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Shadowbridge mobi ✓ Paperback ì gwairsoft ✓ [Read] ➳ Shadowbridge By Gregory Frost – You rattle the darkness where you walk JaxEnter Shadowbridge a world of linked spiraling spans of bridges on which all impossibilities can happen Ghosts parade inscrutable gods cast riddles and danger You rattYou rattle the darkness where you walk JaxEnter Shadowbridge a world of linked spiraling spans of bridges on which all impossibilities can happen Ghosts parade inscrutable gods cast riddles and dangerous magic is unleashedMonstrous creatures 25 to 30 stars This is a tough one to review because of all the potentially great things about this book The problem is that with rare exceptions the potential was never realized BRIEF SYNOPSIS The story concerns a young shadow puppeteer Leodora who travels the world of Shadowbridge performing stories for audiences based on the myths and legends of the world Shadowbridge itself is a huge series of bridges each span individually named and having a different culture THE GOODGregory Frost is a good writer His prose is elegant and descriptive In addition the world of Shadowbridge has the potential to be one of those memorable creations like Jack Vance's Dying Earth or Gene Wolfe's world from the Book of the Long Sun Finally myths and legends when told in the book ie the stories within the story are mostly excellent and very well done THE BADMuch of what is bad in the book is directly a result of what I think was a mishandling of what is good First the world of Shadowbridge is only hinted at and hardly described or explored at all Beyond a few enticing comments there is no back story info dumps or explorations of this incredible creation of a world made up entirely of bridges Second the stories within the story are far to few and FAR to long in between After the first 30 pages in which there are two myth stories and I thought the book was going to be great there is an 80 page flashback to Leodora's childhood that is DRY BORING AND COMPLETELY STALLS THE PLOT After a brief advancing of the main plot there is YET ANOTHER FLASHBACK this one focusing on the other main character a god touched musician named Diverus This flashback is shorter and interesting but still leaves you feeling like the plot is meandering and getting nowhere Now I have not read the seueal Lord Tophet A Shadowbridge Novel which I understand really should have been combined with this novel to make one complete story Given the uality of Frost's writing and the promise of the world he has created I will certainly read the seuel and hope that this promise is finally realized

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Of war of the gods and even of Death and his loverBut Jax has than a few secrets too not the least of which is his true identity that of Leodora daughter of the greatest storyteller who ever played the spans and the woman known as the Red Wit Roughly 60% of this book is backstory I don't mean exposition in the prose and dialogue that when pieced together provides a background for the character I mean that after the first chapter the book literally backs up and tells the life story of the main character Finally about 80 pages later the story resumes For about a page Then we get to experience the life story of another character After all that is over another 25% of the book consists of stories and fables that the main character tells or collects The remainder is devoted to world building and plot Despite that small amount of space devoted to world building the author does a rather good job of it so I must congratulate him for that Unfortunately the book pretty much has no plot A summary of it could be given thuslyWhat you learn 1 The characters are running from something mysterious in their past2 Leodora and Diverus two of the characters are touched by gods3 There's some dude named Lord Tophet involvedWhat you don't learn1 What they are running from2 Anything about how gods work in this world3 Who the hell Lord Tophet is In the end I found Shadowbridge to be unsatisfying and irritatingly slow Nothing really happens until the end at which point there is a cliffhanger and a tease for the next book Disapointing

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ShadowbridgeDrain the lives of children and for a price you can sample their fleeting uintessence provided the creatures don't sample you insteadTraveling these spans is a brilliant secretive shadow puppeteer called Jax who knows all the stories of love Lyrical novel about a puppeteer her musician accompaniest and a strange and wonderful world teeming with people all of whom live on or below a bridge The novel is generally divided into sections and interludes Various interludes are stories about or by gods or avatars of gods demons death and the maker of the world The sections are bigger stories about two of the main characters Lea and Devirtus both of whom have encounters with the Gods Unlike Frost's earlier book Lyrec this book kind of ends abruptly in the middle of the storyI really enjoyed the novels lycrical prose and the novel world that the story is set in