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READ Children of War 107 ↠ ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Children of War By Martin Walker ➺ – The Dordogne’s favorite chief of police is back in a case full of twists and turns that finds his small town shockingly targeted by a terrorist networkWhen an undercover agent tracking domestic jiha The Dordogne’s favorite chief of police is bMe lover Add to that a member of the tribunal with dangerous skeletons in his closet the mysterious history of two Jewish siblings who claim to have been sheltered locally from the Nazis during World War II and a high profile philanthropist whose presence in St Denis seems to be attracting attention from the jihadists and it’s all almost enough to absent Bruno from the village’s wine festival With international intrigue and action aplenty The Children Return is a journey to St Denis that readers won’t soon forgetPublished in Great Britain under the title Children of War From the Hardcover editio. This is the latest novel in the Bruno Chief of Police series and can no longer be called a cosy mystery It is an action packed thriller which still takes place in beautiful countryside of the Dordogne and with the same lovable characters as the previous ones As with the others it is well written except perhaps for the dialogues which sometimes seem to me a bit stilted This time the story is very much in tune with current affairs in France as young and vulnerable Muslims are recruited for jihad in the Middle East Although it is a novel the writer is very knowledgeable on this subject The bonus history lesson relates a story of Jewish children taken in and hidden during WWII by inhabitants of the fictional village of St Denis as well as the destruction of a village called Mouleydier by the Germans in June 1944I really look forward to reading the next novel in this series

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The Dordogne’s favorite chief of police is back in a case full of twists and turns that finds his small town shockingly targeted by a terrorist networkWhen an undercover agent tracking domestic jihadists is found murdered it’s troubling enough for Bruno’s beloved village But when this is followed by the return of Sami a local autistic youth thought lost to Islamic extremism provincial Children of ePUB #199 St Denis suddenly becomes a front line in the global war on terror Abducted and exploited for his technological genius in Afghanistan Sami has used his talents to gather invaluable stores of al. The Children Return and Children of War is actually the same book Two different titles for two different markets and it is HIGHLY confusing Both books are no #7 in the Bruno Chief Of Police series Well I guess it happened before and will happen again with many books being published on both sides of the Atlantic sighNevertheless we're back with the most important police officer in StDenis France Jihadists Holocaust survivors orphans a young dog powerful horses beautiful women and scrumptious food fill the palette again Huge old chateaus and French bucolic magic aboundPamela is still determined not to get married still only allow men to love her when she desires it; Fabiola is still the doctor in town doing well until a Dr Deutz is invited under high security circumstances to observe Sami an autistic young man who return from Afghanistan under mysterious circumstances Bruno chief of police has his hands full and his arsenal ready to take on every single moment as it comes and walking out as the hero of France That is after he could get a serious diplomatic and political crises disappear in the line of fireWell what else can be expected Nobody knows how to keep a town happy like the rugby loving high voltage policeman who cooks up a storm knows how to treat women and have all criminals shudder in his presence He loves animals and his vegetable garden is sublime And perhaps there's a new love interest for this dashing man on a horse Visiting St Denis again was a delightful highly dramatic experience filled with the usual elements to make it a classic Benoît Courèges moment I take it slow with our hero and his shenanigans Allow myself a few months in between the books in this series but it is always such a pleasure to be back in our dearly beloved police chief's life Life is one big war but Bruno knows how to grab the good moments in between and celebrate the ultimate highs the rare moments of happiness that can pass one by in an instant What I love about this series is that serious issues are counterbalanced with lighter moments The author has a gentle way of addressing reality without seeking a story in the dungeons of darkness There's always light and laughter no matter what the circumstances areA laissez faire but highly interesting fast paced read again

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Children of WarAeda intel but as an international tribunal descends to begin an exhaustive debrief it becomes clear Sami’s former handlers are far from ready to relinuish him Now the same jihadists who killed the agent aim to silence Sami and as the eyes of the intelligence world turn toward his case Bruno must scramble to track down the terrorists before they exact their own justice As if things aren’t complicated enough Bruno finds himself contending with the mixed alluring signals of one of the high ranking US intelligence officers on Sami’s case even while juggling the affections of his neighbor and someti. Wow Hold onto your hat it's going to be a fast and bumpy ride What a smorgasbord Martin Walker sets with his wonderful Bruno mysteries We met Bruno in the first book of the series and learned he is Chief of Police of the small French town of St Denis He is a man with a past a very dark and complex past and his past continues to unfold through the mysteries in dark and complex ways but in a beautiful setting with wonderful and interesting friends and people in his life and for a small town in France oh the trouble that manages to find it and Bruno Here is a whirlwind of lives fraught with complications andor tragedy; of modern recent and sometimes ancient European history both past and in the making; of espionage and violence; of sweetness and tenderness; of love affairs coming and going; and laced in with it an epicurean romance with French wine and food A trek through the woods for mushrooms and truffles Gourmet dinners in the soft summer air on the patio And the next thing you know lights cameras helicopters international diplomats and press and always the law This is Walker's latest and I had to order it from in England I just couldn't wait until they got around publishing it in the USA I have to add I'm not much for violence and there is some very grisly stuff; however the tales are so rich in characters and setting and filled with very real history lessons and character studies even I can get past it I'm a huge fan of John le Carré and I have no difficulty putting Martin Walker on the bookshelf right beside him The other books in the series are in order Bruno Chief of Police; Dark Vineyard; Black Diamond; The Crowded Grave; The Devil's Cave; The Resistance Man; Children of War Oh now how long shall I have to wait for the next one