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review Suddenly Forbidden Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❴PDF❵ ✪ Suddenly Forbidden Author Ella Fields – I thought he'd always be mine even when I was forced to say goodbye We were never meant to let go but it happened anyway Too bad I didn’t know someone was waiting to take my place or I woulWays planned to be I'd kept my promise He'd forgotten all about his Not only had he moved on but the person he'd moved on with was my best friend leaving me to begin college with a broken heart I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you some other. 25 starsjust a little warning since there was a bunch of dumbassery in this this review will be filled with spoilers ranting and a little bit of swearing so uhh sorry in advance i swear im nice in real life but like what a bunch of idiotsi knew what i was getting into when i started this book thanks to the abundance of reviews that warned me about what uinn H did i was in the mood for something that would give me stress don't ask me why im a masochist as you can see and y'all know ms fields' books are perfect for this so alas here i am and i was prepared y'all i was readyand i really was but i didn't take into account how much eyerolling i would do what made me roll me eyes to the heavens above you ask ⤷ well this little bishh aka uinn Burnell aka our Hero was childhood best friends with Daisy Daniels aka our heroine since they were kids they've always been in love with each other they dated for a while until Daisy left by the end of sopho year and cut off all contact with uinn after she moved Two years later when they're in college Daisy goes to the college she knows where uinn went to because she was waiting for him the whole time and lo and behold the little bitch is dating Daisy's best friend Alexisanyways okay so Daisy sees them for the first time right so obviously it was a shock to her and you would think the two hmm we'll call them DUMB AND DUMBER would act shameful or regretful but then uinn was like i've moved on im with your best friend now things change take care bye yada yada and later on Alexis was like i love him it's serious sorry not sorry these two have been dating for a year and since uinn is a year older than both Alexis and Daisy the first year dumb and dumber dated was long distance too sooo apparently their long distance relationship worked but not with Daisy's his supposed soulmate riiight I did leave but it wasn't what i wanted It killed me to leave but I had no choice Unlike him He made a choice I never saw coming Did he seriously think I wouldn't care if he moved on With herAnd the fact they'd clearly survived being apart his first year of college Why her and not me but obviously uinn's not moved on and still clearly loves Daisy and is angry that he doesn't know why she suddenly cut off all communications while they were in a long distance relationship then here comes the OM aka Callum aka the dude who has better chemistry with the h than the H ever did who asks Daisy out in front of uinn and what did this asshole do well i'll just give you the convo of dumb and dumber Hey sleep well I blinked my eyes open and looked down at herAlexis snuggled closer a grin tugging at her plump lips You bet I did What was thatMy brows and arms lowered What was whatShe rolled her eyes Last night You fucked me like you were sure it was your last day on earth Biting her lip she whispered I didn't know you had it in you my sweet man ewww i think i vomited a little just reading that he did this because obviously it hurts him to see Daisy move on because god forbid she does silver lining to this though this is the only time they were intimate once Daisy comes back to his life so obviously uinn breaks up with Alexis and then begs on his knees for forgiveness to Daisy SIKE just kidding the lil bitch stayed with the fake ass ho till 70% mark so the chronicles of dumb and dumber continues and doesn't break up with her even after discovering that Alexis was one of the main reasons why Daisy cut him off because she practically manipulated her so she could be with him Alexis was always in love uinnand after this i'll show y'all a visual representation of what happenedjon snow → uinndaenerys im so sorry babygorl for making you play as the fake ass ho in this little scenario → Alexiscat → Daisyuinn asks Daisy to be friends the audacity am i right and Daisy bless her heart agreed uinn still dates Alexis and she kisses him a few times even in front of Daisy what a bitch but he stops her all the time because he's still in love with Daisy but is just too much of a coward to do anything etc so basically ✨ issa mess ✨ the reason why he got with Alexis apparently uinn started things with her because he 100% believed that he would never see Daisy again made him feel better because he lost his soul and his whole heart or some shit when Daisy left he was too heartbroken and dumb and dumber were friends first and he relied heavily on it she made the move he went along with itthen get this he LOVES the fake ass ho he he LOVES her well okay maybe he said he only loved with what's left of his heart or something like that and he was grateful for her that he could even love someone or feel something after Daisy left blah blah “What I told you all those weeks ago was true I did love Alexis But what I kept to myself was that I loved her in a way you love someone after you’ve already given your heart away Never with the full depths of your soul Never with the feeling of something clicking into place whenever you were with them Yeah I loved her sure But I wasn’t capable of loving someone the way I love you Daisy So it was incomplete and probably not fair to her at all” yeah yeah whatever poor man just had to set his dick free because the poor little guy must've been deprived of some H2O that he just had to stick it to his soulmate's best friend awww so sweet of him to share a little bit of his testosterone to her estrogen awww best man everand now lets get on with Daisy Daisy girl bless her heart this girl is too nice she stayed celibate and never fell in love with anyone else because she was waiting for uinn all the while we know what he was up to OH also uinn was sleeping with other girls and not just Alexis after Daisy left by the way how amazing i just wish Daisy would've been a little vengeful and pettyinstead she felt guilty because uinn kissed and slept with her while still being with Alexis so yes there's cheating but honestly i felt no sympathy for Alexis how can i sympathize with someone with no redeeming ualities and she never felt regret and remorseful to Daisy also the reason why im so salty is because i was a Daisy once and i guess some part of me wanted a little revenge thing going on but nopeand uinn deserves a good smacking not the christian grey type of smacking the WWE type of smacking also if i were h

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I thought he'd always be mine even when I was forced to say goodbye We were never meant to let go but it happened anyway Too bad I didn’t know someone was waiting to take my place or I would've held on a lot tighter Two years later we were exactly where we'd al. SUDDENLY FORBIDDEN Is a standalone full length romance novel by Ella Fields I’ve read two other books by this author which I really loved so I was super keen to get my grabby little fingers on this book In the ’Prologue’ we’re introduced to seven year old Daisy and eight year old uinn Commiserating over a headless rooster that her childhood friend uinn Burnell was helping Daisy bury was the same day that she realised that uinn had first stolen a small piece of her seven year old heart She thought he was the most handsome boy in the world even if his teeth were too big for his face That same day he declared that when they finish college she’ll become his wife A love that surpassed The moon and the stars Childhood friends to lovers are my all time guilty pleasure these kind of reads tend to throw out all the feels above all others Add in the fact that I was thrown into a full bucket of feels right in that ‘Prologue’ above I was preparing myself for a heart felt read At the age of fifteen when it all changed between them and became something not only did she hand over her heart to uinn in the blink of an eye her father had a new job on the horizon and they had to move away uinn and Daisy vowed to stay in touch and meet up in college To Present Time Now the day has arrived where she’s attending Gray Springs University agonising over weither uinn remembered their promises to each other all those years agoFinally coming face to face with uinn she was slammed with a double whammy when she realised he wasn’t alone the feeling of betrayal by both of them tore her to shreds Realising that he didn’t keep his promise and that their plans aren’t going to happen has Daisy tumbling down that tunnel of heartbreak and despair again Now she’s seeing uinn everywhere and is struggling to hold in her feelings and she knows he feels the same way but he’s not with her any he’s with someone else How can something become suddenly forbidden when he was yours in the first place From the 'Prologue' I was hooked the feels came early on and just kept coming the past and present collide ruthlessly as we progress further into the book hearts shattered and old friendships severed forever this book right here put me through the paces one minute I'd be swooning loving the early budding friendship falling in love with the boy next door just like Daisy did to then be left broken hearted along with Daisy's mine got blown to smithereens then came the biggest betrayal of all a best friend overlooking that friend code and pursuing something that wasn't hers to have the anger the rage the hate yes I felt it all But then slowly my heart started to beat again to the same rhythm as these two getting their second chance And I swooned and got all giddy with the love for this book and the words this author made me feel There was so much to love about this book the secondary characters they also took residence in my heart and I hope we get their story I could go on and on but the best thing I can say is come release day go one clicking this because you won't want to miss thisHighly recommended by yours truly Two teasers used in my review are off the authors facebook page      

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Suddenly ForbiddenGuy stepped in repaired my shattered pieces and made me smile again This isn't that kind of story My heart might have been broken but it refused to fall out of love WARNING this book contains cheating Each book in the Gray Springs world can be read as a standalon. First of all I would like to point out that my rating has nothing to do with the cheating as I was well aware it had it Do I feel bad the girlfriend was cheated on Well NO I don’t as she was a shitty friend to heroine and I believe in karma My problem with this book was the heroine she was in my opinion too forgiving too uickly I felt considering how she was betrayed by these two people she should have made him work harder at earning her trust and forgiveness Her falling into bed so uickly with the H in my eyes made her just as bad as the ex best friend His reasoning of him thinking they were never going to see each other again and that’s why he fell for her best friend was weak and not plausible I know they are young and even younger when they split but his love for heroine was too fickle and too easily given to someone else In short I couldn’t see or FEEL his love for her He only seemed to remember her when he saw her again Heroine was too much of a goody two shoes and I wish she was vocal in her words and actions at the huge betrayal the love of her life and best friend had committed in getting together