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Free download The Fade ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · ❰PDF❯ ✓ The Fade Author Demitria Lunetta – We don't want to disappear We want to be found Something terrible happened in her basement Haley can feel it Four girls went missing several years ago and the police never solved the Stile presence in her house The ghostly girls need something from her And unless Haley can figure out what they wantshe might be next. This book follows Haley a girl who just moved in with her family in what seems like a haunted house From the beginning she feels there is something off about it and it's not just because she moved away from Chicago against her will Haley meets the local teenagers and she learns that four girls have been missing for a while now and nobody knows what happened to them The police and FBI stopped looking and now Haley has to live with ghosts that doesn't want to leave her alone This was a creepy tale and a uick read It was okay I didn't particularly care about the characters but I don't have anything bad to say about this book either Maybe ghosts stories are not my favorites to read However if you think this might be something you will enjoy go for it I received an advance copy from the publisher via Netgalley

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We don't want to disappear We want to be found Something terrible happened in her basement Haley can feel it Four girls went missing. So let's meet Haley she has a sixth sense and feels a prescence in her basement about 4 girls that went missing Haley know that somehow these girls were murdered and needs to help solve the crime that the police never couldOn one hand this had a spooky and creepy feel to it but it took so long to actually get to the good stuff It was overly slow until maybe the last 30 percent of the book which took off like lightning It was a uick read but was missing the oomph to the core The entire idea behind The Fade was a tad bit cliche in my opinion and the ending just felt extremely flat and rushed in my opinion It was like we were getting nowhere and than all of a sudden everything was jumbled together of finding out what happened to the girls Haley and the back story behind Coop I flew through this story but the plot seemed forced to me if that makes sense I think the author was trying too hard and nothing was coming together nicely for her The author had multiple twists but again those twists were disappointing upon the ending of the book3 stars on this one for meThank you to Netgalley and Random House Children's Publishing for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest thoughtsPub date 121118Published to GR 101518

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The FadeSeveral years ago and the police never solved the case But Haley know the missing girls were murdered How else can she explain the ho. The full review can be found at The Book Bratz This review is going to be styled a little differently then other reviews I have written for the pure fact that I don't have much to say about this book The idea behind The Fade was interesting but also cliche It is slow until about the 50% mark The story behind the missing girls was interesting and it gets you invested in the storyOne moments Haley is alive and the next she is dead I feel like it was very abrupt and didn't fit into where the story was at The romance wasn't rushed but I didn't seem based on much I wish there was development The last several chapters of the book moved super uickly and was where the story picked up We suddenly learn who the murderer is Haley's dismay at it being her sister's boyfriend and Coops sudden death After how Coop behaved through out the entirety of the novel and the fact that his actions caused Haley's death I think it was extremely stupid for her to save him from the darkness that awaited by letting him look over her family and her going into the light I hate being nit picky in books that I read but I am super crossed on how I feel about this book On one hand it was a uick read that did have a creepiness factor but that was about it I really hoped I was going to like this one since I have really enjoyed Lunetta's other YA titles