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Free download Sea Change ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ❰Epub❯ ➞ Sea Change Author Darlene Marshall – American privateer Captain David Fletcher needs a surgeon for his wounded brother But when he captures a British merchantman in the Caribbean what he gets is Charley Alcott anAmerican privateer Captain David Fletcher needs a surgeon for his wounded brother But when he captures a British merchantman in the Caribbean what he gets is Charley Alcott an apprentice physician barely old enough to shave Needs take priority over skill and Captain Fletcher whisks the prisoner. Holy crap this book was ABSOLUTELY fantastic I loved it from beginning to end and as soon as I finish writing this review I'm going to go and buy a stack of other books by this authorThis books shows hands down how a pirate story should be written It also shows how a skinny heroine story a birds in breeches story a drop dead gorgeous heroblah heroine story and a naval doctor story should be written too Yup I'm serious it really is that goodI have an almost unhealthy obsession for piratenaval historical romances and those with heroines disguised as boys are probably my favorite of all mainly because women really did do this for a whole number of reasons and there is something that appeals to me in a romance in such a romantic setting which is at least partially based in fact But I usually find myself disappointed The hero sees through the heroine's disguise far too soon usually by Chapter 3 spends the rest of the book chasing the heroine around the deck before she falls pathetically into his berth usually whilst fainting or something and then the whole business gets overtaken by the plot moving on to a good pirates v bad pirates thing See what I mean Disappointing Well this one doesn't disappoint Not at all The heroine's disguise is the whole point of this book why she does it how she is so convincing why some people see through her and others don't what happens when they do Something else this book does perfectly is describe the whole process of falling in love with someone not just lusting after their body but loving them as a person It's one of the very few books I've read which makes a compelling case as to why a gorgeous coverboy worthy hero is attracted to a skinny bony flat chested heroine It really is the most convincing story of love transcending physical perfectionI have to also say that the descriptions of the gruesome work of a naval doctor Can I amputate your other leg now sir aren't just dry passages explaining where the heroine works and sleeps because we need to know the layout of her room when the hero seduces her in Chapter 3 Oh no we get to see what the heroine actually does on boardWhich brings me to the part which I absolutely loved best about this book the heroine has a passion and a personal mission beyond herself beyond her love for the hero and beyond her own desires and needs She is a doctor and without the ability to practice she is not a fulfilled person I can't honestly remember reading many romances which manage to convey that so wellSo the plot the characters the setting are all perfect Did I also mention that the writing is also great Having been a female engineering student among a whole posse of men I can honestly say that the descriptions of pissing farting and burping competitions have than a passing resemblence to reality in a male dominated environment Bless 'em5 stars It was amazing and straight onto my all time favorites list

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K to walk when Captain Fletcher learns Charley is really Charlotte AlcottA war is raging on the world's oceans and two enemies will fight their own battles and their attraction to each other as they undergo a sea change neither of them is expecting but cannot denyGenres Romance Historical Roman. I've read all of Darlene Marshall's books except her latest which is on my TBR list This is a departure for her though she has written about false identities when it comes to gender this is a new take on that theme It's the story of Charlotte Alcott a young Englishwoman disguising herself as a doctor on board a merchant ship bound for Jamaica En route she is forced to board an American privateer captained by the handsome Davy Fletcher Having no idea she's really a girl they strike up a friendship but she soon falls for him and he much to his chagrin finds he's having wayward thoughts about herhim as well Good story but no romance involved until the 2nd half of the book and then hero is missing for the last 30 pages or so If you enjoy stories of doctoring methods at sea in the early 19th century you'll enjoy this for there is much detail and description of battle wounds and amputations etc I enjoyed it and am eager to read her next which brings back the minor character of Dr Murray355

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Sea ChangeAboard his ship with orders to do his best or he'll be walking the plankCharley Alcott's medical skills are being put to the test in a life or death situation Charley's life as well as the patient's Even if Charley can save the captain's brother there will still be hell to pay and maybe a plan. 45 stars Reviewed for Romantic Historical Lovers Blog heavily favored by Shakespeare and there is much historical evidence proving that a number of women have successfully pulled off disguises as men the girl masuerading as a guy has never been one of my favorite romance tropes This is probably because I prefer realism in stories also the reason I do not generally read fantasy or paranomal romances I don’t like having to completely suspend belief to enjoy a book and in this kind of tale one has little choice The simple fact is that women even in male clothing do not look like menFacts We are relatively hairless compared to men our bones are slighter and our features are much refined Our skin has a different texture and our bodies have a distinctly different shape That is not even to mention the obvious anatomical parts we lack notably an Adam’s apple and the tell tale dangly pieces That a romance hero would be compltely blind to all of this is almost ridiculous and what makes it hard for me to swallow this tropeHaving said all this however Darlene Marshall has managed to cover enough of these bases that I had no great difficultly with the pretense in Sea ChangeAfter the death of her mother Charlotte “Charley” Alcott is raised as a son than a daughter by her physician father who even dresses her as a boy in order to take her on his medical calls Charley doesn’t mind this She has a sharp mind and an inuisitive nature and soon desires to be a physician in her own right—but this is a nearly impossible dream in the early 19th century When Charley’s father passes away she has no home and no livelihood and must make her own way With the hope of continuing her medical training under her godfather’s wing Charley masuerades as a young male physician to pay for her passage to Jamaica—but things don’t turn out uite as she planned Midway through the voyage her ship is boarded by American privateers who seek medical care for one of their wounded— the captain’s brother Charley is taken for this purpose and maintaining her disguise becomes essential to preserving her lifeThis is where I give kudos to the author Charley is not described as a devastating beauty If she had been the subterfuge would not have been the least believable She is tall and slender with blunt features In addition to binding her small breasts Charley wears her coat and cravat at all times thus masking her shape and lack of an Adam’s apple In addition to aping the walk posture and mannerisms of her male counterparts Charley uses padding to help her look like a male Even with all this however there are a few characters who manage to see through her disguise This once makes the story believableAbove all what made this story work for me was Charley’s strength of character She was incredibly well drawn and managed consistently to hold her own in even in some horrific circumstances Here are snippets from some favorite scenesCharley’s medical skills are put to the test numerous times Later that day Charley was prepared to acknowledge that if you have seen one sailor’s genitals you have pretty much seen them allclearly these men had never heard that ‘A moment with Venus amy mean a lifetime with Mercury’And often under tremendous pressure Charley shook herself Grabbing a cloth she wiped her face and moved overto take the wounded man into the light “Mr Purcell is dead Clear him off the table Mr Lewis” Lewis stood frozen glassy eyed as he looked down at Purcell’s corpse ”I don’t have time for this” Chrley snapped; and hauling back her bloodied hand slapped Lews hard enough across the jaw to rock him on his feet “Mr Lewis help or get the hell out of my way”There were also a number of humorous moments Did you men no hear me I said Charley Alcott—that Charley Alcott standing right there—is a woman A woman aboard the Fancy”“Looks to me like it’s the same Charley Alcott who bandaged my hand”Reynolds said eyeing the ship’s doctor up and down “I ain’t got complaints about that Any of you men got complaints ’bout how the doctor’s doing his job” The men all looked at each other and shook their heads or shrugged “See We need Dr Alcott Cap’n”“But he can’t wear a skirt” Larkin yelled out from the back“Well that’s only fair” Reynolds acknowledged “You don’t want to wear a skirt do you Dr Alcott”Of course this would not be a romance without a blooming relationship between Charley and the ship’s captain the dashing David Fletcher aka Black Davey David is drawn to the young doctor— at first to his intelligence competence wit and courage but later in a physical way that he finds horribly disconcerting Of course this presents numerous tense moments until Charley’s secret is finally revealedThe author’s hard work and research shines in the story’ expansive details of 19th century medical practices and life at sea Although these details are uite fascinating at times they tend to slow the pace Nevertheless I highly recommend this engaging and romantic high seas adventure