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Summary ´ Serial Volume One Serial #1 107 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ✪ Serial Volume One Serial #1 ☆ Jaden Wilkes – Serial A brand new dark erotic thriller from the twisted minds of Lily White and Jaden Wilkes Jude Hollister kills Born with everything wanting for nothing murder has become his addiction He kills wom For Serial Volume MOBI #234 a boyfriend Jude offers her a way out salvation beyond her wildest dreams What will happen when she learns his terrible secret Donovan Blake is the brightest mind to come out of uantico in years Charged with finding the Cascades Butcher he’s perfect for this game of cat and mouse Will his own dark past lead him to success or drag him into the depths of hell with the most dangerous man he’s ever encountered Hearts will be Volu. 3 35 Stars ”I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to And why would I want to I grant those I love the gift of eternal youth beauty that will never fade or falter such as that of a withering flower It’s my calling” This is an interesting start to a series in which I’m not uite sure how many books will be in total Jude is our main character and he is a very wealthy business man who also is a serial murder of woman His thoughts are pretty disturbing as is what he does to his victims’ bodies He falls for the hot blonde working at the local Waffle House and in her he thinks he could have it allJude isn’t very likable and our Waffle House employee is pretty dumb There are also FBI agents trying to find a pattern in this killers MO and wondering if the Waffle House missing employee is linked or not Ronnie is being kept at Jude’s place under lock and key which she thinks is for her own protection but seriously locked in a bedroom and thinking it’s all good The story ends abruptly leading the way for the next installment which I’m on the fence about reading Usually there is something alluring about the killer in the dark books I read and so far I don’t care for Jude Ronnie or the FBI group but am willing to try the next book

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Serial A brand new One Serial Kindle #214 dark erotic thriller from the twisted minds of Lily White and Jaden Wilkes Jude Hollister kills Born with everything wanting for nothing murder has become his addiction He kills women who entice him He immortalizes them while they’re still young and beautiful How will he manage to save the one woman he loves Ronnie Lapierre is a survivor Born with nothing she’s struggling in a dead end job with an abusive bastard. 5 stars for a witty psychopathic serial killer in loveI loved this book and plan to read the next three right away They are my favorite genre of book though I am not sure it is actually considered a true genre But I have read uite a few and I am truly enad with the psychopathsociopath without empathy that falls in love and finally finds someone that he has feelings for Generally these people like our main character Jude Hollister are portrayed as witty about their lack of emotions their actions and life in general so their thoughts are often hilarious and their inner commentary is pretty fascinating Some of my classmates and colleagues chose drugs as their escape from the mundane I chose death It’s easier on the body and doesn’t show up on tox screens It’s not like “Hey I slit a woman’s throat last night” will be picked up in a cup of urine Jude falls for Veronica Ronnie a waitress at a nearby Waffle House he and his “friends” went to one night after getting drunk He hangs out with his friends every so often to appear normal Jude stalks Ronnie for a while after that planning to kidnap her make her his call her Pet and keep her because he loves her He doesn’t want to kill her but hopes that she will save him and he will be able to stop killing before he gets caughtHowever Jude is not too worried about being caught right away he just knows that eventually he probably will He is very methodical always using different cars changing his hair selecting different types of girls cleaning them afterwards etc I couldn’t imagine pulling this kind of shit off without the money I had backing it Maybe I should’ve started a charity assisting broke ass killers helped a few out He eventually takes Ronnie and it happens in a pretty fortuitous way which I won’t spoil but he is afraid after he takes her that he will kill her because he still has his urges so he continues to kill There is a small cliffhanger Each of the books are approximately 100 125 pages so it was expected and are available on Kindle UnlimitedBlog|Goodreads|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|BookBub

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Serial Volume One Serial #1Me One Serial PDF #180 broken families destroyed and good men will turn evil In the end only one will remain Find out who survives in this intense story of love and ruin You will hate yourself for loving him Explores dark themes of murder violence sexuality BDSM the nature of evilbasically all the good stuff Serial is a serial shorter stories published faster How long is ultimately ends up becoming is solely dependent upon our readers The you want the we wri. Eeek hell What have I just read Ok before I go any further let me say I love No I adore Lily and her writing I mean she's the ueen of dark she introduced me to that intense tingly feeling that I should love this but there's something gripping that draws me to her work And in this Novella that is no different likewise with Jadens writing I mean this is my first book by her but together I can't fault that saying all that I'm not sure this was a favourite it was good but It wasn't my favourite So what's it aboutJude is a member of the community works hard and to everyone and his family is a laid back bachelor But he see's RED he feels wants wants to crush to taste to KILL our Jude is a SERIAL KILLER to women he lets go and goes alllll the way with them he needs that to calm himself and feel normal but then he meets a beautiful petite woman this woman he doesn't want to kill he wants to SHOCK HORROR Love her soothe her make her his pet Ronnie or as Jude calls her Pet is a nothing she works in a dive as a waitress but doesn't live she's in a abusive relationship she lives but she has no life she has bruises and she keeps a low profile And Jude is addicted to watching her he wants to protect her and he's waiting for that moment for when he can take her Donavon Blake is the good ole detective to find the serial killer he's the mind and he's in this game to find out what the secrets are the clues But is he going to get trapped into this whole Cat and Mouse gameMy ThoughtsAgain I'm blown away by these authors minds they have done their research and in that I was in Jude's mind this is written in all three perspective's they all play their part When reading Jude's side I felt slightly sick but at the same time I kinda warmed to him in the end Ronnie knows no different I suppose so is leaning on Jude for that support she desperately needs and well she's walked into a murderers hands where will this end who will get caught and who will live in the end that's the uestion this is a serial about a serial killer This is number 1 of how many I can't tell you So to sum upWill I continue to read it yes I'm intrigued It's an erotic read after all and I'm a slutty reader Will I recommend it Yes definitely to anyone who enjoys intriguing and gripping stories that push those exterior buttons LOL and this is psychological novella so it would be for anyone who likes crime too That is all Now Onto Her Masters Teacher yessssss please #Justsaying #mistressofmindfuckery ARC gifted from the Authors in exchange for an honest review