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The Gingerbread Man Loose in the SchoolWhen a class Man Loose PDF #8608 leaves for recess their just baked Gingerbread Man is left behind But he's a smart cookie and heads out to find them He'll run slide skip and after a mishap with a soccer ball limp as fast as he can. Very cute twist on the traditional Gingerbread man story A classroom bakes a gingerbread man and leaves him to cool while they go off to recess Except he thinks he was purposely left behind he and wanders around the school to find his class I like the fact that he visits the gym the nurses' office the art teacher and the principal; but there are so many other places he does not visit hmm the library for instance that I feel could have been visited That being said I still enjoyed the rhyming text and the newer choruses he shouts out as he visits places I loved the bright and bold color choices of the illustrations in this book They are done in panes as you would find in an comic book Some pages are full spreads The font used in this book is also playful which really compliments the illustrations and the Gingerbread man himselfI read this to my very first group of Kindergartners today in the library They really enjoyed it I purchased this book for my school library with the 1st grade teachers in mind because they always do a big Gingerbread Man unit around Christmastime I think this one will uickly become a favorite

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Often use the Gingerbread Man story to introduce The Gingerbread MOBI #234 new students to the geography and staff of schools and this fresh funny twist on the original can be used all year long Includes a poster with fun activities. This is such a cute book about a class of children that make a gingerbread man After the children take the gingerbread man out of the oven they go outside for recess But the gingerbread man wants to go with them So he gets up off of the pan and goes around the school looking for the children He runs into many obstacles and teachers that try to help him along the way Finally he reaches the principal and she shows the gingerbread man all of the Missing Gingerbread Man signs that the children made and she helps him back to his classroom This book is intended for young elementary students around kindergarten or first grade This book is entertaining and a good fit for them because it introduces rhyming As a teacher you can come up with so many activities to go along with this book such as making a gingerbread man hiding him in the school and going on a hunt for the missing gingerbread man You could also have the students create Missing Gingerbread Man signs Murray L Lowery M 2011 The gingerbread man loose in the school New York GP Putnam's Sons

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Summary The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Â ❰Read❯ ➲ The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School Author Laura Murray – When a class leaves for recess their just baked Gingerbread Man is left behind But he's a smart cookie and heads ouBecause I can catch them I'm their Gingerbread ManWith help from the gym teacher the nurse the art teacher and even the principal the Gingerbread Man does find his class and he's assured they'll never leave him behind againTeachers. I began in a bowl I was not yet myself just a list of ingredients pulled from a shelf chosen by children who measured and mixed my smooth spicy batter while sneaking uick licks When the cooking class kids run off to recess this smart cookie rollicks after them rhyming all the way En route he meets the school nurse who band aids his gingerbread toe back on the art teacher who almost has him for lunch and Principle Peacock who helps reunite him with his culinary classmates In the shape of a comic book and sweet as molasses this story will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your silly tooth A back to school poster activity prompts and a recipe for whipping up your own gingerbread adventurers come tucked inside