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doc ↠ Tank Girl The Odyssey Graphic Novel ´ 112 pages ´ Peter Milligan ´ ❮Epub❯ ➟ Tank Girl The Odyssey Graphic Novel Author Peter Milligan – Tank Girl está en paradero desconocido desde ue borracha de fama tras su salto a la gran pantalla a meOnada a una existencia hedonista ue consiste en ponerse ciega Tank Girl PDFEPUBde todo y escuchar calipso ahora recibe una llamada de auxilio o espabila y recorre el largo y peligroso camino de v I think my title sums up my thoughts on this latest outing for TG and the gang Riffing off Ulysses and every other rendition of Homer's Odyssey the writers could think of TG Odyssey sees the usually jumbled and non linear TG take a direct structured approach for once At first I worried there might be a loss of energy as a direct result of losing the freeform style of the original strips and of course this is a graphic novel rather than a collection of serial strips so the energy has to be different but the anarchic wit and ambience survives the transformation Indeed I might even venture to say this is one of the best outings for TG I've read Whilst the plot is structured that isn't normally a problem in any kind of novel and the writers have concocted enough twists and turns in the story that it doesn't feel the TG crew have sold out Indeed it's deceptively elegant because it still feels anarchic it's just that now we can follow a linear plot too which makes the whole thing easier to engage with and enjoy TG still rules and she's keeping with the times

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The Odyssey ePUB #180 Tank Girl está en paradero desconocido desde ue borracha de fama tras su salto a la gran pantalla a mediados de los se dejó llevar por las fiestas locas de Hollywood Aband I enjoyed Tank Girl The Odyssey immensely That's all I can really say for certain of this very weird very fragmented comic reading experience It is an experience A ride A journey An odyssey If I had to pin down a core recurring element of this wildly fluctuating spectacle of a book it would probably be mania Sheer undisturbed persistent mania The book runs on pure energy and doesn't skip a single beat in churning out joke after joke gag after gag scene after scene The pacing is wild the dialog skirts from being intensely sophomoric to providing high brow classical literature reference and observation at the drop of a hat and the art in Jamie Hewlett's recognizable chunky poppunk style is positively electric If there's one thing Tank Girl has it is surprisingly variety though that variety all combines into a singular very silly very immature goal that ultimately comes off as far less ingenious than it perhaps actually isIt's a very particular 90s brand of juvenile hi jinks creative violence and swearing along with cheeky parody self deprecation and allusions to popular culture are combined with nudity gross out humour farts sex and stinky feces smothered toilet humour to creative a melting pot of everything society has ever looked down upon in comic books It's all presented through the eyes of Tank Girl a character I still after reading uite a fair chunk of can't pin down She's either a punk feminist icon and hero representing anarchy and sincere shameless childishness or she's a cruel self serving parody of punk feminist icons and heroes representing anarchy and shameless childishness by way of subtle scornful misogynistic mockery I really have no idea Her lack of respect for the core tenants of human interaction and society's rules of engagement are either to point out how cool that is and it does look pretty cool or to highlight how uncool it is it also comes across as pretty dorky To be honest personally while I hope she's a sincere attempt at progressiveness in female representation at this point I think she could easily be the opposite That would upset me deeply Perhaps I'm employing a tad bit of wishful thinkingAh but is not pop culture what we make of it And as Tank Girl has been wholly embraced by women the world over as a no nonsense action heroine who follows her own destructive path so too has The Odyssey Tank Girl does what she wants often at the risk of others her stable of friends Sub Girl Jet Girl and Barney and a band of new followers including a girl who is a sincere fan of her work and three Irishmen who are not so vague and ever so unflattering caricatures of the three key creators of the book They all have times to shine her new followers times to die horrifically at the hands of disturbing evils and they lend a uniue voice to the book that I find uite appealing There's a dry wit to many of the jokes with obvious gags often pointed out and derided within the gag itself; and the actual encounters the Tank Girl crew face are all so deliciously warped that they play out as a kind of vicious self parody so there's never really any legitimate tension just guffaws a plenty and a bit of actionadventureThe plot Oh For what it's worth The Odyssey is a loose adaption of Homer's Odyssey though by admission of Peter Milligan closely mirroring Ulysses Tank Girl needs to stop her kangaroo boyfriend Booga from signing a movie contract that would see him well I'm not sure It's kept pretty vague as to why Booga signing a movie deal contract is in any way a negative thing Tank Girl herself is fresh off of the success of her movie yes that movie but she's in Ireland and Booga is in Australia So she rounds up her hearty crew and sets off for Australia On the way they encounter danger and panic and shenanigans from a pack of ravenous and cannibalistic film producers to Tank Girl's dead mother who becomes very angry when Tank Girl fails to revive her corpse with magic farts to their own selfish greed to a hotel full of overbearing religious zealot cyclops' Who run a hotel Called Cyclops Hotel Those who recognize Homer's Odyssey will notice not just how similar Tank Girl The Odyssey is and pick up on the not so subtle analogs but how strongly it insists on deviating from it as well Things just happen in Tank Girl and The Odyssey is no difference The jokes range from very clever to very stupid to clever in their outright stupidity one cliffhanger ending sees Tank Girl stuck between saving her and her friends from certain death or leaving a movie theater before the film is over thus emitting a grievous social faux pas and for every earned literary reference and ingenious little observation there are twice as many dumps of utter inanity designed seemingly to trip up the story from progressing and confuse the entire flow of pacing It's bizarre Really bizarreObviously I enjoy Tank Girl The Odyssey or I would never have told you so in the opening sentence As to why I enjoy it or if I even should enjoy it I really can't say It does suit my bias towards clever approaches to stupid subject matters it fulfills my daily uota of badass anarchic women in comics and it's so fast paced and full of junk that there's never really a chance to reflect on whether or not the joke you just laughed at was worthy of a chuckle or if it simply caught you off guard in the searing sandstorm of lunacy Either way this is pure unmitigated Tank Girl from start to finish and if you don't know by now you either love 'er or hate 'er It seems I love 'er Maybe it's because I'm Australian and Tank Girl seems to embrace the best and worst of our deeply disturbed national attitude towards life I'm in hell Jet Girl protests and after Tank Girl explains they're merely on their way to Australia she interjects there's a difference Or maybe it's just because of its unbridled commitment to reveling in its own ostentatious and joyfully idiotic filth Either way I love it and I sincerely hope you can too

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Tank Girl The Odyssey Graphic NovelUelta a casa o su novio el canguro Booga puede caer en las redes de Tony el Chauetas un productor de cine Girl The Odyssey PDF #10003 sin escrúpulos ue lleva la cartera llena de promesas de éxi 35 stars