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Download The Last Girl The Slave Auction #1 100 ô ❰Reading❯ ➿ The Last Girl The Slave Auction #1 Author Riley Shasteen – “The Slave Auction” “What the heck is the Slave Auction” I ask Jenna Brown has just started her freshman year with her two best friends Jessica and Daisy They hear a rumor aVe Auction eBook #237 to stay at their house all week A whole week with the most popular seniors sounds like anyone's dream Right Part One of The Slave Auction Trilogy First published on Movellasc. I had to stop reading this book less than half way in because it was so ridiculous that it was redonkulous Young teenage girls are auctioned off to legally adult males to generate money for the school The girls then spend a week at the guys' houses as their slaves No parents have a problem with this Really I find the idea that underage girls are being auctioned off as slaves creepy and the fact that all the guys just use it as a means to hook up with the girls only reinforces that feeling In addition the book needed a better proof reader andor editor because there were a ton of comma and other grammatical errors

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Daisy They hear a rumor about the school’s Last Girl The Epub #221 fundraiser called the Slave Auction where the seniors bid on the hottest freshmen girls and the freshmen get Last Girl The Sla. Okay I gave it 2 stars because I did actually finish it I'm not sure why I finished it but I did finish it I have so many complaints about this story I can guarantee I will skip some because I'll just get tired of writing them down The first and foremost biggest issue have you ever met those people that want to write but aren't really writers because they don't finish things If you are one you'll probably understand this if you know one check out a notebook of theirs sometime or their files Often they'll be writing a scene and intend to come back to it but when they come back they want to write something else and they forget all about finishing said scene from before And if you're just writing because you want to write and not actually charging anyone to read your scribblings that is completely okay it is not okay however to throw said notebook or file on with a price tag on it and then expect readers not to get pissed off when they paid for it There are literally passages in this book that leave off mid sentence and the next page is a completely new chapter Even if the book didn't have a million other issues that in and of itself is going to put it really low on the rating score because you turn the page and you're like okay what hey what's going on You restart your kindle hoping it's an error with the machine but no the writer really did uit writing the scene mid sentence and pick up somewhere totally new Considering that I don't really think I need to mention how poorly this was edited filled with bad grammar misspellings and wrong words As in principles are attributes that people have sort of like moralsI never said I was the best person at explaining things but I'm too lazy to copy the actual definition when most people know what it means The person in charge of a high school is a principal The principle does not put his head in his hands The principle is not a person and it doesn't have hands or a head The above things are basic and when I come across a book with issues as glaringly awful as this one it pisses me off because books like these are the reason that some many indie authors are given a bad name or aren't given a chance at all The talented people who take the time to both finish and edit their work are constantly dealing with stigmas created by the people throwing things on that can't be bothered to When I read a book like this one it normally takes me a while before I'm even willing to take a chance on another indie author because I feel like I just got ripped off by the last one Now lets talk the actual story the premise sounds interesting if barbaric a slave auction for freshman which involves the seniors bidding on them for charity followed by the freshman girls staying with the seniors for a week I'm thinking this has to be a new adult novel that occurs in college I'm picturing it being a fraternity or sorority thing with funny college antics Considering the auction supposedly pays for scholarships for the football team that certainly fits with that idea right NOPE the main character is 14 This auction which not only ignores the historical significance of slavery to a huge part of our popular but also completely degrades womensince the only ones auctioned are girls is supposedly a HIGH SCHOOL SANCTIONED event that occurs yearly UM NO NO NO NO The characters are minors and I HAVE a 14 year old daughter there's no way in HELL that I'd let her be auctioned off for a school function let alone spend not one week but two sleeping unsupervised at boys houses And not just 2 weeks at one boys house but one week a piece at two very different boys houses who somehow have thousands of dollars to throw around buying women even though they all attend PUBLIC school And FYI the school couldn't allow any CHILD to be auctioned without parental permission nor could they run an event like this without school board approval that would never happen because the whole thing is a lawsuit and bad press waiting to happen Most of the characters are extremely underdeveloped and I get that teenagers are hormonal I've bought ice cream enough when my daughter's been mistreated by a boy she was seeing at school but she's not going to have depression probably needs meds worthy break down over a relationship that didn't even last two weeks The emotional reactions by these characters are downright ridiculous Unrealistic doesn't even begin to cover it Also what kind of school allows for that sort of regular bullying and harassment occurring in the halls Jenna bounces through guys so fast she could easily compared to the pinball in a pinball machine and this book went in so many different directions that I really can't concisely tell what exactly it was about Character development is nonexistent and the plot was ludicrous I gave this two stars because I finished the book if you can even call it that Honestly I consider my rating and review generous because if I wanted to spend the time I could really spend hours tearing this half written story apart

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The Last Girl The Slave Auction #1“The Slave Auction” “What the heck Girl The ePUB #10003 is the Slave Auction” I ask Jenna Brown has just started The Last eBook #237 her freshman year with her two best friends Jessica and. Erica's donning her editor hat today; be forewarned Prime borrowDNF Automatic 3 stars out of respect Reasons for DNF the writing style lack of commas was jarring especially missing after well yes no hey overuse of the word well as the first word in most dialogue no matter which character was speaking The inner monologue flowed wellappropriately comma ed in most cases yet the dialogue was forced stilted sounding youngerolder than the character Also I couldn't swallow the premise Maybe if the characters were older age of consent 16 18 depending on the state But NO ONE would allow 171819 yo male seniors to bid on 1314 yo female children and force them to sleep in the same room as their slave for a week and do everything they bid If you can't drive are dealing with child labor laws still have to be reminded to brush your teeth eat your vegetables and do your homework and still suffer with a bedtime No parentNo teacherNo school districtNo law enforcement agency would allow this We're talking middle school graduates thrown in with adult males NFW Plus sexual content juvenile thoughts speech patterns skeeved me out I write Dark Erotica Erotic Contemporary Romance and I'm not a parent But EVEN I found this ickyIn no state have these children reached the age of consent ANY contact would result in molestation charges We are speaking of filing with the townstate with your whereabouts until death stay so many feet from schools and parks sexual predators Touchy feely Uncle PedoBear status No school would suffer the liabilityNext maturity mentality Children vs adults the reason for the above laws children are easily manipulated by their older peers As an adult I recognize the age gap When I was 18 the thought of 1314 yo kids made me cringe They were silly annoying and so not hot Hell most if not all weren't even through puberty yet I was an early bloomer targeted by seniors My friends in 9th grade still looked acted and thought like well children Hormone fueled children who should stay in their own sandboxage group awkward inexperienced adolescents NOT with GROWN menI get that stereotypical jocks aren't known as conversationalists but wth would they talk about with these kids nothing much but the thrill of budding frat boy date rapists in training I suspectThe Last Girl is the child's fantasy to be wanted by the adult making them worthy Not a wise decision imo with your target audience I get that it's meant to be light fluffy cute and sexy that should never be combined when speaking of children I know readers will think I'm overreacting We owe our younger readers boys girls MORE Teach them they are than what some creep wants from them don't teach our boys to be a CREEP Yes the book might have shown that by book's end but since I DNFed I'll never know My point the adults running the show would never allowed the children to be lowered to such a worthless position even in good fun for money No way no how Now Seniors adults BOTH Guys AND Girls participating in a slave auction as EUALS whole 'nother world thatWord of advice to the author make the age gap smaller age of consent so it's no longer predatory unethical illegal and realistic and you will gain readers I would read it then Props on the premise though Just needs some major tweaks