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Summary Sturgeon Is Alive and Well 107 º [EPUB] ✻ Sturgeon Is Alive and Well By Theodore Sturgeon – Eleven stories first published 1954 71Foreword 1971 • essayTo Here the Easel 1954 • novella Slow Sculpture 1970 • novelette It's You 1970 • story Take Care of Joey 1971 • story Crate 1970 Alive and ePUB Alive and ePUB #9734 Eleven stories first published Foreword • essayTo Here the Easel • novella Slow Sculpture • novelette It's You • st. Graduating from seminary in New York I moved my stuff back to Valeria Laube's home in Illinois flew to Norway to visit family then returned to stay with Roy Laube in East Rogers Park Chicago while looking for an apartmentFinding an apartment took about an hour of the two of us walking about looking into a couple of buildings with posted for rent signs picking the first that fit the projected budget of 150 per month Boy what a mistake that was The building on the corner of Ashland and Morse was okay but the immediate neighborhood was sordid Sure there was the No Exit Cafe within three blocks and a Jewel only two blocks away but Morse Ave had been allowed to decay and my corner was a mile or so from the Loyola University campus where all the action at that time was Besides except for Roy I had fallen out of contact with my old high school friends having been living on the east coast for four years and away to school for nine Ah it was a lonely time a time before computers and the internet a time even before VCRs besides I had no television no tape player no phonograph just a lousy clock radio and booksYes books My major improvement to the apartment was to install bookshelves not an easy task as the walls were cinderblock but lead plugs did the job And fortunately as it took a few weeks to find a first job there was a junk store on my very block a junk store that had used paperbacks for under a dollar That is where I picked up Sturgeon Is Alive and Well a rather safe bet as Sturgeon is a rather dependable writer

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Brownshoes Sturgeon Is PDFEPUB• story aka The Man Who Learned LovingUncle Fremmis • story The Patterns of Dorne • story Suicide • story. 35 stars really Some great stuff here amidst some misfires that show their agebut I have to give it to Sturgeon for such a uniue voice and some of the sentences I had to go back and read again as they are so unexpected; felt like jazz improvisations and always trying new things and never forgetting the humans involved in whatever scenario he has fashioned for them

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Sturgeon Is Alive and WellOry Take Care of Joey • story Crate • story The Girl Who Knew What They Meant • storyJorry's Gap • story It Was Nothing Really • story. A collection of good short stories; as always some are better than others Slow Sculpture alone is worth picking up the book for People thirsting for science fiction will be disappointed; only about half the book is science fiction or fantasy and of those only two are what I would call hard science fiction Three of the stories dealt with the problem of releasing a world changing new technology which I thought was a bit of overkill All of the stories deal primarily with characters though and Sturgeon's writing style always shines