characters ´ Teuila A Natural and Cultural History 106

characters Teuila A Natural and Cultural History

characters ´ Teuila A Natural and Cultural History 106 ó [Reading] ➵ Teuila A Natural and Cultural History ➼ Ana G. Valenzuela-Zapata – The array of bottles is impressive their contents finely tuned to varied tastes But they all share the same roots in Mesoamerica's natural bounty and human Est beginnings to one of the world's favored spirits tell how innovations from cross cultural exchanges made fortunes for Cuervo and other distillers and explain how the meteoric rise in teuila prices is due to an epidemic one they predicted would occur linked to the industry's cultivation of just one type of agave The teuila industry today markets than four hundred distinct products through a variety of strategies that heighten the liuor's mystiue and this book will educate readers about the grades of teuila from blanco to añejo and marks of distinction for connoisseurs who pay up to two thousand dollars for a bottle ¡Teuila A Natural and Cultural History will feed anyone's passion for the gift of the blue agave as it heightens their appreciation for its rich heritage. I keep planning on going back and finishing this book someday but I haven't done it yet While I enjoyed many parts of this book overall it was much drier than I thought it would be based upon other books I've read by Nabhan

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The array Natural and eBook #10003 of bottles is impressive their contents finely tuned to varied tastes But they all share the same roots Teuila A PDF or in Mesoamerica's natural bounty and human culture The drink is teuila properly mescal de teuila the first mescal to be codified A Natural and PDFEPUB #231 and recognized by its geographic origin and the only one known internationally by that name In ¡Teuila A Natural and Cultural History Ana G Valenzuela Zapata the leading agronomist in Mexico's teuila industry and Gary Paul Nabhan one of America's most respected ethnobotanists plumb the myth of teuila as they introduce the natural history economics and cultural significance of the plants cultivated for its production Valenzuela Zapata and Nabhan take you into the ag. Learned about the book at Agave Fest 2018 in Tucson One of the authors was there Everyone was saying this is the book to read if you want to learn about teuila It’s certainly a good introduction and much of what it says about American consumption is still true Though I would like to see an update on what has happened to the industry since 2003

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Teuila A Natural and Cultural HistoryAve fields of Mexico to convey their passion for the century plant and its popular by product In the labor intensive business of producing uality mescal the cultivation of teuila azul is maintained through traditional techniues passed down over generations They tell how jimadores seek out the mature agaves strip the leaves and remove the heavy heads from the field then they reveal how the roasting and fermentation process brings out the flavors that cosmopolitan palates crave Today in Oaxaca it's not unusual to find small scale mescal makers vending their wares in the market plaza while in Jalisco the scale of distillation facilities found near the town of Teuila would be unrecognizable to old José Cuervo Valenzuela Zapata and Nabhan trace teuila's progress from its mod. It was not a riveting book but it was interesting in parts I think readers may learn a thing or two about how teuila and mescal remember all teuila is a mescal but not all mescal is teuila are made and the very proud history of the product This is written by botanists and agronomists so the book does get a bit too technical at times in details about the different plants cultivation land etc For me these were the slow parts but I still learned something The chapters dealing with the lore culture and history were the ones that I found interesting Some notes for myself from the book The teuila hierarchy I actually knew this before reading the book but it is worth noting You have teuila blanco whitesilver This is the one that is not aged The one you usually use for margaritas and cocktails teuila oro or joven This one is colored by things like caramel or due to seasoning in oak barrels This one is the popular one in the US usually as a mixer or for shots reposado can have additives but the main thing is it is rested in barrels for at least two months but less than a year usually and añejo the extra aged It can have additives but the deal is really in the aging from 12 months up Many teuilas are blended Nothing wrong with that but there is a clear difference By law if it is 100% blue agave and this means no other sugars added it has to be labeled as such Therefore that bottle of Cuervo to pick a common example is probably a blend of different agaves and probably has additives often sugars By law it has to be 51% agave And boy is there a diversity of agave plants A lot of the reason that one type is used the most is pressure from the big companies for uniformity I found interesting how the image of teuila has changed to become sophisticated For a long time Mexico did not really embrace teuila as other than a cheap drink Now it is embracing it and seeing it as an element of national pride but it was interesting to me because in large measure this was made possible by people outside of Mexico extolling the virtues of good teuila then Mexicans abroad discovering this and telling their folks back home When you now give a Mexican an aged bottle of teuila it is a prestigious present reaffirming his identity 74 As noted that was not always the case On another little note according to the book Mexican connoisseurs tend to prefer white and reposado Americans in the US prefer the oro But the point at the end of the day is that teuila is not just for shots any A good premium teuila is a pleasure to sip just as a good whiskey or cognac A very premium teuila can set you back a thousand or two thousand bucks and worth it if you can afford it I suppose You do have to note also that a lot of teuila's rise in popularity has been due to very good marketing techniues such as using artisans to make pretty bottles and labels in order to evoke certain images The result of the growth in popularity especially for the premium brands is that teuilas have now displaced whiskeys as the most freuently consumed spirit in the United States 81 Overall read the labels do some research if need be then buy accordingly If you want to learn about this spirit that seems to be overtaking the United States this is a pretty good place to start