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Passport Read º 5 î [Reading] ➻ Passport By Christopher Blunt – Passport winner of the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards bronze medal for Best Religious Fiction is a coming of age story about a young man's discovery of self sacrificial love It is told through Passport winner of the Independent Publisher Book Awards bronze medalThat appears both heroic and suicidal As the story progresses and Stan struggles with the conseuences of his unconventional choice he grows faithful to his commitments and committed to his faith And he discovers a depth of joy and happiness far beyond what he or we could have expecte. Passport is an unassuming but important book There are no explosions hospital scenes or violent crimes It's all uite ordinary yet at its heart is all about the extraordinary the interior drama created by simple choices about what we do how we relate to others and how we liveStan an average guy looking for the right woman to marry demonstrates that no sin is truly private Sins and mistakes have conseuences both for ourselves and others We each have crosses to carry daily even those who lives look idyllic from the outside like that of his friends Jim and Maggie Some crosses are of our own making like Stan's and others just happen Either way it's how we accept them that mattersStan and the rest of us live in a culture of instant gratification but perhaps insidious than our unrestrained desires is our belief that we can control every outcome We can improve our appearance our body our home our job and create lives that reflect our image of perfection or satisfaction Stan's biggest challenge is to let go of his will and make supreme uiet and generous sacrifices born of a desire to do what's right no matter the costThe pacing slows in the second half of the novel and at times it seemed like some of the messages served the author than the narrative Minor diversions into baby wearing natural family planning in hard cases paying down debt and living together before marriage come to mind here These aren't egregious tangents with which I happen to agree and as with the rest of the novel they are well written and not pedanticChristopher Blunt is not afraid to tackle the big issues and the hard cases allowing the reader to walk through Stan's struggles and doubts as well as those of his friendsThe ending is tension packed with a satisfying and hopeful resolution Overall it's a novel I'd highly recommend and would like to give 4 12 stars if it were possible Passport allows the reader to see the big picture the supernatural picture which we often overlook thereby missing God's constancy and generosity

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Passport winner of theIndependent Publisher Book Awards bronze medal for Best Religious Fiction is a coming of age story about a young man's discovery of self sacrificial love It is told through the eyes of Stan Eigenbauer who is living a generally upright but comfortable and self sat. Christopher Blunt describes his debut novel as a coming of age story about a young Catholic man's discovery of self sacrificial love In this day and age where self centeredness casual sex and friends with benefits are becoming the norm Passport offers an important and timely message that only in dying to ourselves can we truly love others and find meaningful happinessThe book's protagonist Stan is a likable fellow but one who lacks direction and drive in his life He is an average guy who is trying to live out his Catholic faith but who has not yet found a lifetime mate After a lapse in judgment Stan finds himself in the difficult and agonizing position of being torn between two women one he cannot marry but who needs him and one who would be the ideal Catholic wife Throughout the rest of the novel we journey with Stan as he struggles to make selfless albeit difficult and painful choicesPassport shows the growth of a man who strives to do the right thing and shows that the struggle to live chastity does not end with marriage; it is simply lived out in a different wayI most strongly recommend this book to Catholics in their twenties and thirties although all people would find the story compelling There are some romantic elements in the book but this is decidedly not a romance novel in any traditional sense As a woman I enjoyed reading a story from a man's perspective especially the inner workings of a man's mind regarding chastity and natural family planning The author does an excellent job of incorporating teachings on both the indissolubility of marriage and natural family planning without being preachy Blunt's portrayal of family life is especially real down to earth and believable as he describes attachment parenting self sufficient farming and home schoolingPassport is an extraordinarily fine book and I highly recommend it It is easy to read engaging well written and the characters are rich and well developed It was a joy to read such an uplifting story

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PassportIsfied bachelor's life When he meets a lovely young woman he thinks he's found the one thing that was missing a passport to heaven on earth But then a serious lapse in judgment changes everything and Stan faces a decision with no good options He ends up making an unconventional choice. I really liked this book I wanted it to go on for longer I liked the characters who seemed very realI kept on thinking about this book whenever I had to stop reading to do something else and even now that I'm done reading it I keep thinking about itWhat I learned from this book is that I need to keep working on becoming unselfish I need to keep working on being self sacrificing and that no matter how long it takes I must do God's will and not my own in all thingsThose are hard lessons but this book helped me see that when times are rough that's the time to turn to God who will offer us Hope