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Download Praetorian Book º 368 pages Û Gwairsoft ↠ ❮Read❯ ➸ Praetorian ➻ Author Simon Scarrow – Macro and Cato now find themselves members of the elite Praetorian Guard charged with defending the emperor himself against harm Yet they rapidly find that the Guard is riddleMacro and Cato now find themselves members of the elite Praetorian Guard charged with defending the emperor himself against harm Yet they rapidly find that the Guard is riddled with conspiraci Praetorian Book 11 of the Macro Cato series always a winner i think the only time i have struggled with one of these books was gladiator and that was just the one character in the bookLegion saw a return to old school Macro and Cato and Simons best work so would Praetorian keep up that momentum?Yes and No No because the book is different the style not what you normally expect from Macro and Cato mature almost the characters with intrigue and danger around every corner never knowing who they can trustYes because the book is excellent the usual fast paced exciting writing with characters we know so well and can honestly care about This is one of the best in this seriesThe Intrigue in this book gives it depth without losing the great camaraderie which grows and grows with every book the intricacies of a relationship that has to change and evolve as changes in rank and relationship occur as the young Cato matures and growsAs usual with my reviews i wont touch on the story too much as i feel reviews should not contain plot and spoilers But if you have not read Simon Scarrow before yes you could read this as stand alone but i also encourage you to buy them from the start if you enjoy historical fiction with pace passion great research and also reality in your characters then look no further this tale unlike some of the others just has an extra dimension the politicsAnd at the endwell for those readers who follow the seriesthe boys are coming homeWhoo Hoo Im really looking forward to book 12Highly recommended book and seriesParm

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Nage to find themselves in the thick of the action In the background is the Machiavellian figure of Narcissus well known to both legionnaires and also his rival for control of the emperor Pall Another brilliant instalment and I thoroughly enjoyed every page screen really as I read it on my kindle and phone A different setting to the other books but there is still the recurring theme in that they end up to their necks in sewage at some point Can't wait for the next book

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PraetorianEs aimed at bringing the ageing emperor Claudius down and raising either of his two sons one by birth Britannicus the other by adoption Nero to the purple Needless to say the two centurions ma Just finished the 11th book in Simon Scarrow’s Eagle series detailing the lives of two Roman soldiers Macro and Cato In the first book Under the Eagle Marco was a Centurion and Cato a new Optio similar to a second lieutenant in today’s Army that was to be his second in command Now in The Praetorian after a series of adventures in Gaul Britain Israel and Egypt in the preceding novels Cato has advanced in rank to outrank his former boss They have become useful to Narcissus a freed slave who has become a trusted advisor to Emperor Claudius who in this historical fiction novel brings them to Rome to act as spies by transferring them to the Praetorian Guard—the emperor’s own guard Members of the guard are apparently conspiring to murder Claudius and elevate his adopted son Nero to the throne Although not thrilled at having to be spies rather than soldiers they accept the duty The novel is a departure from the usual military campaigns that Scarrow details so well but is eually entertaining with insights into life in Rome When grain deliveries to Rome fail the emperor must throw and elaborate circuses to placate the mob—conditions that the plotters hope will help them seize power Sound like an American political campaign today? Anyway a great read and fitting new story about Macro and Cato Five Stars easily