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Read Ô Slam Dance with the Devil Demon Rock #2 105 Á ❮Read❯ ➹ Slam Dance with the Devil Demon Rock #2 ➼ Author Nico Rosso – Book two of Demon RockAll those wild rock stars you hear about Some of them really are demons sustained by the energy pouring off the audienceWild destructiveBook two of with the PDFEPUB #188 Demon RockAll those wild rock stars you hear about Some of them really are demons sustained by the energy pouring off the audienceWild destructive and immortal rocker Kent Gaol has given up the search for his Muse a demon's one true source of inspiration his forever partner After losing Slam Dance PDF or the one woman he thought migh. Well this is something different A series of books about Demons descended from Satyrs and bound to music It's such an unusual idea that I just couldn't resist reading this even though it's the second in the series and a new author to me Is it a paranormal romance Well yes essentially it's a story shout two individuals finding each other and it's set in what feels a contemporary world so maybe not urban fantasy but it just felt slightly to this reader as perhaps well lacking in the romance aspect but then again I am pretty much a die hard romantic Nona Harris used to be in the police force and she was good at her job but seeing the corruption and injustice that happened she lost her faith and now works as a private investigator Her latest job is a wild one as she's been sent by her client to track down rock legend Kent Gaol the bass guitarist and all round bad guy Nona knows a bad guy when she sees one and her instincts are screaming at her about Kent He's corrupted her clients daughter and Nona is determined to catch him out and save anyone else from suffering but she's about to realise that not everything is as straightforward as it seemsKent has been around a long time and sometimes it sure feels as though he's been around since the dawn of time He's coming to a point in his life that feels as if his future is all behind him Kent is a demon who needs to feel the power of an audience to feed and without that energy he will die but ancient prophecies speak of one true connection who could be his Muse and feed him solely Kent has never really thought it possible but now there's Nona investigating him and just something about her calls out to him Is it possible that Nona is his Muse and meant for him Fate wouldn't be that fickle would it One thing is certain the chemistry between them is off the charts but being close to Kent puts Nona in danger than she's ever faced beforeThis is almost a book of two halves The first half setting the scene and allowing the reader to share in the never ending pain and emptiness that haunts Kent and the second half turning into an erotic novel Unfortunately in spite of the long drawn out sexual encounters it just didn't feel sexy and at no point did I feel the need to go grab my man These two central characters are clearly entwined intimately around each other and yet it felt almost mechanical I guess I need a little bit romance and I missed the dance that some authors offerSo I didn't really like the sexual encounters and if honest thought that Kent rambled a bit but then again he is a musical demon or maybe I should say musical genius They were not particularly likeable characters which was a shame as I really wanted to feel a connection but it is an interesting storyline and the plot moves along uite well as Nona discovers about the reality that colours Kents world If you want a paranormal story that centres on a rock star then this is for you If you enjoy sexual encounters that dominate a story then this might well entertain you If you are looking for a totally different series then this most certainly fits that billArc supplied by Netgalley Id rate this a four

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T never expected Nona's response to be so intense nor that she could enter his world and so thoroughly rock it This is beyond a tumultuous love affair this is Dance with the Devil Demon Kindle a sexual and emotional bond that will change them Dance with the Devil Demon Kindle both forever A bond strong enough that now Nona's shady client wants them both dead word. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the second installment in the Demon Rock series They’re demons who have to feed off the audience to live unless they encounter their Muse Once the Muse enters their life they can only feed off of them and vice versa Nona is a PI assigned to bring Kent down from his rock star pedestal Kent is a demon who has had his heart broken before and isn’t interested in finding the one woman who can rule his life Obviously this turns out to be the most unconventional choice for his rock star lifestyle – Nona They both move along kicking and screaming and fighting their urges but when they finally come together it’s fireworks and explosions all the wayI should really comment on the writing style of this author Rather than your typical smutty paranormal romance read the author definitely injects some poetry into the books of the series There are lots of flowery descriptions and song lyrics interspersed with the regular flow of the story You may love it or hate it but it’s a change from the “norm” These books are definitely not your typical paranormal romance reads

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Slam Dance with the Devil Demon Rock #2T be his he's convinced she doesn't existHard as nails private investigator Nona Harris has been hired by a mysterious client to track Kent She knows nothing of his truths until one night when Kent tricks her on stage during one of his concerts Amazingly she not Dance with the eBook #184 only senses the energy around the demons she feeds from itand it turns her onKen. 35 StarsI received this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Carina Press in exchange for an honest reviewKent Gaol is as reckless offstage as he is on it Room parties with endless liuor and typical rock star behavior like running around the hotel’s public pool butt ass naked or setting things on fire or crashing cars You name it he’s done it Then again he’s had several lifetimes to achieve all of his rock stardom’s cockinessNona Harris isn’t a push over She’s determined Determined to always get the bad guy Ex cop now private investigator she’s used to a life on the road and doing whatever it takes to catch the criminal she’s after But Kent isn’t a normal target and the further he tries to push her away the closer they getWhen a powerful all encompassing bond is forged there’s nowhere you can run from it And not even witnessing ones true form will stop the magnetic pull Two people will ultimately be changed forever Their connection born to last eternity That is if they can survive what their passions ignite“Together they can live forever Alone he dies” I realize Kent is almost as old as dirt itself but sometimes he rambles about nothingness and it’s not always easily understood Nona is very wonton in her feelings but I’m blaming it on her transformation Though between those two things there’s just something that doesn’t always flow rightThis is a story of humans demons Philosophers their connections their love and their hatred The storyline is uniue and the sex is sizzling If you want your rock stars not only hot but bad then demon rock stars are the way to goMy Favorite Moment Nothing like minor explosions When sex is so hot it can actually ignite there’s something smoldering about the idea