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Free The End of Ordinary kindle ↠ eBook 9780062690319 Ú Edward Ashton ¼ [Read] ➳ The End of Ordinary Author Edward Ashton – Drew Bergen is an Engineer He builds living things one gene at a time He’s also kind of a doofus Six years after the Stupid War—a bloody inconRew’s working on a new project now He thinks his team is developing a spiffy new strain of corn but Hannah’s classmate and her mysterious companion disagree They think he’s cooking up the end of the world When one of Drew’s team members disappears he begins to suspect that they might be right Soon they’re all in far over their h Humanity Not generally so good at the “can’t we all just get along” concept Find a difference make it bigger and BOOM Torment cruelty and sometimes war The End of Ordinary takes place in the years after the so called Stupid War when genetic engineering is commonplace at least for those who can afford it those have not been modified are known as unaltered and mankind has done its level best to exterminate the only other sentient race aroundThe story itself centers mostly on a small group of teens all of them bound together in ways they aren’t uite aware of Hannah whose father Drew works for one of the biggest genetic engineering companies is starting at a new school—primarily for the award winning cross country team She meets Jordan during her training runs who is another member of the cross country team though he happens to be unaltered–and who is dating Micah another member Devon who attends a different school but is also a runner–and has a secret Then there’s Marta the daughter of the most powerful man in the country who owns the company Hannah’s dad works for and whose mother happened to be one of the first victims of the Stupid War Throw this mismatched group of teenagers together add in the secret project that Hannah’s dad Drew is working on throw a match on in the form of a missing member of Drew’s team and watch the world burnFor please visit

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Drew Bergen is an Engineer He builds living things one gene at a time He’s also kind of a doofus Six years after the Stupid War a bloody inconclusive clash between the Engineered and the UnAltered that’s a dangerous combination Hannah is Drew’s greatest project modified in utero to be just a bit than human She’s also his daughterD Three Days in April Ashton's debut immediately went on my favorites list and while this one didn't make it there it's still a great book The End of Ordinary is set in the same world six years later but with an entirely new cast although some scenes are obliuely referenced This time around Mr Ashton chose to go the YA route with some success though I admit the scenes about the father are my faves As usual his strengths and major selling points are his humor and tech expertise ie he can explain retroviruses while making you laugh D Where it fell short was in the overall story The individual elements and characters were great but somehow didn't uite gel the way 3DiA did In the afterword he mentioned something about this being a series of blog posts which makes sense That being said it's a super fast read with plenty of hilarity to keep you entertained So anyhowfunny smart fresh faces in the same world but dinged a star because it felt a little loose around the edges Still very much worth your time and I'm curious to see how Ashton continues to develop this world Free egalley from Harper Voyager in return for an honest review

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The End of OrdinaryEads with corporate goons and government operatives hunting them and millions of lives in the balanceEnergetic and bitingly satirical The End of Ordinary is a riveting near future thriller that asks an important uestion if we can’t get along when our differences are barely skin deep what happens when they run all the way down to the bon Ashton does a really good job handling multiple first person viewpoints something I normally dislike immensely in a novel He also asks some very interesting and appropriate uestions about race and class without being too heavy handedThe novel isn't uite as funny or clever as 3 Days in April And there are a few characters and events that feel very contrived Also a couple of the viewpoints are from characters that are needed for the story but don't move it along Those factors hold it back from 5 stsrs but it is definitely worth reading