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Secrets of the Shipyard GirlsSunderland As the war drags on the the Shipyard ePUB #180 shipyard girls find themselves facing their own battlesGloria is over the moon with her bundle of joy but Hope’s first weeks are bittersweet Gloria’s love Jack is still missing at sea and with their futur. Another good read in this series follows on clearly and passed a few enjoyable hours Waiting for the next one You can feel yourself living with these girls

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Review Þ Secrets of the Shipyard Girls Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ì [Reading] ➶ Secrets of the Shipyard Girls Author Nancy Revell – Sunderland 1941 As the war drags on the shipyard girls find themselves facing their own battlesGloria is over the RAnd there is finally a glimmer of hope for Polly and her family when Bel and Joe fall in love But it isn’t long until family secrets threaten to pull them all apartAs the shipyard girls face hardships at home their work and their friendship helps pull them throug. Hope What a truly inspirational book I love all the shipyard girls Rosie and her welders Lily and George but Gloria little hope and Jack were outstanding can't wait for the next instalment what can you give only 5 stars will do for a wonderful author x

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E as a family so uncertain Gloria must lean on her girls to get her throughMeanwhile head welder Rosie has turned her back on love to keep her secret life safe But her persistent beau is determined to find out the truth and if he does it could ruin Secrets of Epubhe. I am back with the girls at the Sunderland Shipyard welding their way through the Second World War This is the third in the series of books and I recommend you read the previous two so you can understand the characters and background a lot Rosie is still in charge of this eclectic mix of women but she is having troubles of her own She knows that some of her past is behind her but it is her present which is causing the problems Especially when it means she can no longer see the man Peter she was walking out with Peter on the other hand is prepared to find out the truthGloria is back welding only a couple of weeks after giving birth to baby Hope That takes some stamina and strength But her life is not uite complete as her true love Jack is missing and Gloria may never know the real truthDorothy and Angie are the life and soul of the group always ready to party and with a uick wit about them especially when it comes to chatting up men But secretly they want what some of the other girls have a stable relationship just like Bel A man on their arm and someone to loveBel has finally decided to tie the knot with Joe Although she feels the guilt of her dead husband she knows that for herself and her little girl she must move forward and start living her lifeOf course there are lots of other secondary characters but just as rich which are interwoven into the story we get to learn about Kate and of course the arrival of Maisie with secrets of her own makes for a page turning story Every character is important and plays some role within the pages and brings the story very much to lifeThis saga keeps getting better and better it deals with some important issues of the Second World War and how what was going on abroad affected those at home and how being at home also meant there were personal wars to be fought I am looking forward to catching up with these women who feel like friends when the next book is released in 2018