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I'll Catch You If You FallCâu chuyện về một cuộc hành trình nó dành cho những ai Catch You If PDFEPUB #195 đã từng băn. It was OK The illustrations are cute Note I used togive full reviews for all of the books that I rated on GR However GR's new giveaway policies Good Reads 2017 November Giveaways Policies Changes have caused me to change my reviewing decisions These new GR policies seem to harm smaller publishing efforts in favour of providing advantage to the larger companies GR Authors' Feedback the big five publishers Big Five Publishers So because of these policies from now on I will be supporting smaller publishing effort by only giving full reviews to books published by companies outside the big five companies indie publishers and self published authors This book was published by one of the big five companies so will not receive a detailed review by me

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I'll Catch You If You Fall Free download ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB à [Reading] ➶ I'll Catch You If You Fall ➽ Mark Sperring – Gwairsoft.co.uk Lớn hay nhỏ gần hay xa ta luôn cần ai đó dõi theo mìnhĐây là câu chuyện về một cuộc hành trình nó dành cho những ai đKhoăn tự hỏiAi sẽ bảo vệ mình và cho những ai từng đáp Là tôi Tôi sẽ đỡ nếu bạn rơ. I adore the message throughout this book 'we all need someone to keep us safe' This was a beautiful magical story of answering children's uestions of who will keep them safe It goes through a journey of safety and comfort and teaches a great message of how important it is to be nice to everyone and help others when they need it Beautiful illustrations throughout and a great book for ks1

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You If PDF #8608 Lớn hay nhỏ gần hay xa ta luôn cần ai đó dõi theo I'll Catch ePUB #199 mìnhĐây là. Big or small near or far we all need someone to watch over I love that this story is about a journey A journey of safety comfort and reassurance A story that answers uestions to children who ask Who will keep me safe Reading this book was a very magical experience for me and I felt as though I was safe and almost warm as I turned each page Each character is willing to help which could teach children how important it is to be kind to others and help out when they're needed Layn Marlow's illustrations in this book are absolutely breathtaking There are no borders which means the author is inviting you in to join the story and gives an immersive experience Colours are realistic and a mixture of light and dark The story is portrayed with realism because of the use of these colours and blends which is really magical as it felt as though I was in that storm myself and got an experience of the characters in the story The book consists of mostly double page spreads which illustrates freedom and escape The little boy in the story towards the end of the book leans out of the window to speak to the star I particularly love this image as it is surrounded by a border but the walls are breaking through the frame The next page then has no framing and the boy is looking out at the night sky with the star This indicates to me that the house is small but outside his window the world is vast The only criticism I have for this book is that the story line is very basic with not much depth so perhaps targeted towards young children