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Sift author L.D. Davis free read È 6 ð ➫ [Ebook] ➦ Sift By L.D. Davis ➶ – The summer I graduated from high school I raced out of my small Virginian town to seek my culinary dreams in the big city I couldn’t afford New York City though so I settled in Philadelphia The City The summer I graduated fromThe same roommate I’d had when I had first moved working as a pastry chef in a bakery across the bridge in New Jersey and I had Cade Caden was my on and off again boyfriend of four years I loved him even when I hated him Our relationship was hot and cold hard and fast sexy and heartbreaking It wasn’t until I was with Caden that I understood that passion could be just as terrible as it was beautiful I didn’t know until him that passion could make you burn as well as burn you Being with Caden was like being addicted to thrill seeki. I hate doing this but I can't finish this I hate the heroine she's so immature I don't care what happens to herAlso if you're going to add some spanish into the book please make sure to carry out proper research beforehand about the meaningstranslations of the words you're using 'Mierda' it's not 'fuck' it means 'shit' And if you ask someone 'Cómo estás' it's highly unlikely that the other person is going to reply in a formal way 'Bien y usted' if you're not using formal language to start withI can overlook the last one I'm just really done with this bookNobody speaks like Cherry the colombian friend speaks btw

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Ng adventures You know there is a danger in it and it makes your heart race and adrenaline pump into your body Sometimes you nail it and the rush is breathtaking and amazing Sometimes you miss and there is fear and regret in your heart as you fall to the unforgiving ground After one particularly hard fall I went home to Virginia for a long weekend That was where I became reacuainted with my brother’s old college friend Connor That’s when I learned that passion could be a slow sweet burnAnd it could incinerate me and turn me to ashe. Small town girl Darla a baker savant moves to the big city and begins an intense on again off again relationship with successful restaurateur Cade they’ve been playing this game for years It’s clear that these two people deeply love each other but their relationship also feeds their insecurities and when tempers bring situations to a boil they bring out the worst in each other leaving the burning uestion is love enoughAfter a particularly nasty break up a determined Darla heads back home for a break and to clear her mind there she meets Connor and sparks fly but falling into a relationship while you’re still extricating yourself from another can make things awfully messy and boy do things get messyIt’s a fact that I just enjoy the way LD Davis tells a story no one is blameless and the characters are far from perfect some readers I’m sure will be offended that LD Davis doesn’t paint her characters as good or bad just human most people make bad choices at some point in their life It doesn’t necessarily make that person evil or bad and that to me is the strong point of this author she’s able to show the realness of situation without making characters out to be a monster or unsympatheticJulia Farhat did a good job of narrating this eleven hour audiobook her pacing of the story was perfect and she did an excellent job voicing several characters of diverse backgrounds southern drawl Hispanic she did them all well I just wish she would have voiced the main character a little bit older she sounded just on the cusp of girlishness I noted it but was able to uickly move past itGet this audiobook I can’t wait for the next story I hope there’s another book because I want to know what happens with Darla’s roommate

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Sift author L.D. DavThe summer I graduated from high school I raced out of my small Virginian town to seek my culinary dreams in the big city I couldn’t afford New York City though so I settled in Philadelphia The City of Brotherly Love wasn’t The Big Apple but it had its charms and pockets of culinary splendor I hadn’t minded because it was only temporary After culinary school I planned to do as I’d been dying to do since I was a little girl and roam the earth and splurge on its fruits More than five years later I was still in Philly living with. 45 Stars LD Davis is an auto buy author for me after reading her AOP series plus the spin offs and I was eagerly waiting the release of her next bookSift is told solely from Darla's POV and as the synopsis suggests has a love triangle which is one of my favourite type of reads Just like AOP this is an explosive love triangle with twist and turns and unexpected outcomes Darla was a headstrong and fiercely independent young woman who wanted to travel the world while learning her craft to become a top chef She loved Caden with whom she had had a very volatile on again off again relationship for the best part of 5 years Caden was a chef with his own successful restaurant He was tattooed and pierced and loved Darla from the moment he first met her He needed her like the air he breathed was possessive and became completely irrational when it came to DarlaDuring one of their breakups Darla visits her home town for her sisters baby shower and meets Connor who is calm and gentle and the complete opposite of Caden She realises that she is a different and better person when she isn't with Caden but her love for him is undoubted and that's what made it all the difficultDarla knew what she was doing wasn't right and I had to giggle at the way she rationalised her behaviour to herself knowing like she did that it was a train wreck waiting to happen Boy was it ever I loved not knowing much like the heroine for most of the book if Darla was going to end up with Caden Connor or alone So in a love triangle you need to pick a team right So which team was I Well I was team undecided I loved both Caden and Connor and I was happy with how it worked out There were a few times where the relationship dynamics between Darla Caden and Connor reminded me of Emmy Kyle and Luke from AOP sigh but overall this story and the characters were completely different But if you loved AOP this book is for you Another great book from the angst ueen Congratulations Ms Davis