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The Hydrogen EconomyIl and turning it toward hydrogen is a promissory note for a safer world Rifkin's international bestseller The Hydrogen Economy presents the clearest most comprehensive case for moving ourselves away from the destruct. Brave new energy worldOr a new shell gameThe title of this book is a little misleading since most of the book is about the effect that energy has had on the rise and fall of human societies from hunter gatherers through agriculturists and the Roman Empire to the ascendency of the United States in the 19th century and into the current world economy Rifkin sees cheap energy and the high per capita use of it as a prime indicator of a flourishing society He notes that Rome rose when it was able to commandeer energy sources from conuered lands in the form of tribute and slaves; but when the booty from military conuests began to fall to diminishing returns Rome itself began to fallHe sees the same thing possibly happening to the United States in another but similar manner He notes that US domestic oil production peaked in 1970 p 4 Whereas up until then domestic production supplied most of the oil the United States used; since then we have become and dependent on foreign sources He foresees a peak in world crude production sometime in the next decade or so and after that a slide toward and expensive oil and and of our wealth flowing into the last bastion of crude reserves in primarily the Middle Eastern statesWhat to do about this Hocus pocus usher in the hydrogen economy in which hydrogen fuel cells will replace not only gas from the pump but will generate electricity for home farm and office There is just one little catch at current prices the cost of converting either gasoline natural gas or water all reuiring energy usually electrical power is prohibitive Rifkin de emphasizes this little problem as he enthuses about how decentralized and how clean burning will be the decarbonized hydrogen economy Right now according to Michael A Peavey in his book Fuel from Water Energy Independence with Hydrogen it costs 740 to create enough hydrogen fuel to eual the energy provided by one gallon of gasoline at electricity costing 010 per Kwh Rifkin does not go into this non cost effectiveness to any great degree partly because he believes both that the cost of conversion will go down and the price of oil will go upA uick read might give the impression that one can use electricity to produce hydrogen from say water and use the hydrogen to create electricity or run engines with a net gain Not so The efficiency of the process of electrolysis getting hydrogen from water is about 50% This is a big net loss So why are automobile manufactures oil companies and Jeremy Rifkin so excited about hydrogen technologyFirst and foremost of course hydrogen is clean burning It does not produce any greenhouse gases that are leading to global warming And second when used in fuel cell technology there is the prospect that energy use and production will be decentralized allowing individuals and small organizations freedom from the vast infrastructure and top down organization that characterizes the oil industry todayBoth of these advantages of hydrogen however depend on the use of renewable resources wind sun downward running water evaporation the burning of biomass etc to isolate the hydrogen which is always tied up in molecules with other elements as in water natural gas oil etc So what the advantages accruing from the proposed brave new world of the hydrogen economy actually depend on is the same thing we cannot do today that is get the bulk of our energy from renewable resourcesAs others have pointed out essentially hydrogen is an energy storage device The initial energy must come from somewhere else Although we definitely need storage devices that can be placed where we want them to be utilized even when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow storage devices themselves are not an independent source of energy and cannot by themselves be the solution to our energy problemsHaving said this the book is still a very good read and an eye opener about the coming end of the fossil fuel era arriving at our doorsteps in just a few decades Also Rifkin's speculations about the nature of the hydrogen economy are interesting and probably pertinent since the major car manufacturers and the major oil companies are already gearing up for the transformation These mega players in the energy game will dictate the rules in the years to come They will use their existing infrastructures and their capital to ease the transformation for them and to maintain their power and profit margins This is one of the salient points Rifkin makes in this book The curious thing is I'm not sure whether amid all of his enthusiastic expression he realizes what his message really is namely that we are going to be burning fossil fuels and building nuclear plants well into the latter half of the 21st centuryNote well this uote on page 189 from John Browne the CEO of British Petroleum making the bullish forecast that 50 percent of world wide energy demand will be met by solar and other renewable resources by 2050 That folks is the bottom line fifty percent by 2050 fuel cells or no fuel cellsThe bottom line for this book is that it is readable informative even at times fascinating but not exactly what it purports to be Read it and judge for yourself Dennis Littrell author of “The World Is Not as We Think It Is”

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READ å The Hydrogen Economy ¾ ✾ The Hydrogen Economy kindle Epub ❂ Author Jeremy Rifkin – The road to global security writes Jeremy Rifkin lies in lessening our dependence on Middle East oil and making sure that all people on Earth have access to the energy they need to sustain life Weanin The road to global security Ive and waning years of the oil The Hydrogen Epubera toward a new kind of energy regime Hydrogen one of the most abundant substances in the universe holds the key Rifkin argues to a cleaner safer and sustainable world. I read this uite some time ago now so my memory of it is stale I credit it for introducing me to that genre of popular science that seeks to explore the possibilities of alternative power One take away I still hold in mind there is no combination of alternative power sources that can replace the power contained in carbon fuels

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The road to global security writes Jeremy Rifkin lies in lessening our dependence on Middle East oil and making sure that all people on Earth have access to the energy they need to sustain life Weaning the world off o. Ready for some doom and gloom While avoiding sounding shrill and alarmist by allowing the reader to reach their own conclusions Rifkin nonetheless paints a pretty bleak picture of our immediate future While we won’t run out of oil for at least another hundred years or so there will be a radical restructuring collapse of society when we reach the peak of oil production – or when supply and demand flip sometime in the next five to fifty years Currently supply neatly advances with demand keeping the economy in balance But what happens when demand outstrips supply Well prices shoot through the roof and our oil based economy falls into a tailspinIn terms of hope although the reader gets the impression that Rifkin is just going through the motions here and doesn’t really believe that his solutions will come to pass Rifkin looks to hydrogen energy with the hydrogen being produced by alternative renewable resources Bleak bleak bleak