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The High CrusadeLnshire The Wersgorix whose scouting ship it is are uite expert at taking over planets and having determined from orbit that this one was suitable they initiate standard world conuering procedure Ah but this time it's no mere primitives the Wersgorix seek to enslave they've launched their invasion against free Englishmen In the end only one alien is left alive and Sir Roger's grand vision is born He intends for the creature to. The idea that earth can resist an alien invasion is fairly ludicrous given that the aliens would have to travel light years across the universe to get here so their level of technology and weaponry must be vastly superior to ours Poul Anderson a scifi legend was well aware of this and he carefully created an amusing scenario where such a thing is at least plausible Anderson was a versatile author books like Tau Zero and Brain Wave and The High Crusade are all very different not to mention his non genre and nonfiction works The premise is fairly straight forward In 1345 AD a huge spaceship lands in Ansby a small village in Lincolnshire just as Sir Roger de Tourney illegal an English Knight was raising an army to fight a war with France This is a scout ship from the Wersgorix Empire who are always looking to expand their dominion As luck would have it their technology is so advanced that they have forgotten how to fight hand to hand and fall prey to the English soldiers who stormed their ship and basically hacked them all to death except for one rather shady character named Branithar Thinking that the flying ship will give them a huge advantage over the French Sir Roger orders Branithar to fly the ship to France Branithar readily agrees but activates the pre programmed autopilot to take them to the nearest Wersgor colony insteadIn spite of the rather farcical premise the book is very enjoyable it is humorous than the other Anderson novels I have read well I have not read that many of them Fans of the ultra hard sf Tau Zero will be disappointed if they are expecting in that vein those looking for a uick read and an entertaining sci fi romp are in for a treat The book is written in the first person narrated by a monk who follows Sir Roger on his space adventures The medieval style English is wonderful I can not vouch for its authenticity of course but it is very amusing to read especially when describing alien technology For example I have studied the principles of their star maps a little sire I answered though in truth they do not employ charts but mere columns of figures Nor do they have mortal steersmen on the spaceships Rather they instruct an artificial pilot at the start of the journey and thereafter the homunculus operates the entire craft Ha Love that stuff The main alien race the Wersgorix are a little old school in that they are blue skinned bipeds who communicate through vocal speech and gestures thus conveniently facilitating the establishment of communication Other alien races show up later who are less like anthropomorphised creatures but really not all that strange by today's sci fi standard You may find that the idea that a bunch of medieval Brits resisting and conuering alien races with vastly superior technology ridiculous It is basically done through bluff and bluster with a lot of luck thrown in But how could that be sire asked Sir Owain They‘re older and stronger and wiser than we The first two granted nodded the baron His humor was so good that he addressed even this knight with frank fellowship But the third no Where it comes to intrigue I‘m no master of it myself no Italian But the star folk are like children In any case Anderson has written the book and developed the characters with such skill that you are likely to be swept away by the story and jettison your incredulity out the window Tremendous fun and takes no time at all to read a must

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The High Crusade review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB É ➼ The High Crusade Download ➻ Author Poul Anderson – One of the Most Beloved Novels of a Grand Master of Science Fiction with Introductions and Appreciations by Major Science Fiction FiguresIn the year of grace 1345 as Sir Roger Baron de TournevilleFly the ship first to France to aid his King then on to the Holy Land to vanuish the infidel Unfortunately he has not allowed for the treachery of the alien pilot who instead takes the craft to his home planet where he thinks these upstart barbarians will have no choice but to surrender But that knavish alien little understands the indomitable will and clever resourcefulness of Englishmen no matter how great the odds against th. Re read with my sisters January 18 2017 SO GOOD PEOPLE 3 3 3For on why you really ought to read this joyous book see my full review Read August 27 2016THIS BOOKOH MYKNIGHTS VS ALIENSALL THE LOVEALL THE LAUGHSALL THE HEARTSTRINGSFULL REVIEW MOST CERTAINLY TO COME

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One of the Most Beloved Novels of a Grand Master of Science Fiction with Introductions and Appreciations by Major Science Fiction FiguresIn The High PDF the year of grace as Sir Roger Baron de Tourneville is gathering an army to join King Edward III in the war against France a most astonishing event occurs a huge silver ship descends through the sky and lands in a pasture beside the little village of Ansby in northeastern Linco. I had a certain idea about what this book was to be about before I read it I'm a fan of Poul Anderson and some of the previous novels were so rich with history and research that I just had to finally read THIS1345 English knights under Edward III encounter first contact with aliensAwesome rightWell imagine my discomfort and disappointment when it was pretty much a gloss over for the actual history bits and we're left with the standard romantic Chivalry crap And the aliens are peaceful IshI readjusted my expectations let the text speak for itself and lo and behold I still had fun Especially when these English knights are LOST IN SPACE and defeating alien strongholds and saving alien princesses It still has all the Chivalry crap but now it's a tongue in cheek 'Doc' E E Smith space opera that feels a lot like FarscapeAs I read these later parts I kept giggling at the thought of a full tv series like this Modernized of course The novel did come out in 1960 So just think a fully culturally accurate update of post Crusades Europe co opting spaceships spoiling for a new Crusade only focused on a much dangerous alien foeIsn't that AWESOME Let's get our historians out for this one Do it RIGHT