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Gure coordinated opposition to the Palace As the geopolitical tectonic plates of the Himalayas ground together Sikkim never stood a chance Thondup died a broken man in 1982; Hope returned to New York; Sikkim began a new phase as India's twenty second state Based on exclusive interviews and new archival research this is a thrilling romantic and informative glimpse of life in a lost paradi An excellent investigative journalism effort The author has been successfully able to neutrally put all point of views in this book regarding the sensitive topic of Sikkim's merger in India Usually such accounts are biased towards one side or another but this is a very good piece of workI am glad I found this book

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Sikkim Reuiem for a Himalayan KingdomThis is the incredible true story of Sikkim a fairy tale kingdom in the Himalayas that survived the end of the British Empire in India only to be annexed by India in 1975 Sikkim Reuiem for a Himalayan Kingdom tells the remarkable story of Thondup the handsome last King of Sikkim and his young and beautiful American ueen Hope Cooke thrust unwittingly into the spotlight as they sought supp In our childhood – we all have read about the friendly manner Sikkim was absorbed into India and the action which was wholeheartedly endorsed by the Sikkimese in a referendum laterand how they lived peacefully afterWellthis is the official narrative and beneath this lies a taleSikkim is not in our collective consciousnessNo CricketNo BollywoodNormally not in the news Possibly Tibet because of the Dalai Lama in India or Nepal Bollywood films shot there Earthuakes Political Chaos and the millions of Nepalese in the domestic service sector in India or Bhutan with all those idyllic stories of Gross Domestic Happiness and related fluff occupy mind share than Sikkim Sikkim for us is like a forgotten state acuired long ago and pulling along as the then 22nd state of IndiaThis book traces the checkered history of Sikkimthe kings and the ueenstheir relationships with Tibet and Bhutan thru marriagesits precarious existence as a ‘protected subsidiary’ of India it is an independent country but not a sovereign nation which can become a member of UNits borders with big brother India and the still bigger brother Chinaand how the RAW and CBI played thru the local issuesof a reticent and handsome king Thondup Chogyal and his US wife Hope Cookeof a wily and scheming opposition leaders mostly operating out of India from Kalimpong and his colorful Scottish wifeof a nation wanting to transition to a democracyand the end of ityou become the fresh entrant into the Indian polity Sadly enough survived the British but could not survive IndiaFrom 1947 onwards ‘Sikkim’ was just like the British ruled the kings of Indiathere was a much loved kingbut there was the ‘Regent’and in this casethe regent is an appointee of the Government of Indiaand he ‘helped’ the king rule the kingdomunlike the Britswho granted independence and move on along with their regentshere the regent helped India annex the state and later ‘approved’ in a patently rigged referendumWhy did India do what they didWas it the China war and worries of China taking overwas it because we were not sure which way Sikkim would swing if there was another war with Chinaor was it because the people wanted democracy and there is no better place than India for that The World’s largest democracycradle of diversity blah blah or was it the self fulfillment of the original Mrs G’s image of Durga the Conueror so after the India Pak war of 1971Don’t want to give out the answerread this bookit is compellingThe book is a political commentary of the events that led to the annexation At another levelthe book is a story of the Namgyal dynastythe misty eyed king and his doomed futurethe tragic and mysterious deaths in the familyhis romance and marriage to a young American whose background was hyped up to make her look like royalty and allusions drawn to Grace Kelly and the Prince of MonacoI wouldn’t be surprised that in our lifetimesthere are some adventures like this on the smaller and vulnerable neighbors of oursAndrew Duff first time author writes in an engaging and also an unbiased fashionnot like ‘Smash and Grab – the annexation of Sikkim by Sunanda Datta Ray’ which was a story told from the king’s perspective and totally one sided I think the best books are those where the authors are in love with the subjectin this caseAndrew Duff was introduced to Sikkim by his grand fatherwho explored the area some 40 50 years before and thru stories told to his grandson made him take up the effort of writing this wonderful book

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Free ePub À mobi Sikkim Reuiem for a Himalayan Kingdom · 9788184006964 æ gwairsoft å ❮Download❯ ➹ Sikkim Reuiem for a Himalayan Kingdom ➾ Author Andrew Duff – This is the incredible true story of Sikkim a fairy tale kingdom inOrt for Sikkim's independence after their wedding in 1963 But as tensions between India and China spilled over into war in the Himalayas Sikkim became a pawn in the Cold War ideological battle that played out in Asia during the 1960s and 1970s Rumours circulated that Hope was a CIA spy Meanwhile a shadowy Scottish adventuress the Kazini of Chakung married to Sikkim's leading political fi The book is a gripping chronicled tale of a beleaguered king of a small himalayan kingdom The story is tragic in the sense that a small state bounded by giants got exhumed by bigger neighbour and will slowly become same as the whole Having visited the state recently could relate to lot of places which I happen to visit The larger ruthless could not leave a small state left on its own