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Night Shifter Magical Creatures Academy #1 Review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Night Shifter Magical Creatures Academy #1 By Lucia Ashta ✼ – Rina Nelle Mont has never been a part of the paranormal world Until now Well Rina Nelle Mont Magical Creatures PDF #204 has never been a part of the paranormal world Until now Well maybe Night Shifter PDF not The Magical Creatures Academy only accepts supernaturals and she’s been invited to the school but she Shifter Magical Creatures Epub #220 has none of the powers she’s supposed to Blip Nada Not even a spark The school hasn’t made a mistake in a century but she might be the first one That’s just the kind of thing that would happen to her Especially since no one has any id. As my first ever Kindle Unlimited book I was hoping to find a hidden gem with Night Shifter Instead I got a major dudEverything about this book was a mess It read like a rip off Harry Potter with extremely poor world building trope y characters and a lackluster plot The story was horribly predictable in so many ways The writing uality was noticeably bad I rolled my eyes several times and was overall irritated by how corny this story was as a whole I really don't understand what the point of this book wasI'm confused as to who the target audience for this book is Is it tweens Teens Young adults The main character is supposed to be 18 but she has the maturity and naivety of a 12 year old If this was meant to be for a middle grade audience I think it would work It still wouldn't be very good but I think 10 13 year olds would really enjoy this And yet I don't think that was the author's intent and I'm confused as to why they made the story characters dialogues and descriptions so simple and childish if they ultimately wanted to write and cater to an older age demographic I think everything would have made a lot sense if the author just aged everything down and made Rina a tweenThe only positive I have for Night Shifter which by the way the title makes zero sense is that the cover is really pretty However cover love can't save this one I definitely won't be continuing with the series

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Ea what kind of creature she’ll be assuming her powers ever decide to make an appearance The Academy is the leading institution for paranormal creatures in the world Its students are the finest of shifters vampires and fae Speaking of fine fae Leander Verion prince of the elves is off limits Not only is he arrogant stubborn and totally not her style he’s her brother’s best friend She will not fall for him No way Besides he’s not interested is he When two men who head the Shifter Alliance a rebel fac. Well that was bland The school and students were pretty mundane for an academy of magical creatures Plus the should be exciting bits were glossed over so we’re left with dragging conversations about troll butts and half assed pep talks on “how to perfect your shift” Christ and we didn’t even get to read about that girl who gets to shift into a tree Total scam 25 Stars

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Night Shifter Magical Creatures Academy #1Tion of shapeshifters who seek to escape the control of the Enforcers the supernatural police force find out about Rina and her potential for a different kind of magic they hunt her For them the stakes are as personal as they get Whether she’s ready or not Rina is about to find out what she’s made of Night Shifter is the start of an exciting new magic filled urban fantasy starring a girl with lots of moxie fine brawny shifters BFFs with uestionable morals and pygmy trolls in need of an attitude adjustme. Hmm I really had to gather my thoughts for this book So let me start off by saying I liked it A few people actually warned me against it because it was just a little too weird But knowing that going into it actually made it enjoyable for me Now by weird I am assuming they meant the fact that the headmaster is an Owl there was a skunk shifter who is actually hilarious and bad assprobably because she is mad that she is a skunk and there is even a shifter who is still learning to control his power and ended up walking around with the head of an animal and the body of a human Weirdness aside This book was written well It followed a typical story arc of an Academy Book which was what I was looking for and it felt like fun parts of Wonderland mixed with OZ in a Harry Potter like setting Pros Writing Bounced between reading and listening to the to the audio which I enjoyed Uniue Weird shifters and creatures Strong brother sister bond I kinda hope the brother gets his own story because he is one of my favorite characters Sexy Elf Prince yes please Excited for book 2Cons I need sexy Elf Prince Weirdness again because I was warned I liked it but some people might not cough cough Don't be racist against Skunk Shifters Climax fight scene seemed a little obvious and slightly rushedThat being said I really liked this book Recommend to Those looking for a fun Academy book or a YA Paranormal Romance