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Sweet Scandal Hearts Temptation #4T doesn’t matter Scandal Hearts Temptation Epub #222 how lovely she is or how persuasive her arguments or how perfectly she fits in his armsOne sweet scandalWhen scandal looms and Helen discovers a shocking secret about Levi she does what she must to protect herself But Levi isn’t the sort of man who admits defeat and he’s not ready to give up on the plucky Lady Helen especially when he discovers that she has secrets of her ow Sweet Scandal has all the prereuisites for a sexy top shelf Victorian romanceYou have Lady Helen a feisty gorgeous reformer and spinster She's perfectly comfortable with the life she built for herself on the shelf I adore that she's older a rarity in Regency and historical romances where even the widows are in their twenties Then there's Levi Storm so much than your typical Victorian hero Sure he's tall dark and handsome But he's also a self made American millionaire rather than a Robber Baron and an inventor to boot He's all about winning the race to electrify America and Europe and racing against Thomas Edison to do itLike all good Victorian romances our couple meets cuteawkward Levi buys the run down journal which had been publishing Lady Helen's rather incendiary opinion pieces and removes her from the staff and his offices They butt heads repeatedly after they find themselves stuck with one another Their respective best friends are married to one another and have them both under their roof as house guests Sparks soon fly and Lady Helen decides to ignore the strictures on women placed on herby Victorian society and gets involved with Levi Storm no strings attached Naturally they fall in love hard and fast They're a couple who love one another on a deeper level their witty and engaging banter is just one way it comes to life on the page Of course there are complications which I won't spoil for the reader But needless to say our couple goes through a great deal of hardship before they find their happily ever afterThe things I loved about the bookLady Helen came across a woman of her time when she decised to take charge of her sexuality and throw caution to the wind It was a refreshing change from most period romances where the heroine reads like a modern woman when making her decisions about sex and love I also love how both the hero and heroine had callings Levi was an inventor and Lady Helen was a precursor to a modern day social worker I loved her life in the women's shelter and the characters that populated it In that respect the story had a very modern feel which in no way distracted its period settingThe things I didn't like They broke up and the story jumped ahead a year glossing over how the complication came to be I wish we would've known a little bit about what was going on with Helen and Levi during that time I was really invested in these characters and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possibe I felt that the flash forward cheated the reader out of some time with them That being said the second part of the book which dealt with the complication felt a little bit rushed I would've liked them to take taken time to resolve their differences and come together in a thoughtful manner It seemed like instalove which didn't make much sense to this reader in second chance situation like Levi and Helen'sAll in all if you enjoy historical romances especially with a little spice pick up Sweet Scandal It's a sexy sweet easy read and a great way to spend a rainy afternoonARC received in exchange for an honest reviewFour stars

reader Sweet Scandal Hearts Temptation #4

Sweet Scandal Hearts Temptation #4 doc Ë reader Free Í gwairsoft ´ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Sweet Scandal Hearts Temptation #4 By Scarlett Scott ➩ – Gwairsoft.co.uk Not the average ladyLady Helen Harrington is a spinster by choice She hasn’t any desire to entangle herself in romantic nNot the average ladyLady Helen Harrington is Hearts Temptation PDFEPUB #193 a spinster by choice She hasn’t any desire to entangle herself in romantic nonsense Instead she prefers to spend her time championing the causes nearest to her heart through writing articles for the London Beacon When a ruthless American tycoon suddenly buys the struggling paper with plans to turn it into a business journal Lady Helen isn’t about to stan Ugh Malapropisms Modernisms Americanisms “Ornery” anyone Awkward anachronistic or ungrammatical expressions “he had been beloved to her out of her three brothers” “ the sort of woman with which one dallied”Just had no authentic HR vibe for me and the story was unbelievable

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D idly by or put down Sweet Scandal Kindle her pen Even if the ruthless tycoon in uestion happens to be the most maddeningly handsome man she’s ever met in her lifeNot the average manLevi Storm built his empire the hard way spending years working his way out of the slums where he grew up He won’t allow a spoiled aristocrat like Lady Helen to interfere with his plans to further his brand with the newspaper he’s just acuired I Actual Rating 45Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this bookSparks fly when two people forget they despise each otherLevi is a man on a mission Having traveled all the way to London from America he is determined to bring electricity to this side of the pond and best his rival Edison But everything that can go wrong seems to and Levi's patience is running thin So when a woman shows up asking uestions about the company he bought he is in no mood to appease her No matter how beautiful she isHelen cannot believe that her old boss sold the paper She had been contributing articles for a long time and now she's out of a job The new owner won't even consider keeping her on to write for him And worse the man is insufferably rude and devastatingly handsome But mostly just rude Even if he does have the most adorable dimples when he smiles she won't let him off the hook so easilyWhen the pair are thrust together again they cannot help but clash It's the ambitious American man versus the philanthropic English lady and the showdown just might lead to steamy stolen kisses in the dark But Levi has a secret that will put a permanent wedge between them if it comes to light and soon Helen may have a secret of her ownThis book jerked my emotions around so much that I thought I was on a roller coaster Just when I thought I knew where the story was going it went off the rails and flew into left field There are really two halves of the story and each impressed me in different waysThe first half was your standard historical romance fare A couple meets and argues uite a bit actually sparks fly between them smooches happen and feelings begin to stir I was pleasantly surprised to find our heroine wasn't the typical character who denied her desires She knew she wasn't destined for marriage but saw no reason why she couldn't have a bit of fun for once The chemistry between our couple was explosive and fantasticThen there is an entire year that passes leading to the second half of the book I was thrown for a loop here because while separations usually occur in romances this year was sudden and really long The story actually took on a different tone and became a bit darker Where I was happily enjoying the bedroom trysts in the first half now I was frowning as our characters had to work through their anger and mistrust It was a completely opposite sort of story but just as intenseMy only real issue is I just didn't really understand why Helen was so angry after discovering Levi's secret He had even told her that he couldn't offer her marriage and she didn't act like she wanted it anyway I think maybe it was about the how it came out than the what the secret actually was perhaps Either way it was a great readIn closing It might have been my first Scott novel but it won't be my last 45 sunsFull review on blog