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Ssure to join the family businessFelix Ingesson still struggles with the horror of believing Zander dead And no matter how strong their emotional connection is Felix feels out of Trace Chaos Station ePUB #9734 place in the glittery world of Zander's rich family His lover would be better off without a broken low class ship's engineer holding him backWhen the c. 425 starsPicking up after the end of Lonely Shore 'Skip Trace' begins by introducing readers to Zed's rich and powerful family the Anatoliuses While Zed is happy to finally reconnect with his family Felix is reserved and withdraws from Zed and the rest of the crew On top of the relationship problems the EAF the military are convinced the Zed broke his silence on the human super soldier experiments The military is determined to keep its secrets under wrap and will go as far as assassination to keep it soThe preceding two books in the Chaos Station series were really Zed's story Throughout those two books Felix was a rock for Zed as he deteriorated both emotionally and physically In book 3 we see the mental toll that Felix's stoic calm had on him If I'm being honest there were times in 'Skip Trace' where I wasn't a fan of Felix His actions seemed selfish But as I read it became clear that Felix's actions were the result of the extreme stress he had been under and due to unresolved issues from when he had been a POW This book very subtly delved in to the issue of mental health and how traumatic and stressful experiences in our lives dictate our interactions with others Every time Felix shut himself off further I wanted to give him a hug and not let goWhat makes this series uniue compared to other books in this sub genre is that while it may be sci fi the focus of the books is on the relationship The action plot comes second to Zed and Felix's romance It's all about the emotional connection in this seriesThat's not to say that the action is insignificant because the plot certainly took some very big steps forward in book 3 I don't think I could write much without giving something away so I'll just say that the EAF can go suck a cucumber SeriouslyAlso nipple piercings An excellent addition to this series I think Hell yeah'Skip Trace' was a great read Zed and Felix's relationship moved forward the plot was entertaining and I'm looking forward to where these two go next I'm in for the long haul

Summary Skip Trace Chaos Station #3

Skip Trace Chaos Station #3Rew receives word that another of Zander’s former teammates needs rescue Felix travels with the Chaossetting Zander free But when Zander is arrested for treason the men realize they need each other as much as ever not only to survive but to make their lives worth living Don't miss the start of the series Chaos Station and Lonely Shore are available now word. Skip Trace Chaos Station book 3Jenn Burke and Kelly JensenCarina Press 2017Five starsI’m going to go out on a little limb and give this third installment of the “Chaos Station” series a five I might uibble over the oh so tropey use of sex scene clichés but all that is counterbalanced by the deft handling of the continuing plotline without cliffhangers sucking the reader into the story and keeping us turning the pages to see what happens next I love Flick and I love Zed I don’t think of them as big burly ex soldier stereotypes because that all falls into the background against which Burke and Jensen create continually evolving portraits of the complicated smart wounded and loving men And it’s not just Zander Anatolius—third son of the richest man in the Milky Way—or Felix Ingesson—orphaned working class kid who was lucky enough to become Zander’s friend in a private school when they were teenagers All the characters in this book pop out and grab you Nessa O’Brien the ship doctor Elias the captain and Flick’s co owner of the Chaos and ek the ashushk pilot who is the most wonderful alien character I’ve ever encountered And in this tale we add two characters from Flick and Zed’s past Marnie and Ryan Scott Each of these folks is vivid and smart and critical in the narrative Likewise although we don’t see too much of them Zed’s aristocratic industrialist family are portrayed as good people loving people for all their power and money It’s refreshing Surrounded by the excellent and visually rich world building of our own Milky Way in the 23rd century there is lots of action as the crew of the Chaos bounces around the galaxy to deliver cargo and occasionally rescue a former soldier in distress But the real action is in Zed and Felix’s minds as they struggle to find each other amidst the confusion and conflict into which Zed’s military past pulls them Book three ends tidily enough but also offers a tantalizing suggestion of what the next book will offer I like this very much—satisfaction coupled with the desire to keep reading I really want the next book on my Kindle and nobody had to trick me into it

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Skip Trace Chaos Station #3 Download ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î [PDF / Epub] ☉ Skip Trace Chaos Station #3 ❤ Jenn Burke – Book three of Chaos StationZander Anatolius has been revived from the fatal effects of the super soldier program but now he has Book three of Chaos StationZander Chaos Station PDFEPUB #190 Anatolius has been revived from the fatal effects of the super soldier program but now he has to face his estranged family and tell a story few would believe With his lover and the crew of the Chaos Skip Trace PDF or at his side Zander returns home to a media frenzy threats from the military and pre. Rating 4 of fiveI'd definitely read these as SF novels without hesitation It's lagniappe that they include hot gay sex scenes Written by nice straight ladies Which I still very much do not comprehend I'll try for a review very soonDAYS LATERSo I've finished the series now In a lot of ways this is where the tone of the books changes This is the moment of truth for the couple as well as for Flick and Zed the men After the astonishing events of Lonely Shore anyone could be forgiven for needing to take a breath step back and just be for a while Being Flick he doesn't do this by halves He walks to the Chaos climbs on board and flies into the black without saying one damned word to Zed Who is unsurprisingly dealing with the very public fallout of the previous book's events and the very private and eually life altering family ructions that a wealthy youngest son can expect when he comes home from being thought dead in a vicious war trailing clouds of glory and his one true love the lower class station ratFlick looks at the world the Anatolius name entitles Zed to enter and his brain freezes his balls try to climb inside to hide and his spirit screams FOR ALL THOSE USELESS GODS' SAKES RUN RUN RUN He has no idea what fork to usefood itself was scarce in his household He has no concept of how to dressclothing simply kept him from being naked for the most part All those educated cultured voices All the smiles that feel like sneersZed just sees the living room full of brothers parents sisters in law waiting to go in to dinnerThat's a gap And Flick running away hurts like stin poison But he's not just running away he's running to save a needy comrade Zed's troubles escalate his powerful family limbers up the big guns Lawyers Guns and Money style Unlike Warren Zevon's spoiled brat holed up in Honduras though Zed is targeted by the very people he's given up his humanity for the AEF He is still an embarrassment for the AEF because his existence means they have to acknowledge their disgusting super soldier program that caused Zed so much damage Now the AEF have received a small gift from the Universe Zed's recent actions have placed him within their reasonable grasp and they take full advantage of this to plot the final solution to the Zed uestionFlick He's not having any of it He might be skittish as all hell from a bad childhood enslavement at the stin's claws and almost a decade of living in the vacuum of Zed's presumed death while ironically it's Flick's presumed death in stin slavery that makes Zed vanish so utterly into the super soldier program that he can't and won't tolerate threats to his true love no matter who makes them It is a constant in his life and the seriesBut the current imbroglio is challenging in so many ways and the superbaddies are so thick on the ground and the resolutions to the Chaos crew's problems continue to be just out of reach andwell I can tell you this much without spoilering anything Power corrupts and those in power see everything through the stinking atmosphere of their corruptionThe book ends with our augmented crew still flying still precariously free and still very much a real feeling family Pain and happiness come from so many of the same roots in intimacy don't they Blessedly for Zander and Flick those roots are deep as the oceans in each man's soul So satisfying