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The Black CatConto horror in bilico tra istinto e ragione che è allo stesso tempo l'omaggio di un grande scrittore al gatto. I loved this story when I was eight years old My dad downloaded it for me and I would play it on CD from my bedroom stereo I don't even remember the last time I used a CD I prefer real books but The Black Cat gets better with age and for a short little tale of a cruel neurotic man and the cat he mistreats it carries deep themes of guilt morality kindness or lack thereof who the fck cuts a cat's eye out with a pen knife just because they feel like it and vengeance coming to bite this guy in the ass for inflicting his rage upon innocence and friendship I feel like this story could apply to many situations those times when we unintentionally hurt a friend or family member out of spite times when we decide that misery loves company and shove our pain onto the shoulders of another person or in this case an animal and the cat comes to represent a darker force as it gives its abusive owner his comeuppance

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The Black Cat Read & Download ✓ 104 ☆ ❴KINDLE❵ ❄ The Black Cat Author Edgar Allan Poe – Vittima e testimone tentatore e giudice è il gatto che si aggira in uesto racconto dove la paura e la follia si insinuano nella vita uotidiana in un crescendo felpato e inuietante Uno straordinario r Vittima e Vittima e testimone tentatore e giudice è il gatto che si aggira in uesto racconto dove la paura e la follia s. Poe's short stories are so similar to each otherSometimes I wonder why I like reading them so muchHe was a genius

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I insinuano nella vita uotidiana in un crescendo felpato e inuietante Uno straordinario The Black MOBI #234 rac. Here is another classic Poe tale of dissolution and madness It's very similar to The Tell Tale Heart yet different in interesting ways For one thing this tale is told from a distant calm and indeed sane perspective Unlike The Tell Tale Heart which begins with the narrator breathlessly trying to convince the reader of his sanity here the narrator calmly states that I neither expect nor solicit belief in his tale but that because he is to die tomorrow presumably to be executed he wishes to unburthen my soul of the events that have terrified have tortured have destroyed meWe begin with a mundane account of the narrator's early years He was known from a young age for loving pets What a good guy After his marriage his wife gets him birds fish a dog rabbits a small monkey and a cat And that's where things start to go wrong with that cat or rather with the narrator's perception of it There's a hint that the narrator starts abusing alcohol and then starts abusing the cat and when the cat bites him a little a demon instantly possessed me and he cuts out one of its eyes spoilers to followuickly the descent into madness gathers force He hangs the cat not because it did him any wrong but because of precisely the opposite he hung it because I knew that it had loved me and because I felt it had given me no reason of offense; hung it because I knew that in so doing I was committing a sin It's the transgression itself that he can't resist When he gets another cat he can't help feeling the same way toward it and the pressure builds inside him until he takes an axe to it and when his wife stops him he kills her with the axe bricks up her corpse inside the wall and when the police come and search his house they don't find her until he can't help himself he taps the wall until there's a wailing shriek from inside and the police uncover the corpse and there is the cat too whose informing voice had consigned me to the hangmanThere's an interesting and perhaps obvious use of symbolism throughout the voice from the bricked up tomb is like the repressed voices inside him that caused him to do these evil deeds and the black cat is of course a famous symbol of superstition and bad luck Nonetheless this tale isn't too heavy handed about any of this It works on a purely narrative level in the same deliciously macabre way of Poe's best work and provides another keen insight into irrationality and the demons lurking inside the human heart