinating allowing the story to progress while still allowing characters to introduce themselves and develop This story has a truly excellent foundation and could easily have been the new ultimate epic fantasy if not for it's crippling short comingsThere were multiple minor handicaps which combined to undermine the overall work Character names were over the top in many cases and some of the pronunciations provided in the appendix made no sense with the spellings All of the women and almost all of the men are drop dead gorgeous which isn't necessarily a story flaw but it makes the cast fairly static and unoriginal The PoV was passed around to too many different characters inhibiting the flow of the story The greatest issue is the uality of the writing I know that this was really a labor of love and that Nene's husband worked hard to bring his wife's world to life I greatly admire what they accomplished and that they did it at all but the unprofessional grade of the writing is a serious detriment The continuous use of tired cliches and key phrases the poorly executed attempt to match the type of descriptiveness Robert Jordan is famous for and the generally unsophisticated style made it almost painful to readI hate to give such an unpleasant review but I will say again that the story itself is very good and the world is a delight to explore