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FREE DOWNLOAD Ø Die Ersten und die Letzten Die Jagdflieger im Zweiten Weltkrieg ✓ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☀ Die Ersten und die Letzten Die Jagdflieger im Zweiten Weltkrieg Author Adolf Galland – A fearless leader with 104 victories to his name Galland was a legendary heSave the Reich The clearest picture yet of how the Germans lost their war in the air Time Illustrations War History. The legendary German fighter pilot and long serving general of the Luftwaffe's fighter force delivered here a high level overview of how that force was developed used and underused during the Second World War A lot of the book covers strategic decisions and conflicts over aircraft use and development — particularly the self defeating insistence by Hitler and some high ranking officers on making bomber production the priority That's all fairly well known but the book offers a first hand view and does nicely explain some high level tactical developments It disappoints in the nearly complete lack of any description of what life was like in the cockpit and on the air bases; the description of a few moments which saw Galland shot down four times and of his harrowing escape after crash landing a jet while under fire from US aircraft attacking his base in the final weeks of the war suggest how the story could have been made vivid He apparently thought he had bigger fish to fry in the form of explaining how the Luftwaffe's fighter force could have been much effective had Nazi leaders gone along with of his recommendationsIt's somewhat disconcerting to read words like unfortunately and alas and tragic in discussions of lost opportunities There's no reason to expect apologies for Galland's service in the war but his wistful memories of what could have been do raise the uestion of how he thought the world might have been a better place if Germany had held out longerThe main steps in the decline are fairly clear The German air force received a rude wake up the first time it faced a determined and capable enemy over Britain in July and August of 1940 Resources were spread so thinly as to be barely adeuate even at that point The invasion of Russia in June 1941 guaranteed that there would never be enough aircraft and pilots unless the war on the Eastern Front was won by the end of 1942 There's plenty of evidence of the courage and resilience that kept German forces dangerous long after the war's outcome was clear There's also evidence of the effectiveness and crucial role of Albert SpeerA few matters get uick treatment or are ignored The Wikipedia entry on Galland provides perspective and a biography by David Baker which I have not read sounds as if it covers a number of matters fully Still it's an informative and interesting read

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E Now he offers an insider's look at the division's triumphs in Poland and France and the last desperate battle to. For such a gifted pilot and warrior Galland is a terribly inept writer His egotistical self promotion left no room for the kind of details his readership pilots andor history buffs would find reuited in other war diaries His prose reads like an Excel spreadsheet or the excruciating who begat whoms of Genesis His agenda appears to be to uantize the folly of Allied strategic bombing an obvious conclusion already known to anyone familiar with the didactic treatments by Joseph Heller or Kurt VonnegutSo sad that no one rescued what was in Galland's head for those of us thirsting for hands on pilot savvy anecdotes from flying 109s 190s and 262s

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Die Ersten und die Letzten Die Jagdflieger im Zweiten WeltkriegA fearless leader with und die eBook #8608 victories to his name Galland was a legendary hero in Germany's Luftwaff. I have a lot of respect for Adolf Galland The first and the last describe the good parts of this book The first chapters are enough to hook you and then it gets good from chapter 27 on I really wanted to hear personal accounts that Galland had with the Condor Legion and his personal experiences with all of the aircraft that he piloted but instead I got a lot of complaining about the high command and I really hate to say it and it probably wasn't his fault but excuses I do realize the bad situation that he was in but that isn't really what I wanted to read about I must give his other book a chance perhaps it is the book that I was looking for I still greatly respect Adolf Galland but working for Hitler and Göring definately had its disadvantages to say the least