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Roppongi Read & Download Ë 4 ´ [BOOKS] ✰ Roppongi ✺ Nick Vasey – Roppongi is an 'adventure travel fiction' story exploring the crazy and often dangerous world which is living and working as a foreigner in the Roppongi nightlife industry of Tokyo Japan The novel fol Roppongi is an 'adventure travel fiction' story expAck and in that respect is similar thematically to Alex Garland's 'The Beach' or Gregory David Roberts' 'Shantaram' Accordingly the reader is viscerally transported into the surreal realms of Roppongi as Zack attempts to come to terms with a series of life ch. Peripatetic Australian Zack Morrissey is a chick magnet and all round likeable guy in 1998 back when international travel wasn’t so complicated He’s crewing on a tourist boat in Israel partying it up and having a good time but not a wild time; also he’s not making as much money as he wants Hence the compelling need to return to a notorious district of Tokyo called—and vividly depicted in Nick Vasey’s debut novel—RoppongiWhy Roppongi In short it is a non stop party shop a crazy rollercoaster ride of drugs drinking partying and gorgeous women Money flowed freely from a slashed seemingly limitless financial aorta and it was actually his job to make every night the biggest party he could Since everyone was hell bent on getting as fed up as they could as often as they could his job was perhaps better defined as conductor to this hedonistic orchestra Lawyers bankers brokers wankers it really didn’t matter They’d all come to his bar thirsting for a wild time And how he’d delighted them Under his expert helmsmanship Bongoes had become legendary for excessThat excess and a difficult breakup had driven Zack out two years before Now Zack is ready to explore and exploit its possibilities again His adventures begin promisingly on the flight to Tokyo where Zack charms a married flight attendant for a tryst in Roppongi From there it’s a wild ride of sex drugs and violence as Zack re integrates himself into Tokyo’s underworld Through mostly Zack’s observations the inanimate but highly animated character of Roppongi emerges rising to the level of some mythical beast that rewards those who embrace its culture—particularly the outsiders the ‘gaijin’—with a surrealistic party atmosphere always on the go Zack is ideally suited for this environment and vice pun intended versa For the reader he’s a wonderful guide and for the friends who fatefully join him there a one man welcome committeeIt doesn’t take long for Zack to re establish his place as a drug conduit and start making lots of money but it does take some time before a concrete plot emerges This occurs when Zack’s drug activities—and his general popularity and influence in Roppongi—draws the enmity of Max an ambitious Nigerian trying to penetrate Tokyo’s criminal element Max is a nasty violent character who comes to epitomize the menace of Roppongi People begin to die as Max steps up his efforts to infiltrate a Tokyo gang Zack sees what’s going on but finds himself powerless to do much about it especially after he falls in true love with a Canadian girl whom he must protect But protect from what Max Roppongi HimselfTaken as a travelogue Roppongi works very well The descriptions of the area and Japanese culture in general from an ex pat’s point of view are well crafted with fluid energetic prose In a few short steps they voyaged to a parallel dimension A world of darkness and rising mists of flashing strobes mixed with a sea of UV enhanced psychedelic colour Insinuating itself throughout this fantastic dreamscape was the relentless pumping energy coming from the speakers The energy was absorbed mutated and subseuently reflected in exultation by the seething mass of super charged peo

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Anging events unfolding at rapid pace In the process the novel punches through the impossibly glamorous surface of Roppongi and plunges the reader deep into its seedy underbelly showing a disturbing side of Japan not often written about in the English languag. Roppongi just buy and read this book have no hesitation because it is one that you will be wanting to read again and offer to your friendsOne day it will be recognised as not only a captivating story but also as a meaningful piece of artReading the book is just like taking a little pill that takes you straight away in a maelstrom of lifewith lots of laughter humour adventures also spiritual depth and sadness but courage and useful philosophyYou and your friends will be happy to own original prints of this marvel;which in my humble opinion is bound to become a classicalThe reverse of the pill is that it does take some time to get back to realitybut then you get back to it with a new eye

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RoppongiRoppongi is an 'adventure travel fiction' story exploring the crazy and often dangerous world which is living and working as a foreigner in the Roppongi nightlife industry of Tokyo Japan The novel follows the misadventures of its travel addicted protagonist Z. Amazingly and intriguingly suspenseful and intelligent writing Made me contemplate the viability of packing up and moving to the Japanese petri dish of sin and hedonism that Roppongi is defined as and leaving the safety of my mundane pedestrian existence in hard copy and not just via the vicarious journey this damn good read takes you onMr Vasey is a star rising to altitudinal heightscatch him and this book as soon as you can