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Sellout The Politics of Racial BetrayalIn this incisive and unflinching study Politics of PDF #8608 Randall Kennedy author of Nigger The Strange Career of Sellout The PDFEPUB or a Troublesome Word tackles another stigma of America's racial discourse “selling out” He explains the origins The Politics of This is a great book that provides an insightful and even handed look at the use of the word sellout by some African Americans against other blacksKennedy is personally ualified as he notes near the end of the book Besides being a professor at Harvard Law and the author of previous black sociologystudies type books he has himself been a target of the sellout moniker than onceAt the beginning Kennedy explains that the word is used as part of efforts to maintain racial solidarity He then notes that other groups use similar tactics and later in the book draws some parallels to the gaylesbian communityBut for groups in general and black in general this raises new uestions that Kennedy tacklesWhat are the defining points of the community and here specifically the black community And who are the guardians and gatekeepersOn the former uestion Kennedy says it is without a doubt affirmative action He then devoted an entire chapter to exploring how this rubber hit the road with Clarence ThomasKennedy isn't afraid to point fingers at many black guardians for merely engaging Thomas on his point of view rather than any evidence he may have for it He links this to the larger problem of black guardians writing off black conservatives in general He makes clear that wrestling with an opposing point of view on empirical grounds does not necessarily mean agreeing with itNo 2 after affirmative action from how I read Kennedy he would probably say is interracial marriageAnd No 3 uite relevant today with Barack Obama and Tiger Woods is racial identity Kennedy defends an ABC reporter a year ago asking Obama about how he identified himself in part by referencing Woods' Cablinasian self designation

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sellout” Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas In the book's final section Kennedy recounts how he himself has dealt with accusations of being a sellout after meeting fierce criticism at Harvard upon the publication of his book Nigger From the Trade Paperback editio Excellent ExcellentUpon reading this I was appalled at how little of black history I knew I'm white from California The point of this book is that African Americans are often at odds within their community of which of their leaders has sold out and which haven't leaders both historical and modern and he includes discussion on who I personally see in the media Obama Oprah Rice Powell Clarence Thomes even Tiger Woods Why aren't historically important black leaders in the history books Actually now that I've read it I think I understand It's too complex for high school Take for example a printed statement from 1868 wherein a black leader calls from the rights for blacks to own land but under white supervision since black are after all inferior The last half of that statement under today's standards makes the black man who wrote it a sell out But two things one it was radically progressive for its day and started the changes that helped the race that because of those advances today has the right to call him a sell out and; two anything radical would have shut down his newspaper and so may not be the purest form of his opinion I'm afraid that a statement like that read by high school students today could be taken very very wrongly and could even be used as ammunition for racism instead of as a means of understanding how slaves eventually painstakingly and with much dissension and disagreement within the ranks climbed out of the cotton fields and into the position they hold todayThere is wonderful discussion on the politics of mainstream black America and the realities of black Americans ostracized from their racial community for their differing opinions It asks difficult uestions about the benefits versus cost of ostracizing but also warns of the danger of believing every idea meant for the black community is fine and good as long as it's made by a black In other words sometimes it's a good thing to dismiss people as sell outs He points out that the messages of gang leaders and even some musicians could fall under the category of harmful to the race He would however like to see a judicious use of the term sell out and better scrutiny by blacks in general before they'll believe the accusation of selling out Very very good Well written and thoughtful A true insider's look at how blacks on both sides of such issues as Affirmative Action believe current policy is affecting themselves and their communities

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Sellout The Politics of Racial Betrayal Book ✓ 228 pages Download Ì [Read] ➯ Sellout The Politics of Racial Betrayal Author Randall Kennedy – In this incisive and unflinching study Randall Kennedy author of Nigger The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word tackles another stigma of AEpub #219 of the concept and shows how fear of this label has haunted prominent members of the black community including most recently Colin Powell Condoleezza Rice and Barack Obama Sellout also contains a rigorously fair case study of America's uintessential racial This was a fascinating book and I wish I had read it before reading “The Sellout” by Paul Beatty I would also love to sit down with Randall Kennedy and hear his thoughts on “cancel culture” and social media shaming in general this book was written in 2008 and ask Kennedy discusses at length in the book policing boundaries to create “in” and “out” groups is a practice of any social group or movement Overall I would recommend—the book is dense but short and extremely informative