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The Genius and the GoddessEps upstairs John Rivers is moved The Genius PDF or to set the record straight about the great man and the radiant elemental creature he married who viewed the renowned genius through undazzled eye I love it when I accidentally stumble upon a piece of literary treasure that leaves me changed for the better in having read itHuxley manages to capture the Grace of a Goddess her husband a Genius the dynamics of their family unit and household and the unsuspecting guest John Rivers who is invited into their world and lives Told conversationally and in recollection over the course of one evening we learn of the impact made to John Rivers' life and universe when he experiences love passion and devotion to a woman embodied goddess beingLayers of delirious and delicious insight pour forth from Huxley's writing leaving you tickled delighted bemused charmed and awed This story has some truly funny moments with richly developed characters you will miss once the novella is doneDon't deny yourself another moment Huxley fan or not If you appreciate a bit of philosophical brain candy that tugs at the heart strings of emotion and epiphany then purchase this treasure by a literary giant today

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Wife of his mentor Henry Maartens a pathbreaking physicist winner of the Nobel Prize and a figure of blinding brilliance bringing the couple to ruin Now on Christmas Eve while a small grandson sle Absolutely loved this book Beautiful examination of what it means to be human Has taken the place as my favorite book I've ever read

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EPUB ô MOBI The Genius and the Goddess î 9780586053430 FREE ó GWAIRSOFT ´ [Read] ➳ The Genius and the Goddess Author Aldous Huxley – Gwairsoft.co.uk Thirty years ago ecstasy and torment took hold of John Rivers shocking him out of half baked imbecility into something nearly rThirty years ago ecstasy and torment took hold and the ePUB #10003 of John Rivers shocking him out of half baked imbecility into something nearly resembling the human form He had an affair with the I am sitting here with a USB stick I have just received from Australia compliments of my mother on which she has painstakingly copied hundreds of files from the floppy disks of my youth amongst which I am convinced lies the key to my writerly fame and fortuneThe last said very much tongue in cheek not that I'm not convinced just that I'm a fool For thinking that either the files are readable most are not we're talking files that pre date even MS DOS or that fame and fortune await if I even manage to open the blightersThis bookthis bookI read in Mozambiue in love and in lust and completely absurdly infatuated with my delinuent mendicant lifestyle and utterly terrified by the sneaking suspicion that it would sooner or later end in disaster I suppose you could say it did or it didn't depending on which end of the conformity to convention spectrum you choose to sitSince I can't remember tiny iota of what Huxley wrote other than that his words left me profoundly shaken as well as stirred here are the collected uotations I stored and today managed to resurrectOh yes and you can poke fun at my out of date like the files method of uoting as wellthe muses are the daughters of memory The Genius and the Goddess p 9there's only one solutionl o v e Or if you prefer the decent obscurity of the learned languages agape caritas mahakaruna Ibid p 24What a gulf between impression and expressionour ironic fate to have shakespearean feelingsthe pure lyrics of experience transmuted into the verbal euivalents of tripe and hogwash Ibid p 36husbands insupportable but worth it Ibid p 43anger translates too well to lust and sorrow surrenders to sensuality Ibid p 91morality is simply the systematic use of bad language Ibid p 94the divine wasin the nocturnal apocalypses of love Ibid p 98What's lemonade Something you make out of lemons And what's a crusade Something you make out of crosses Ibid p 102neither a methodist nor a masochist be Ibid p 103the inner predestination of temperament and characterand the predestination of events Ibid p 115Clearly I shall to have read this again