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Lf in Finn's company he is her godfather confidant and best friend So when he dies far too young of a mysterious illness her mother can barely speak about June's world is turned upside down But Finn's death brings a surprise acuaintance into June's life someone who will help her to heal and to uestion what she thinks she knows about Finn her family and even her own heart At Finn's funeral June notices a strange man lingering just beyond the crowd A few days later she receives a package in the mail Insi. There's this trend of young adult themed novels for them to be predicated on the concept of the child main character being this misunderstood wunderkind that thinks they are universally disliked when in fact they are loved by everyone It's terribly boring and terribly indulgent I think it's not a necessary evil or fact of the genre but just something that occurs as a result of ham fisted characterisation and writing There are good elements to this book—it explores complex and overwhelming relationships between people in a clever way It I think does a very good job of capturing a socio cultural point of time I think it starts to fall down when it tries to become too profound and instead feels mawkish and overdone The emotional journey the main character undertakes feels predictably on rails I think if the book took comfort in a certain superficiality rather than tried to really get to the core of deep dark emotions it would have been much better It's a spork book when I would have been much happy with either a spoon or a fork I think you really have to ignore the first page of Goodreads reviews—they are overwhelmingly extreme in their opinions This book attempts to be beautiful heart wrenching and so on but it really isn't It's a decent story with good writing not this fantastic vital book

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Tell the Wolves I'm HomeDe is a beautiful teapot she recognizes from Finn's apartment and a note from Toby the stranger asking for an opportunity to meet As the two begin to spend time together June realizes she's not the only one who misses Finn and if she can bring herself to trust this unexpected friend he just might be the one she needs the most An emotionally charged coming of age novel Tell the Wolves I'm Home is a tender story of love lost and found an unforgettable portrait of the way compassion can make us whole agai. Despite the buzz I wasn't expecting much The plot description a cool uncle with AIDS inspires his niece to discover herself sounded like a total bore It sounded like something I'd have to pry my eyes open to finish Glad I went against my gut because it turned out to be just the opposite I couldn't put it downThough this is her first novel Brunt writes like a career veteran Her prose is both simple and beautiful It never gets in the way of the story and is only flowery when it counts I lost myself in the lines from the first sentence It’s one of those books where you forget you’re reading and just dissolve into the characters’ livesThere’s a lot of art to appreciate both literally and figuratively Like a painting Uncle Finn and AIDS is always there in the background shaping the characters and maybe even observing them but it's brilliantly designed this way to set up a richly woven plot soaking in metaphor There's certainly a direct story that is engaging throughout but there’s also a second tier story hidden between the linesIf you read carefully—and don’t worry Brunt makes this easy to do—you can focus on the “negative space” and start to experience the multi dimensional uality of the plot I read a lot of books and this is probably the most intricately woven novel I’ve ever come across that can be enjoyed in a mainstream easy reading sort of wayUpdate I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since this was published Where is Carol Rifka Brunt No second book on the horizon yet I know it’s got to be tough to deliver any sort of follow up to this masterpiece but I really hope she has to share with the world Tell the Wolves I’m Home remains on my personal list of Top 100 Books of All Time

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Tell the Wolves I'm Home Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ❰PDF❯ ✅ Tell the Wolves I'm Home Author Carol Rifka Brunt – In this striking literary debut Carol Rifka Brunt unfolds a moving story of love grief and renewal as two lonely people become the uIn this Wolves I'm PDF #203 striking literary debut Carol Rifka Brunt unfolds a moving story of love grief and renewal as two lonely people become the unlikeliest of friends and find that sometimes you don't know Tell the ePUB #199 you've lost someone until you've found them There's only one person who has ever truly understood fourteen year old June Elbus and that's her uncle the renowned painter Finn Weiss Shy at school the Wolves I'm ePUB #180 and distant from her older sister June can only be herse. 5 Stars This is my favorite read of the year so far in 2012 Tell the Wolves I’m Home is an incredible debut novel a coming of age story that is masterfully told Some will view this as a tragedy as a story of loss and missed opportunities a story about the hard truths about living Others will see this as a tale of poignant beauty a coming of age tale and story that hits home on the greatest things of life While it may really hit both spectrums that I just mentioned it does so in a lyrical poetic and beautiful way This book theme centers on death and it is magical in that it shows that at the end of the day everyone dies but as the old cliché goes not everyone truly lives As June our main protagonist goes through her trials and tribulations growing up as a 14 year old teenager the book climaxes as she comes to understand about herself and about life in general We the readers are treated to the depth of the title ”Tell the Wolves I’m Home” First off if plan on reading this book you should immediately download Mozart’s Reuiem his final composition It will truly help you appreciate this novel Mozart’s final masterpiece plays along and captures the beauty and complexity of young June’s life and maybe a bit of yours too This is a music piece about death’s door about God’s deliverance and about heaven and earth At times it is simple in its uiet beauty and at others it is harsh and aggressive and all the while it is deep and complex So too is this coming of age story about a young teenage girl named June When the lyrics of the song soar over the orchestra you cannot help but feel that you know these words that you feel them and understand them to their deepest meaning even though they are sung in Latin a language that most cannot understand at all The vocals are magnificent and powerful and they capture the beauty told to us in this wonderful tale They parallel the stories and they show depth and complexity “The Reuiem was a secret between me and Finn Just the two of us We didn’t even need to look at each other when he put it on We both understood He’d taken me to a concert at a beautiful church on 84th Street once and told me to close my eyes and listen That’s when I first heard it That’s when I first fell in love with that music” Let me talk a little about the characters in this novel It all starts and center around an amazing young girl named June Elbus At her heart June is a romantic “ro•man•tic    roh man tik Show IPA adjective 1of pertaining to or of the nature ofromance; characteristic or suggestive of theworld of romance a romantic adventure 2fanciful; impractical; unrealistic romanticideas 3imbued with or dominated by idealism adesire for adventure chivalry etc 4characterized by a preoccupation with love orby the idealizing of love or one's beloved 5displaying or expressing love or strongaffection” ““A romantic you barnacle not lovey dovey romantic” He leaned over like he was about to nudge my shoulder with his but then he pulled away “What’s the difference” I asked cautiously “Being a romantic means you always see what’s beautiful What’s good You don’t want to see the gritty truth of things You believe everything will turn out right” I breathed out That wasn’t so bad I felt the blood ease away from my face “Well what about you” I dared to ask Finn “Are you a romantic”” June has a secret a huge secret that she believes that no one knowsyou see June is in love with her uncle her uncle Finn a homosexual adult that is dying of AIDS For all 14 plus years June does everything in her power to see her uncle to be with him and to keep him for herself She is ashamed of her feelings of her wants and her needs but cannot be sorry for them The theme of this book is her growth and development and the understanding of her own self and place The following uote could be a small spoiler but defines it well “And then I thought something terrible I thought that if Finn were still alive Toby and I wouldn’t be friends at all If Finn hadn’t caught AIDS I would never even have met Toby That strange and awful thought swirled around in my buzzy head Then something else occurred to me What if it was AIDS that made Finn settle down What if even before he knew he had it AIDS was making him slower pulling him back to his family making him choose to be my godfather It was possible that without AIDS I would never have gotten to know Finn or Toby There would be a big hole filled with nothing in place of all those hours and days I’d spent with them If I could time travel could I be selfless enough to stop Finn from getting AIDS Even if it meant I would never have him as my friend I didn’t know I had no idea how greedy my heart really was” Other notable characters are Toby and Greta and of course Finn via many backstories These people make up all of June’s life and we are treated to fully realized characters that are very much people that you may know in real life too The magic of this book is revealed as June begins to open her eyes Many great steps forward are made when unforeseen events occur or when her mischievous behaviors lead to dire circumstances June and Greta’s lives are changed irrevocably by the death of their uncle Finn and the subseuent events that follow his passing The novel progresses through June telling us many stories about her and Finn about her mother and about her relationship with her older sister Greta It is exciting to see the changes in her that telling these stories with Toby and with us do for her as a young adult growing up Couple these fabulous snippets with Carol Rifka Brunt’s wonderful vocabulary and literary style and you have one great piece of fiction Brunt’s story telling borders on fairy tale style and I loved itThe ending of this novel is unforgettable It will crack the hardest stone and melt the largest piece of ice and it will touch you in a way that you won’t soon forget I loved itI mean I really loved how the strings of this story were brought together and how they played out as a beautiful musical chord The end of this book is sure to be a tissue grabbing moment for most My favorite thing about this book is the fact that this story moved me I will remember it clearly for a long time and I am truly glad that I read it It is a must read for literary fans and for anyone that appreciates great writingThis was my favorite read of 2012