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Summary The Christmas Night Miracle ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ The Christmas Night Miracle By Carole Mortimer ➦ – Mills Boon Sexy series delivers what you love in contemporary romance glamour and scandal in exotic locationsMost people dream of a whiAr in a blizzard and was forced to seek the kindness of a stranger World famous novelist Jed Cole clearly wasn’t delighted to have single mum Meg and The Christmas ePUB #199 her little boy forced upon him In fact he was onl. Really of a 25Carole Mortimer much like Carol Grace or Liz Fielding is one of the few Harleuin contemporary authors I will give a shot to with virtually no research into the bookstory Past experience has proven I will enjoy if not love a book by one of those three ladies with an almost 100% certaintyI picked this up at a book sale at some point or other because it had twins secrets and Christmas involved in it For the most part it didn't let me down At under 200pgs and obviously following at least one of the Harleuin Romance Book Formula Outlines much of what I wanted from it wasn't feasibleFor instance while we know that Meg is at odds with her family its not til the last third when she actually ARRIVES at her family's home that we get a real feel for that tension For the other two thirds the book was centered suarely around Meg Jed's mutual though reluctant attraction Jed's reluctance to involve himself and failing horribly at that and Jed's own secret I felt that didn't give us enough time to really build steam with the secrets of Meg's family This book is MAYBE a week long time wise but even that's doubtful I think its like four days Not only does Meg Jed fall into reluctant love but also all the problems of Meg's family are justlaid out in the open and or less mendedReasons for her mother Lydia's aloofness towards Meg Sonia ResolvedReasons for the estrangement between Meg Sonia her twin ResolvedReasons for Meg's fear about seeing Sonia again ResolvedReasons Jed and Meg shouldn't be together ResolvedThe last ten pages was literally like a checklist that Mortimer went through it felt like she suddenly realized she needed to fit in Jed's epiphany for his feelings Meg's epiphany AND resignation to Jed's leaving forever Meg Sonia making up Meg's real fear coming Lydia's problems coming outso as a result who those people were David Sonia Sonia's husband Jeremy Lydia got shafted and info dumps occurred If it wasn't for the fact Sonia told us that her and her husband were terrifically happy together I would have never know it she kept flirting with Jed Meg briefly talks about her father being different somehow but doesn't elaborate Sonia claims she wants Meg to be happy but at least twice mentions she doesn't want her telling Jed the truth and is frustrated by how much Meg could have told him she essentially wants Meg to be happy but wants her to continue to lie to any future significant other A secret Sonia is terrified of Jeremy finding out about and leaving her overAlso the fact that Jed was an author with writer's block felt socontrived Or rather his being a best selling author felt contrived and barely necessary to the plot except as a aha moment later on when they meet Meg's family He could have literally been any other kind of millionaire with pretty much the same effect was it plot necessary to have him be a best selling household name Yeah it made for some diverting moments when this or that person asked him about his next book he was having trouble writing but it meant little in the long runSo in the end while I was entertained reading this book it didn't necessarily rock my socks off

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Y too keen to take them on the last leg of their journey But freezing temperatures and a white hot attraction later and Meg and Jed found themselves sharing Christmas Day together and watching a special festive miracle unfold. Enjoyed it Mosly love Scott's cuteness and wished he had role in the story The love part a bit rushed for my taste I'm one of people who don't believe in love at first sight Overall it's an okay story

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The Christmas Night MiracleMills Boon Sexy series delivers what you love in contemporary romance glamour and scandal in exotic locationsMost people dream of a white Christmas But for Meg this Christmas could have done without snow She’d crashed her c. This Christmas Harleuin didn't work for me for a couple of reasons First the hero was really mean to the heroine for the first part when she got stuck at his house in a snowstorm He had no reason to be such a jerk to her Then the rest of the book focuses mostly on the heroine's f ed up family dynamics when they go visit her parents for Christmas Seriously there was barely any romance while the story concentrates on how screwed up her mother and sister are plus there is baby momma drama Then suddenly the hero and heroine are in luv despite spending most of the time either fighting or with her screwed up family which also was miraculously fixed and lovey dovey by the end No love scenes either so I felt jipped by both the lack of romance and the lack of loving There were a few okay moments but not enough to overcome the bad parts