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The Bitter Tea of General YenThe groundbreaking novel that was the basis Tea of Epub #217 for Frank Capra’s strange shocking drama starring Barbara Stanwyck and Nils Asther   Traveling to Shanghai to marry her medical missionary fiancé the beautiful Megan Davis finds herself caught in the toils of civil war between Republican and Communist forces Determined to save the inhabitants of an orphanage in a Communist occupied. The book and the movie came out in the early 1930s The movie is an inter racial love story The book follows the same basic plot but is purely an exploration of East and West and how two specific characters in civil war era China view the world A little dated but considering it is nearly 90 years old not horribly so

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City nearby Megan joins a nighttime rescue mission that ends up under attack by a mob She avoids death only thanks to the intervention of General Yen who brings her to The Bitter Epubhis palace where they come to form an unlikely trust and companionship in one another As the political climate sours and violence outside the palace walls escalates the motives behind various associates of the Gene. Detailed review forthcoming

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Free download Ñ The Bitter Tea of General Yen Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó ❴Read❵ ➲ The Bitter Tea of General Yen Author Grace Zaring Stone – The groundbreaking novel that was the basis for Frank Capra’s strange shocking drRal are called into suspicion leading to an unexpected and irreparable betrayal   Originally published in this absorbing novel of war torn China was adapted into a film in  With a new foreword by Victoria WilsonVintage Movie Classics spotlights classic films that have stood the test of time now rediscovered through the publication of the novels Bitter Tea of Kindle #211 on which they were base. I can remember seeing the movie as a young girl and being caught up in the romanticism of the movie and the relationship between General Yen and the young Megan Davis I was very happy to see it made available for kindle and hence have the chance to read the bookLet me start off by saying that this story is not a romance as I am used to reading This is of a story about magnetism and fascination Megan Davis is a young American woman who journeys to China in the 1920's to marry her missionary fiance Megan is firm in her beliefs and the unshakeable rightness of them She is rescued by General Yen an enigmatic Chinese warlord when she is set upon at a railway station during a time of upheavalEven though this is not a typical romance pre se there is an attraction repulsion between Megan and the ambiguous General When they meet two worlds collide Megan pits her western beliefs against the fascination of a thousand years of Chinese culture and tradition Megan is drawn to Yen but at the same time she is repulsed by the man and what he stands forThe book is well written even though Megan is the primary character it is Yen who steps off the page There is some beautiful and thought provoking prose in the novel It is rich and detailed evocative in it's languageThere is also included an illuminating foreward to the story Very glad to have had a chance to read the original story For me it was a 5 star read because it was different to my usual fareThis review is for the kindle version offered on