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Mobi à Precocious ´ ✓ ❰EPUB❯ ✷ Precocious Author Joanna Barnard – 'Can there be a unreliable narrator than a teenage girl?'Fiona Palmer is unhappily married when a chance meeting with her former teacher plunges her headlong into an affairIntercut with the realities 'Can there be a unreliable narrator thaR headlong into an affairIntercut with the realities of their adult relationship Fiona remembers first meeting the enigmatic Henry Morgan as a prec The premise of Precocious a twentysomething woman runs into a teacher with whom she had an affair at the age of 14 is tantalising and slots nicely into the domestic thriller oeuvre But the story itself feels much too slight; it never really seemed to dig in to the complexities of the emotions involved Rendered in broad strokes the characters and situations didn't uite jump off the page for me

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'Can there be a unreliable narrator than a teenage girl?'Fiona Palmer is unhappily married when a chance meeting with her former teacher plunges he In Precocious Joanna Bernard's protagonist Fiona Palmer has never forgotten her first love She was just fourteen a bright but lonely girl when she developed a crush on her handsome and attentive English teacher Henry Morgan and the two plunged head long into an all consuming affair Fiona is now thirty and when a chance meeting with Henry highlights the mediocrity of her marriage and career she abandons both to recapture the passion and excitement of their once illicit relationship Moving between the present and past Barnard details the evolution of the relationship between Fiona and Henry Fiona's teenage diary entries and recollections reveal her vulnerability and angst chronicling her schoolgirl crush and her growing determination to seduce Mr Morgan When I think about it I have really sort of worked on him and I feel like I'm getting somewhere In the space of about a year I've decided I would get close to him and I have I have got a tiny piece of HM but it gives me hope I will get all of him somedayFiona's second tense present voice details their reunion as adults her obsessive desire to reignite their relationship and to finally become his legitimate lover an eual partner You are everywhereHM Your initials I see them in car registrations and my heart skips a beat I seek out the letters H and M in newspapers and draw them together with my eyes HMHim Him him him You you you Parasite of my thoughts But as the story progresses Fiona's fairytale notions are slowly stripped away Morgan is revealed as a skilled manipulator and the ways in which he nurtured and inflamed Fiona's teenage devotion become clear While Fiona has always been convinced she was the instigator of their relationship learning that she was not the first nor had been the last in a long line of student conuests she is forced to reexamine their past and present relationshipBarnard's exploration of the relationship is thoughtful avoiding sensationalism in favour of realism The writing is skilled with an immediate and intimate tone that draws the reader inCompelling and provocative Precocious is a thought provoking story about an unsettling subject

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PrecociousOcious and lonely fourteen year old Her schoolgirl crush developed into an intense relationship but it was always one which she controlledOr did sh I find myself unsure how to describe this book It deals with very intense issues in a surprisingly gentle way that's not to say they are downplayed that it handles them with a delicacy and objective perspective The result is both refreshing and unsettlingThe plot unravels gently before you it doesn't deliver shock or drama in that regard the author deftly offers new information that seems to simply fill in gaps rather than a huge reveal This also lends itself to a pretty subtle character development Despite that I didn't really warm to any of the characters probably only really Mari despite her fairly minor roleThe story covers two timelines in Fiona's life alternating between them fairly evenly As an adolescent she seems to not fit in and finds solace in her feelings for a teacher As a married woman she seems to have a similar feeling of not uite belonging and turns her feelings once to the man who defined her type The plots run alongside each other smoothly with few anachronistic checks and a general sense that both could exist without the other but that they are both richer as a pairTruly the most laudable aspect of the story remains the manner with which the author doesn't paint the controversial subject matter in sensationalist black and white She exercises restraint in offering up the events being recounted I was surprise how sympathetic the protagonists start out Both slowly reveal the damage inside them The author deftly shows how Fiona has grown from her early experiences with some powerfully significant aspects presented both sensitively and capably The depth this gave her character was very significant in keeping me engaged Henry offers us a contrasting perspective on how people change over time and yet it too helped played a big part in keeping me readingFor my taste the book took a while to get started I was almost halfway through before I really felt things were happening but that is a subjective aspect I was expecting to be a bit hooked and compelled to keep reading but unfortunately it didn't have that grip over me That said the book is well written and did offer enough to keep me coming back I thought the ending was delivered well however a bit like ending a meal after the main course I was satisfied but I would've happily had a little extra too It leaves me feeling content having read it but despite the strengths I think it is unlikely I will return to reread itA complimentary copy of this book was supplied for review by the publisher as part of the First Reads program