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Kindle ↠ Legacy by Jeanne C. Stein ß Jeanne C. Stein VAMPIRE ANNA STRONGAnna has struggled to adapt to her supernatural status while clinging to the vestiges of her humanity Now s I feel like I'm spinning my wheels with this series This one keeps all the annoying parts of previous books and adds a heaping dose of boring to the mix Anna is increasingly self righteous and intolerant especially of other women David's an idiot if Gloria has any redeeming ualities I can't see them the tertiary characters are at their most interesting when they repeatedly tell Anna to grow up Not that she listens of course because she's on a mission to deny reality as far as I can tellThe only character I really have any interest in at this point is Culebre but most his interactions with Anna make me wonder why he doesn't drop kick her off a cliffMade it halfway through Did not finish with a high level of annoyance

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Doc ↠ Legacy by Jeanne C. Stein 296 pages Download Æ Jeanne c. stein ´ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Legacy Author Jeanne C. Stein – VAMPIRE ANNA STRONGAnna has struggled to adapt to her supernatural status while clinging to the vestiges of her humanity Now she must deal with her lega Redatory werewolf comes forward claiming the inheritance as her own?and she?ll kill to get what she wants most blood and money I really like this series This is the 4th book Anna is still struggling not with being a vampire she's accepted that But she hasn't accepted that she has to give up her family She loves them Which is why she's very suspicious when her family receives a windfall that will take them far away from her Little did she realize how suspicious she should be This wasn't as good as the previous novels but I couldn't have started the new year with a enjoyable book They are light but not fluffy or humorous and I look forward to the next one

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Legacy by Jeanne C. SteHe must deal with her legacy The sinister vampire who transformed her is dead and Anna is entitled to his vast fortune But a p Anna has now been a vampire for about six months and the riff between her and chief Williams at the end of the last book has lead her to believe that she will finally be able to live her human life Gloria her partner David's girlfriend seems to exited his life thrilling Anna Trish the young girl that her parents believe to be their grandchild who we met in Blood Drive has settled into their family Only Anna knows that Trish is not a blood relation but she keeps the secret because she recognizes that her inability to age means that her parents will need a child to dote on when she is forced to exit their lives Well when things are that perfect they certainly cannot remain that way for long On yet another trip to Mexico to feed because Anna still refuses to get a human partner she runs into a largely female werewolf pack Culebra recognizes the danger immediately and attempts to get Anna to leave but before he can get her out the door she runs into Max her ex boyfriend with a female vampire Anna is immediately pissed and he tells her that it's not that he can't get passed what she is but that she lied about it for so long On her way to the door Anna comes to the attention of Tamara who instantly challenges her and has to be called off by Sandra the alpha of the pack Anna is immediately filled with lust for Sandra and is confused because Sandra is a woman She begins to wonder if Sandra is using some sort of magic over herGloria makes a reappearance in her life when she shows up claiming that she is being blackmailed by her business partner It turns out that Gloria hasn't exactly been faithful to David When Gloria is accused of murder Anna jumps into the investigation not because she likes Gloria but because she does not believe her capable of murder As part of her fee Anna demands that Gloria cease all contact with David immediately For his part David is hurt by the betrayal and lashes out at Anna repeatedly Matters are only made worse when Tamara meets David and he ends up scheduling a date with her David still has no idea what Anna is and worse yet one bite from Tamara and he will become a werewolf Anna must find a way to break this date without David learning why and without jeopardizing her relationship with her The reasons for her issues with Tamara are justifiable but her continual negative commentary on Tamara's performance of femininity are notDespite having Trish in their lives Anna's parents are still not happy with her choice of career When Williams arranges for them to inherit Avery's vineyard in France they start making plans to move with the expectation that Anna will give up her life and move with them Anna has to figure out how to tell them that her life is in San DiegoAvery the vampire is back and having inhabited the body of Sandra he is determined to seek revenge on Anna When Anna turns to Frey the werepanther for help she finally meets his new girlfriend and of course resolves to investigate her background because they do not take a liking to each other The only female that Anna actually has a good relationship with is Trish This makes Anna yet another in a long line of female protagonists in this genre who has terrible relationships with women The only time she seems to have a conversation with women with the exception of her mother and Trish almost always revolves around men If we were to apply the Bechdel Test to this series it would most certainly get an FRead More