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Substitute Lover Free download Ð 109 Æ ❰Reading❯ ➷ Substitute Lover Author Penny Jordan – Gray Chalmers needed Stephanie to pose as his lover to help him resist the attractions of a beautiful but married woman Gray knew Stephanie knew she didn't even like being touched Yet he insisted she Gray ChalmersGray Chalmers needed Stephanie to pose as his lover to help him resist the attractions of a beautiful but married woman Gray knew Stephanie knew she didn't even like bei. The hero Gray had loved Stephanie the heroine for years but she married his cousin It was a disastrous marriage Her husband abused her and after he died the heroine avoided men and relationships The hero thinks she is still mourning her asshole husband but she is in fact afraid of men When Stephanie believes Gray is having an affair with a married woman she realizes she is in love with Grey but she doesn't dare confess her feelings Delicious angst and sexual tension Penny Jordan was such a great author

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Only comfort in the ten years since its tragic ending So Stephanie agreed to his demand only to find her long buried feelings and her body's dormant desires fully awaken. Fairly standard Penny Jordan story where the hero has loved the heroine secretly for a number of years Normally I love these but either I wasn't uite in the mood for this one or it was a little off I found the numerous erroneous assumptions they each made pretty silly here This is standard Penny Jordan techniue but at some point it's like ok the most obvious explanation for why you are repeatedly making tender love together is not that each of you loves and wants someone else but because you love and want each other Maybe it's because in this one both of them think the other one loves someone else when I think in a lot of others only the heroine thinks that and somehow that's a little believable Anyway this was still a pretty decent read and I think in another mood I would have really liked it

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Substitute LoverNg touched Yet he insisted she return to play the part of the femme fataleGray had never pried into the bitter marriage Stephanie had endured to his cousin He'd offered. What we have here is a failure to communicate Hero thinks heroine has been pining for her dead husband hero's cousin for the past ten years She hasn't She was so traumatized by his repeated rapes domestic violence and his one attempt to actually kill her by throwing her overboard in a storm that she has shied away from any physical or emotional closeness with any man Though she has friendzoned hero for ten years she is now beginning to be awakened by his masculinity But hero thinks she is vicariously having sex with her husband through using his body face palmOn the other hand she thinks hero is in love with his business partner's luscious wife and is using her as a substitute Well he isn't of course The two of them concocted this tacky cover story to help heroine out of her shell What makes this worse is that the OW is a psychiatrist and has seemingly been coaching hero how to handle the repressed heroine sighThe whole conundrum is resolved when the OW brings the two ninnies togetherThis is probably fine for Penny Jordan fans though there is no spongeing but I myself found it tedious to read about the neurotic heroine and the wussy Beta hero